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Healthcare medical IT consulting services - ScienceSoft

Healthcare IT consulting services help healthcare organizations overcome limited or low-level healthcare IT expertise and support the effective implementation of digital healthcare initiatives.

ScienceSoft provides hospitals, clinics, practices, assisted living facilities, labs, and other healthcare organizations with healthcare IT consulting services to help them adopt complex digital initiatives, provide digital patient care, optimize internal processes, improve the IT infrastructure, and more.

Complex digital initiatives

Our healthcare IT consultants map out the implementation of complex digital initiatives that will help you:

  • Adapt to the changing environment (e.g., epidemics, regulatory changes, market demands).
  • Digitize processes to improve the quality of care, save operational costs, boost medical staff performance.

Remote patient monitoring (RPM)

ScienceSoft’s experts advise on the design and implementation of an RPM solution that allows:

  • Collecting and analyzing detailed information about patients’ vitals.
  • Sharing patient data with integrated healthcare IT systems (e.g., EHR, HMS).
  • Alerting a doctor, a patient and caregivers in case of alarming health parameters.

Telemedicine solutions

ScienceSoft’s team can design a telemedicine solution that allows you to provide safe and reimbursable patient care online, leveraging:

  • Engaging video appointments.
  • Remote diagnosing and vitals tracking (e.g., for temperature, blood pressure).
  • Automated billing due to integration with EHR.
  • Data analytics of patient outcomes and trends, physician performance.

Chronic diseases management and digital therapeutics

ScienceSoft designs solutions featuring:

  • Notifications on scheduled appointments, lab results, medication management, and more.
  • Medication intake scheme.
  • Disease-specific therapy programs aimed at symptom relief (e.g., breathing exercises for heart health improvement).
  • Nutrition and activity instructions.

Patient relationship management

To systemize communication with patients, collect and analyze patient interaction information to predict services demand, ScienceSoft will help you plan:

  • Implementation of patient CRM with a 360-degree patient view.
  • Digital PR and marketing of your healthcare services.
  • Integrations of a patient relationship management solution with EHR and other clinical applications to avoid dispersed data.

Healthcare data management and analytics

We help integrate data from all required clinical apps to get insights into:

  • Patient outcomes.
  • Physicians’ and nurses’ performance.
  • Staffing gaps.
  • Population health.
  • Medical devices usage and performance.
  • Facilities condition and usage.

Clinical process automation and digital collaboration

ScienceSoft’s consultants will help you define processes needing automation and provide you with options for:

  • Office 365-based collaboration and workflow automation to support multiteam patient care.
  • SharePoint Intranet and Extranet to keep medical staff updated with critical information.
  • Remote workplace for nurses and physicians.
  • SharePoint policy management and ticketing systems.
  • Learning management system.

Tracking solutions

We offer consultancy on IoT solutions aimed at smart resource usage, patient and staff safety:

  • Staff tracking to avoid overwork and optimize workflows.

  • Inpatient tracking with smart sensors or devices to improve their safety and provide timely care.

  • Hospital asset tracking using RFID tags to avoid underutilization or loss of the equipment.

Migration to a HIPAA-compliant cloud

We advise on migration to AWS or Azure when the on-premises infrastructure is costly and inflexible and are ready to join your project at any stage:

  • Planning software migration to a HIPAA-compliant cloud.
  • Migrating to a HIPAA-compliant cloud.
  • Operating software in a HIPAA-compliant cloud.
  • Optimizing the cloud resources use.

Healthcare cybersecurity and HIPAA compliance

To help you secure ePHIs, avoid risks of an intrusion and HIPAA breach, we advise on:

  • HIPAA compliance of technical (e.g., ePHI access control) and physical (e.g., facility access control) safeguards.
  • Сorrection measures for the vulnerabilities and loopholes that may be exploited by cybercriminals.
  • Security testing routine.

Healthcare IT Support

To keep your IT infrastructure healthy and steadily evolving, we offer consultancy on:

  • Support of individual or all components of your healthcare IT ecosystem (e.g., EHR, HIE, patient portals, telehealth apps; IoMT infrastructure).
  • Proactive healthcare IT support (healthcare IT infrastructure monitoring, administration and maintenance, security and compliance).
  • Reactive IT support (L1-L3 support, IT infrastructure troubleshooting and evolution).

Doubt Healthcare Digital Initiatives Will Pay Off?

ScienceSoft’s healthcare IT consultants help choose and adopt fitting healthcare solutions and ensure your IT landscape works effectively to support clinical processes and drive new digital healthcare initiatives.

Why ScienceSoft?

Why ScienceSoft

  • 32 years in the IT market.
  • 16 years in the healthcare IT industry.
  • ISO 13485:2016 certification that guarantees medical software development compliance with requirements of FDA and The Council of the European Union.
  • Working experience with HIPAA and FDA regulations.
  • Working experience with healthcare standards (e.g., HL7, ICD-10, CPT, XDS/XDS-I).

Deep healthcare industry knowledge

ScienceSoft’s healthcare IT team consists of highly qualified professionals with experience in the healthcare field and related domains, such as pharmaceutical, biotech, health insurance, and medical device industry.

Consulting and practical assistance

ScienceSoft combines IT consulting with end-to-end IT services for the healthcare industry: business analysis, software implementation, continuous support, managed services.

Consulting on a Claim Processing Module for Medical Claims Management Software

Claim Processing Module Consulting for Medical Claims Management Software

ScienceSoft has developed the concept of a software module that links the enterprise management system and clearinghouse software as well as minimizes the number of errors in claims sent to the latter.

Consulting on Software for Improved Drug Prescription

Software for Improved Drug Prescription Consulting

ScienceSoft created the concept of a mobile patient application and an EMR-integrated desktop application that defines whether prescribed medicine conflicts with a patient’s current condition and disease.

Consulting on Care Coordination Mobile App for Assisted Living Facilities

Mobile Care Coordination App Consulting

ScienceSoft’s BA team created the concept of a mobile app for easy and secure collecting, consolidating and sharing of electronic health information to improve care coordination and provide services with the patient-centered approach.

Quality Assessment and Redesign of a Custom EHR Application for a US Chiropractic Care Provider

Quality Assessment and Redesign of a Custom EHR Application for a US Chiropractic Care Provider

ScienceSoft’s team provided business consulting services as well as conducted code review and redesign of a custom EHR application.

Security Consulting and SIEM Implementation for a Large Healthcare Organization

Security Consulting and SIEM Implementation for a Large Healthcare Organization

ScienceSoft delivered a security information and event management solution capable of processing up to 700,000 medical transaction events per day.

IT strategy consulting

We help:

  • Support new healthcare initiatives with IT.
  • Build an efficient IT roadmap.
  • Draw up an application integration plan.
  • Enhance IT service reliability and app performance management.
  • Ensure HIPAA compliance.

Solution consulting

We help you with:

  • Analysis of your needs, existing internal processes and healthcare software.
  • Solution design, including the choice of components and necessary customizations.
  • ROI analysis.
  • PoC.
  • Healthcare software implementation.
  • User training.
  • Continuous consulting support.
  • -5% ... -35%

    IT operating costs

  • Up to 96%

    user satisfaction score

  • Let IT Make Your Healthcare Services Better

    ScienceSoft's healthcare IT team will advise you on how to achieve your goals as fast as possible with healthcare software.