Software Development Feasibility Study

Software Development Feasibility Study - ScienceSoft

A software development feasibility study is a rigorous evaluation of the profitability and viability of a software development initiative. A software engineering and IT consulting company with 32-year expertise, ScienceSoft helps businesses understand whether a new software implementation project is worth their time and money, and if so, how to translate their business needs into technical requirements in an optimal way.


We analyse your business needs, stated goals and current business processes to provide you with a feasibility study report. Our report contains:

Several defined software solution alternatives

with rated strengths and weaknesses for each suggested variation.

Solution recommendation

with clear justification.

Suggested tech stack and architecture design

for a selected solution with a view to software’s high performance, availability, usability, reliability, security & compliance, maintainability, portability and optimal costs of ownership (TCO).

A business case

developed for a recommended solution, including ROI estimation and risk analysis.

A high-level project management and implementation scenario

for a recommended solution to reach the project goals holistically.

  • 32 years in end-to-end software engineering.
  • 3,052 successful projects.
  • IT consultants with 10-20 years of hands-on experience in their expert fields.
  • 700 full-time employees onboard, including certified IT consultants, BAs, technical architects, and QA consultants.
  • Recognized tech leader by BBB (rating: A+), Forrester, and
  • Profound experience in big data, IoT, AI/machine learning, blockchain, image analysis:
    • Data analytics services since 1989.
    • Big data consulting services since 2013.
    • IoT consulting services since 2011.
  • 8 Gold Microsoft Competencies, AWS Select Consulting Partner, IBM Silver Business Partner, Oracle Partner, Premier ServiceNow Partner, Magento Solution Partner, Salesforce Registered Consulting Partner.

Grounded estimates

We provide you with a detailed feasibility report with a transparent rationale and all the supporting information attached.

Minimal disruption to your daily workflows and schedules

To minimize the interference with your processes, we:

  • Inform you in advance about the number of your engagement hours we will need.
  • Adjust our communication to your business hours and a preferred communication channel (email, voice/video calls).
  • Report on the progress regularly.

Exploration of software solution alternatives

  • You have an urging business need that can be solved with a software solution.
  • We analyze your needs, define available solution variants, and help choose an optimal one in terms of operational and economic feasibility.

Analysis of several shortlisted software solutions

  • You have a prepared list of comprehensively described software solutions but can’t choose the best one.
  • We help you decide on the optimal option in terms of technical feasibility and cost/benefit ratio.

Assessment of the pre-selected software solution

  • You have a detailed technical description of a pre-selected software solution.
  • We help you outline the project budget (for in-house and outsourced software development), identify development risks, and assess overall software profitability.


Through a viability and profitability analysis, ScienceSoft’s consultants can provide a detailed explanation of whether your software project is worth implementing. We’ll assess it in terms of economic, technical and operational feasibility and deliver a structured software development strategy outline to maximize the possible value.

Remove Doubts about Your New Project

It’s your move. Request a professional project feasibility analysis to support the proper decision-making regarding new software implementation.