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Top-Tier Python Developers for Hire

ScienceSoft offers the services of Python developers and data scientists with 3-15 years of experience who ensure first-time-right code, on-time delivery, and high productivity. Our flexible services stretch from filling specific Python skill gaps to providing self-managed Python development teams.

Hire Python Developers - ScienceSoft
Hire Python Developers - ScienceSoft

Why Partner Up with ScienceSoft to Hire Python Developers

Our Python highlights

  • 10 years in Python development.
  • 34 years in data analytics and data science.
  • 50+ successfully implemented Python projects.
  • 25+ Python engineers for hire.
  • 2 days – 2 weeks ramp-up time.
  • Proficiency in Agile methodologies (Scrum, Kanban, etc.): major releases every 2-6 weeks, minor updates up to several times a day.
  • $38-$50 hourly rates.

Our happy Customers

Our corporate highlights

  • 34 years in software development.
  • 550+ developers and 750+ employees on board.
  • Over 3,600 projects in the portfolio.
  • Established software development, project management, and code quality assurance processes.
  • 11 years of developing complex cloud applications.
  • Certified Scrum Masters in-house.
  • HQ – McKinney, Texas. Offshore development centers in Europe. Representative offices in the UAE, EU, and Georgia (US state).

ScienceSoft USA Corporation Is a 3-Year Champion in the Financial Times Rating

Three years in a row (2022–2024), the Financial Times has included ScienceSoft USA Corporation in the list of 500 fastest-growing American companies. This is the result of our dedication to driving project success despite any constraints and disruptions.

Our Development Skills

You can learn more about our approach to the development process – agile development steps, DevOps practices, modular architecture design, and more.

Our Featured Python Projects

ScienceSoft’s Six-step Hiring Process

Thanks to its comprehensive 6-step hiring procedure, ScienceSoft welcomes only the most skilled and extremely productive engineers on board.

  1. Careful CV scanning.
  2. HR specialist's interview.
  3. Test task 1 (soft skills).
  4. PM's/Team Lead's interview.
  5. Test task 2 (hard skills).
  6. CTO's interview.

The competition for ScienceSoft Python developer roles is always very high (50+ applicants per position) and we always take our time to hire only the most skilled candidates. This way, we guarantee that our engineers will deliver the level of services that represents ScienceSoft as a brand.

A Sample Profile of Our Senior Python Developer

Michael, Senior Python Developer

Experience in Python: 8+ years


Pro coder in Python with a solid knowledge of C#, Java, PHP, JavaScript. Skilled in Python development, code audit and integration. Strives to find simple solutions to complex problems.


5 successfully completed 1-4 year long Python projects.

Major projects

  • Development of a CMS solution with an advanced reporting module that had a complex AWS infrastructure to host hundreds of sites for various customers and was integrated with 8 different payment providers.

Technologies: Python 3.6, Flask, SQLAlchemy, MySQL, Alembic, Redis, AngularJS, AWS, Docker, Celery

  • Code review and refactoring of a cybersecurity tool, implementation of RESTful APIs to integrate the tool with third-party systems.

Technologies: Python 3.8, Flask, FastAPI, PostgreSQL, Citus, SQLAlchemy

  • End-to-end development of complex clinical decision support software for oncologists that interprets raw data (patient test results, literature-, practice-, patient-directed evidence, etc.) and delivers interactive reports, including reports on drug efficacy and compatibility for each patient.

Technologies: Python 2.7, JavaScript, Pylons, Ext JS, D3.js, Memcached, Oracle

Hard skills

  • Programming languages: Python, C#, Java, PHP, JavaScript.
  • Designing, implementing, and maintaining (including troubleshooting) cloud-ready and cloud-hosted back-end applications, databases, and API gateways.
  • Developing reusable, testable, and efficient code based on the requirements provided.
  • Integrating front-end elements with server-side logic.
  • Integrating Python software with third-party APIs.
  • Dockerizing Python code, adding monitoring and alerting your services.
  • Implementing and maintaining microservices and message bus systems using Kubernetes.
  • Strong unit test and debugging skills.
  • Conducting code reviews.
  • Solid understanding of AWS services.
  • Experienced use of Git.
  • Contributing to CI/CD setup.

Soft skills

  • Actively taking initiative, especially in stressful and problematic work situations.
  • Organized, logical presentation of ideas.
  • Disciplined, attentive to detail.
  • Highly adaptable to a new environment: quickly responding to changes in responsibilities and working processes.
  • Involved team-player.

Development methodologies and practices:

Agile methodologies (Scrum, Kanban, XP), Iterative, Waterfall, DevOps.


Bachelor in Computer Science.

How Fast Our Python Programmers Deliver Typical Features

New user sign up/onboarding, log in and managing personal account details 4 hours

Online payment confirmation email – 8 hours

Essential functionality for processing online payments – 16 hours

What We Mean by Quality Python Code

Rules and guidelines we follow

  • Style guide for Python code.
  • Commenting complex code parts.
  • Conducting regular unit tests.
  • Breaking up code into smaller logical units.
  • Documenting what code (as a whole) does and what its dependencies are in a final README doc.
  • Using version control.
  • Using source code management (SCM) systems.

How we track quality

Code review practices

  • Ad hoc review.
  • Peer review.
  • Walkthrough.
  • Inspection.

Code quality metrics

  • Maintainability index (MI).
  • Cyclomatic Complexity (CC).

Our Formula for Ensuring Successful Python Development Project Delivery

At ScienceSoft, we prioritize your success and peace of mind by ensuring seamless Python team augmentation. Our approach is also centered around transparency and efficiency, offering you real-time insights into your project's progress. We maintain a meticulously updated, centralized knowledge base, ensuring that all critical project information is readily accessible to you. Our proactive risk management strategy means we identify potential issues early and propose effective solutions, enhancing project predictability and ensuring your objectives are met with precision.

Delve into the specifics of our approach to development projects, including essential best practices and actual deliverables from our latest endeavors.

Discover the methods for selecting ideal candidates under team augmentation and full outsourcing cooperation models.

Learn strategies for organizing effective communication, popular communication tools, and criteria for evaluating the success of collaboration.

Check what report types we usually produce (with fragments) on various project dimensions.

See the examples of KPIs recommended to track such essential aspects as software quality, time and budget compliance. Learn how we integrate success measurement into Agile practices.

Discover how to cope with changing software requirements, ensuring clear communication without excessive bureaucracy and significant scope creep.

Explore the critical quality KPIs and activities designated for each phase of the SDLC.

Understand the pillars of project security and the key roles within the security team.

Learn how to monitor risks and address them effectively both before and after they arise.

Find out how to gather, manage, and disseminate knowledge. Check how responsibility for knowledge management is shared among the development team members.

Discover the essential document types produced at each stage of the SDLC and view samples of these documents.

An Example of Our Python Code

An example of our Python code - ScienceSoft

Types of Applications Our Developers Build

Back-end programming

Back-end programming:

  • Data-intensive web applications.
  • Database interactions.
  • APIs.

Data analysis

Data analysis:

  • Custom-made statistical models.
  • Dashboards and reporting solutions.

Machine learning

Machine learning:

  • Demand forecasting systems
  • Customer segmentation and customer behavior prediction systems
  • Product/service recommendation engines,
  • Financial risk evaluation, fraud detection systems
  • Predictive maintenance systems

IoT development

IoT development:

  • Data warehouse design and engineering.
  • Data analytics implementation.
  • Development of control apps.
  • Web and mobile application development.
  • API design and provisioning


Complete Your Project with Python Experts

You can hire Python developers and data scientists from ScienceSoft to address a wide set of needs:

  • Python code audit, refactoring and re-architecting.
  • Python framework selection, Python app architecture design.
  • Custom software and product development in Python, support of Python applications.
  • Using Python for data analysis and reporting.

How to Hire Python Developers from ScienceSoft

Initial request

You send us a request, specifying the number of Python experts you need, their desired level of experience, as well as the model of cooperation you're interested in.

CV scanning

ScienceSoft performs preliminary scanning of our experts' CVs in the database and sends you the most relevant ones.

Interview scheduling

You choose the CVs you're most interested in and let us know the time you're available for interviewing candidates.


We help arrange the interviews with our Python developers within 1-2 days.

SLA preparation

After you confirm the experts' competence, ScienceSoft works with you to compose a service level agreement (SLA).


Once you sign, we set up communication with your side, and our experts (led by ScienceSoft or your PM — you decide) immediately start working on your project.

Assemble Your Team for an Accurate Project Cost Estimation

Just select the required talents below, and we’ll be quick to provide their rates. 


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Our team is on it!

ScienceSoft's experts will study your case and get back to you with the details within 24 hours.

Our team is on it!

How We Ensure Quick Development and Predictable Cooperation

Onboarding within 2-3 weeks.

Prompt scaling/replacing resources on request.

Trained to work with tight schedules.

Offering for hire only developers who completed at least 2 Python-based projects.

Continuously monitoring productivity and providing all customers with access to logging tools (Jira, Trello, Confluence) for project progress tracking.

See more about monitoring team’s productivity

Team's productivity metrics


Frequently Asked Questions

What's your approach to software project documentation?

We believe well-organized software documentation drives smooth collaboration, ensures the quality of the solutions we create and overall project success. Our approach to documentation focuses on maintaining a balance between clarity and comprehensiveness.

How do you scope software development projects?

Our scoping process is built around reducing project risks, synchronizing expectations, and satisfying all client needs. We see open dialogue about scope limitations as the best way to prevent unrealistic expectations. Incomplete requirements are tackled through process analysis and discussions with stakeholders. Scope creep is managed via comprehensive documentation of changes and a tried and tested approach to their prioritization. We always welcome beneficial adjustments to scope, resources, and workflows during the project to improve software quality and reduce costs.

How do you estimate the costs of software development projects?

To estimate project costs, ScienceSoft follows:

  • The top-down approach: we use expert consensus, historical data, and industry averages to estimate project costs, then divide the budget among major activities for transparency purposes.
  • The bottom-up approach: We estimate costs for individual project components based on historical data, then aggregate them into a total budget.

We also employ early estimation techniques like T-shirt sizing and PERT for faster cost calculations.

How much do you charge per developer?

Our developers' rates vary depending on factors such as their seniority, experience, certifications, and the technology stack. We offer competitive rates that reflect the expertise and quality of our talents; the average rate is $50-$90 per hour. For more specific prices, we encourage you to reach out to us directly or use our free cost calculator.

In-House vs. Outsourced Python Developers: What's the Difference?

Outsourced developers

In-house developers

Choose Your Cooperation Model

Team augmentation with Python programmers

Fill in specific Python resource and skill gaps in your development project team.

Hire developers

A dedicated Python team

Get a complete team of Python developers managed by our Team Lead to work on a Python-based project or a dedicated project part.

Hire a team