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Angular development is aimed at building large-scale dynamic applications. Created by Google, Angular is an open-source JavaScript framework offering a rich toolset that helps write less code, make it well-structured, easy to test, reuse and maintain.

Our company leverages Angular, often as a part of the MEAN stack, to build engaging web and mobile applications at increased speed, including ecommerce, portals, dashboards, video streaming, and other popular types of apps.

JavaScript & Angular Development Highlights

  • 24 years in web development.
  • 18 years in mobile development.
  • 95% of our projects utilize JavaScript.
  • 3x increase in the number of JavaScript projects over the past year.
  • Cooperation setup within 5 days.

Facts about ScienceSoft

Our Angular-Related Development Skills

JavaScript frameworks and libraries

Angular JS


13 years



ScienceSoft leverages code reusability Angular is notable for to create large-scale apps. We chose Angular for a banking app with 3M+ users.

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React JS



ScienceSoft achieves 20–50% faster React development and 50–90% fewer front-end performance issues due to smart implementation of reusable components and strict adherence to coding best practices.

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By using a lightweight Vue framework, ScienceSoft creates high-performant apps with real-time rendering.


With Next.js, ScienceSoft creates SEO-friendly apps and achieves the fastest performance for apps with decoupled architecture.


ScienceSoft uses Meteor for rapid full-stack development of web, mobile and desktop apps.

Back end



10 years



ScienceSoft delivers cloud-native, real-time web and mobile apps, web servers, and custom APIs ~1.5–2x faster than other software developers.

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Mobile dev tools and frameworks

React Native


8 years



ScienceSoft reduces up to 50% of project costs and time by creating cross-platform apps that run smoothly on web, Android and iOS.

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Apache Cordova

ScienceSoft uses Cordova to create cross-platform apps and avoid high project costs that may come with native mobile development.


With Ionic, ScienceSoft creates a single app codebase for web and mobile platforms and thus expands the audience of created apps to billions of users at the best cost.

Cloud services

Our Customers Say

In early 2020, we hired ScienceSoft to help our team with frontend portal development focusing on SCSS and Angular 9. As we continuously extended the portal functionality, ScienceSoft’s frontend developers handled the prompt implementation of design changes for the existing and new portal pages and for the mobile version of the portal.

We enjoyed our collaboration with ScienceSoft and won’t hesitate to recommend their frontend development expertise!

Vilnis Vitolins, Owner, LTA Nams


Featured Angular Projects

Banking Application Development for an Asian Bank with 3+ mln Customers

  • Result: convenient user experience in the online application with rich functionality (split payments, spending limits, virtual cards, and more).
  • Techs & tools: JavaScript, Angular, HTML, CSS, WebKit, JSON.

Web App System Development for Car Insurance Claim Estimation Based on 3D Models

  • Result: A dynamic system of interconnected web apps that allows car owners to upload photos of damaged vehicles and insurance companies and claim estimation experts to analyze the damage and providing feedback.
  • Web techs & tools: Angular.js, React, Bootstrap, RabbitMQ, ASP.NET MVC, ASP.NET Web API, NHibernate.

Migration to Javascript of the Web Portal with 400m Subscriptions

  • Result: The portal was redesigned into a single-page web application to ensure an impeccable user experience.
  • Web techs & tools: Angular.js, JavaScript, JQuery, CSS, LESS, ASP.NET MVC, Microsoft CMS, Node.js, Microsoft SQL Server.
  • Creating descriptive names for code variables.
  • Leaving comments about what particular code functions and methods do.
  • Documenting what the whole code does and what its dependencies are in a final README doc.
  • Splitting code into short units.
  • Using framework APIs and third-party libraries.
  • Conducting unit tests.
  • Keeping code portable.
  • Using version control.
  • Using linting tools (SonarQube, ESLint).

Code review practices in our company

E.g., ad hoc review, pass-around, walkthrough, pull request, inspection.

Control of code quality metrics

Maintainability Index (MI), Cyclomatic Complexity (CC), Depth of Inheritance, Class Coupling, Lines of Code.

Our Experts Say

Vadim Belski, Head of Web Development at ScienceSoft

“I like how Angular promotes code reusability. Developers can define custom directives to extend HTML syntax and reuse them across the whole application to speed up development. And, thanks to dependency injection, it’s easy to run unit tests on the created directives to ensure that code is clean”.

Team augmentation with Angular developers

Suitable for: adding resources to your in-house team under your direct management, starting from 0.5 FTE.

Pricing model: T&M.

Hire Angular developers

A dedicated Angular team

Suitable for: adding a team of 4+ developers to your project with a PM on our side to manage developers’ workload and report to you regularly.

Pricing model: T&M.

Hire a dedicated team

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