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SaaS development

The Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) distribution model lets users access applications hosted online, thus freeing them from possible installation, maintenance or integration issues.

With its 30 years of experience and partnership with leading cloud providers, ScienceSoft offers professional SaaS application development services. Combining quick product evolution with quality and stability of the code, we cover all the stages of SaaS development and deliver reliable SaaS solutions with conversion-optimized UI/UX design.

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Why ScienceSoft

Our professional team:

  • 250+ developers on board, more than 50% of them are Seniors.
  • 70+ full-time QA professionals with rich expertise in SaaS delivery.
  • 20+ sharp BAs, capable of converting a high-level idea into a detailed technical specification.
  • 10+ conversion-oriented UI/UX designers.

Our acknowledgments:

  • Partnership with Amazon, Oracle, IBM, Magento, Salesforce.
  • Long-term cooperation on a SaaS product for Big Red Cloud.
  • 6 Gold Microsoft Competencies.
  • Recognitions from BBB (rating: A+), Forrester, and
  • Testimonials from a global advertising company, a Canadian AI and big data company, US tax consulting company, and other satisfied customers.

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Our End-to-end SaaS Application Development

Discovery phase

Discovery phase

Our business analysts perform a discovery phase that helps to define the value proposition and the functional core of your SaaS application. ScienceSoft’s BAs thoroughly analyze your needs, build a shared coherent vision of your product, and assist you in feature prioritization, focusing on the features with the largest user demand. If you are creating a software as a service MVP, we make sure to draft its detailed roadmap for future iterations before starting the development of the MVP’s first release.

Conversion-driven UI/UX

Conversion-driven UI/UX

Knowing that user interface and user experience play a critical role in attracting and retaining users of any SaaS, we give special attention to designing UI/UX. Based on thorough market research, ScienceSoft’s UI/UX department creates user personas and scenarios that help to deliver SaaS with excellent usability. We also follow the material design trend to wrap robust functionality up in an eye-catching interface.

Architecture design and programming

Architecture design and programming

When designing SaaS architectures, ScienceSoft prioritizes high and easy scalability. We know how critical service availability is for cloud-based solutions and make sure the developed SaaS solution withstands peak loads and seamlessly adapts to the growth and expansion of your business. Our large pool of developers lets us adapt to your project’s needs too: we can easily ramp up the team at any time in order to meet a hard deadline.

Testing and QA

Testing and QA

With the comprehensive quality assurance (QA) approach that comprises regular code reviews, unit tests, and testing at all stages of SDLC, we deliver stable, bug-free, and secure SaaS. We also apply secure software development life cycle (SSDLC) strategies, which help SaaS solutions meet the most rigorous quality and safety requirements, including HIPAA/HITECH, NIST 800-171, PCI DSS, and GDPR.



When helping your SaaS evolve, ScienceSoft applies rigor to combining the frequency of releases with high code quality and stability. To ensure fast and bug-free delivery as well as seamless deployment and environment integration, we follow the Agile technology as well as CI/CD and DevOps principles.

SaaS Architectures We Develop

We assist you in understanding which of the two architectures works best for your product and let you have a single instance of your SaaS solution serve either one or multiple users.

  • Single-tenancy – enhanced security, easy data backup, and convenient data migration to on-premises servers.
  • Multi-tenancy – cost-effective, performance optimized, easy scalability and maintenance/upgrade.

Cloud Platform Deployment We Offer

After completing development of your SaaS application, we help you choose a suitable cloud platform for hosting it. We are experienced in deploying SaaS in various cloud environments, including:

  • Microsoft Azure
  • Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • Google Cloud
  • DigitalOcean
  • Rackspace

Our Approach to Collaboration

At ScienceSoft, we are convinced that successful cooperation should be nurtured from both sides, and we generously invest efforts in doing our part. As a completely self-managed service provider with in-house software development-, QA- and risk management, we offer you KPIs (key performance indicators) and SLOs (Service Level Objectives) that contribute to the high levels of transparency of our processes. This way, you always remain on the same page with us while participating in the SaaS project management to the extent you see convenient for yourself.

ScienceSoft can launch the project with you in less than one month. We are capable of adapting to various cooperation schemes and welcome customers with both elaborate and high-level product requirements, offering:

Specification-based SaaS development

Specification-based SaaS development

When getting already elaborate requirements from our customers, we meticulously follow them to reproduce your vision.

Concept-based SaaS development

Concept-based SaaS development

If you have only a general idea of your software as a service, our business analysts work together with you to create a well-defined technical vision, explaining you all the development intricacies in layman's terms. Once the vision is aligned with you or your product management, our developers start bringing the application to life.

​​​​​​Service Variations

Apart from different cooperation models, we offer service variations for infrastructure configuration and QA, letting you choose the most suitable option.


  • ScienceSoft configures infrastructure according to the guidelines set by a customer.
  • Infrastructure is configured by a customer.
  • Infrastructure is configured by another vendor.

Quality assurance:

  • QA is performed by ScienceSoft.
  • QA is performed in-house.
  • QA is outsourced to another vendor.
  • A customer performs release testing, the rest of QA is done by ScienceSoft.

We Know Your Industry

With numerous SaaS development projects behind our back, we’ve gained experience in multiple domains that come from a long list of industries, including but not limited to:

  • Manufacturing
  • Retail and Wholesale
  • Financial Services
  • Healthcare
  • Professional Services
  • Telecommunications

Technologies We Use

SaaS technologies

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