IT Solutions for Manufacturing: Software to Drive Business Productivity and Cost Saving

IT Solutions for manufacturing

IT solutions for manufacturing are designed to streamline the operations of a manufacturer from supply chain management to sales management, which allows improving the company’s productivity and reducing operational costs.

With 32-year experience in developing software for the manufacturing industry, ScienceSoft offers robust solutions and related services to support and modernize your enterprise’s operations and ensure increased efficiency of operations and optimized business costs, all without IT budget overruns.

Get Rid of Inefficient Business Processes in Manufacturing

ScienceSoft’s team will analyze your business operations and offer you robust IT solutions to boost your manufacturing company’s productivity and optimize operational costs.


8 Microsoft Gold Competencies

  • 32 years in IT for manufacturing.
  • 8 Microsoft Gold Competencies.
  • 20+ business analysts and consultants.
  • 10+ UX and UI designers.
  • 250+ developers, more than 50% of them are Seniors.
  • Successful projects on diverse enterprise-level solutions, such as ERP, CRM, SCM, and more.


High-level management and business operations

Production process and asset management

  • Product lifecycle management solutions
  • Equipment utilization monitoring solutions
  • Condition monitoring solutions
  • Predictive maintenance solutions
  • Inventory management solutions (IoT-based solutions, inventory optimization solutions, AR solutions for warehouse)

Vendor management

Customer management


Expertise - ScienceSoft

Full-cycle services. We offer comprehensive services from consulting to evolution and support of your solution.

Expertise - ScienceSoft

Estimation accuracy. Due to ample industry experience of our project managers, we can accurately estimate project costs and delivery time.

Expertise - ScienceSoft

Cost-efficiency. We use proven open-source components like frameworks and libraries and public APIs to reduce implementation costs and increase ROI of your solution.

Expertise - ScienceSoft

Minimized development risks. We adhere to the iterative development model that allows seeing first results early and get next versions of a solution delivered every 2-4 weeks.


Development of a Product Lifecycle Management Solution

Development of a Product Lifecycle Management Solution

ScienceSoft has developed a product lifecycle management solution that streamlines the development of private label products for 12,000 manufacturers and 32 large retailers.

Data Analysis for a German Metal Parts Manufacturer

Data Analysis for a German Metal Parts Manufacturer

ScienceSoft’s team performed a comprehensive data analysis that enabled the Customer to decide upon prioritizing production of certain categories of metal parts.

Portal Development for the Leader in Aluminum Manufacturing

Portal Development for the World’s Leader in Aluminum Manufacturing

ScienceSoft built a SharePoint portal that helped the Customer merge with another company and seamlessly integrate multiple processes. Now the portal is used to manage projects that are spread across 30 countries and involve 15,000 employees.

DMS Implementation for a Chemical Manufacturer

DMS Implementation for a Chemical Manufacturer

ScienceSoft’s team implemented a SharePoint Online document management system that streamlined document storage, search and processing and helped the Customer increase business productivity.

Inventory Management Software for Herbal Medicine Manufacturer

Inventory Management Software for Herbal Medicine Manufacturer

In 3 weeks, ScienceSoft’s team delivered a ready-to-go inventory management solution for the medicinal herbs tracking.

Development of Defect Recognition Software

Development of Defect Recognition Software

ScienceSoft empowered a leading oil drilling equipment manufacturer with the defect-recognition application for detecting drill bit defects and performing drill bit wear analysis.


Digital strategy consulting

We advise you how to:

  • Increase ROA via equipment effectiveness optimization and predictive maintenance.
  • Reduce operational costs and improve business productivity via AI-based optimization.
  • Reduce time to market for new manufacturing products due to well-organized workflows.

Solution consulting, implementation and support

We help:

  • Choosing optimal solution functionality and architecture.
  • Reducing implementation and operational costs.
  • Ensuring user adoption.

We offer:

  • End-to-end solution implementation.
  • After-launch solution support.
  • Continuous solution maintenance and evolution.

IT outsourcing

We take over the responsibility for the IT-driven business processes of your manufacturing company. We also offer IT outsourcing for individual IT functions:

  • Software implementation.
  • QA.
  • Data analytics.
  • IT support.
  • Managed infrastructure services.
  • Help desk.

IT staff augmentation

We provide you with experts with manufacturing-specific knowledge who will help you streamline your company’s IT projects:

  • Developers (Java, .NET, Python, PHP, C++, and more).
  • Testers (manual and automated testing).
  • DevOps engineers.
  • Data analysts.


By leveraging IT at your manufacturing company, you can achieve a number of gains, including:

  • +20-40%

    time to market for new products

  • +10-20%

    sales due to marketing and sales automation

  • +10-30%

    revenue due to new digital sales channels

  • +10-20%

    employee productivity

  • +5-10%

    business productivity

  • -5-35%

    IT operating costs