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Innovative R&D Solutions

R&D projects allow software vendors to keep up with IT trends and accumulate experience in cutting-edge technologies. Having long-term collaboration with scientific institutions and research labs, ScienceSoft always remains on top of the tech industry and creates the most innovative solutions.

ScienceSoft is a 3-year champion in The Americas’ Fastest-Growing Companies rating by the Financial Times.

Focus of Our R&D Projects

Together with scientific partners our team is working on research and development projects in the following fields:

Research in Algorithm Development and Optimization 

Our experience in algorithm development/optimization can be grouped into the following categories:

  • Signal Processing;
  • Applied Mechanics;
  • Computer Vision.

Computer Vision Research

In our computer vision projects we use the latest technology for building custom computer vision solutions to automatically process, organize and evaluate images. We work with still images and video sequences. The solutions we offer are based on the most recent R&D findings in the field. We are skilled in:

  • Motion-based recognition for automatic object detection.
  • Detecting events, such as automated surveillance.
  • Organizing information like video indexing and retrieval.
  • Human-computer interaction for recognition and authentication.

Industry Focus

Though people most likely think of medical images processing or military computer vision applications, the innovation is not limited to mission-critical realms. We have completed a set of very complex and technologically demanding projects for the retail industry.