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ServiceNow consulting encompasses advisory, implementation, customization, testing, and support of ServiceNow solutions. A Specialist ServiceNow Partner and an official ServiceNow Reseller, ScienceSoft shares 13 year-experience in ServiceNow and offers services to cover all platform-related needs.

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An Outline of Our A-to-Z ServiceNow Services

ServiceNow consulting

We can always advise you on the best ways to tackle your challenges, be it uncertainty in mapping your needs to ServiceNow functionality, a process malfunction or difficulties in expanding ServiceNow to more areas across your enterprise. We also provide the technical skills to overcome these challenges and work both in terms of one-time consultations and ongoing improvement projects.

ServiceNow implementation

We can help at any stage of your ServiceNow project. Our ServiceNow implementation services cover platform implementation from scratch, enhancement of your existing platform functionality, integrations (e.g., with IT infrastructure management tools, email services, CRM systems) as well as migration projects (from basic-functionality ticketing tools or legacy ITSM systems).

ServiceNow customization

ScienceSoft can render you technical aid in making ServiceNow meet your business requirements. We set up and adjust the platform without code changes and also do various code-based customizations, such as back-end and client logic, code-level integrations, and access configuration.

Custom ServiceNow app development

Although the existing ServiceNow functionality offering is extremely rich, you can still miss some apps or features. For example, the product you need may be included in the more expensive functionality package and buying it because of one app would be too wasteful. Or you don’t think that using one of your purchased apps is sensible because you are dissatisfied with the concept behind it. A custom ServiceNow application is always a good way out for such occasions. Our certified ServiceNow application developers will analyze your functionality requirements, design and deliver the app in a reasonable time frame.

ServiceNow testing

To ensure the quality of your ServiceNow solution, our certified team of test engineers can put your system through paces and uncover all there is to fix about it. They thoroughly check ServiceNow functionality, integrations, performance, security, usability and data quality to help you make your solution fully comply with your requirements.

ServiceNow support

To help you maintain the performance and user convenience of your solution, ScienceSoft’s experts can provide ServiceNow support services. This includes not only basic user support activities but also system parameters monitoring and on-the-fly troubleshooting.

ServiceNow managed services

ScienceSoft can become your ServiceNow managed services provider for you to enjoy using ServiceNow without thinking about its performance issues or surfaced defects. We will take over all the worries concerning system administration and performance, security, and ongoing improvements as well as user training and support.

Selected Projects

ServiceNow® Platform to Standardize IT Service Management for all Departments across 60+ Countries

ServiceNow® Platform to Standardize IT Service Management for all Departments across 60+ Countries

ScienceSoft came up with a ServiceNow solution for a more consistent coordination of efforts across regional IT departments and overall ITSM automation, while preserving the Customer’s workflows.

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Migrating BMC-Based ITSM with 20 Integrations to ServiceNow® Platform

Migrating BMC-Based ITSM with 20 Integrations to ServiceNow® Platform

ScienceSoft’s ITSM team came up with an integration strategy and a reusable integration application based on the ServiceNow platform to enable data transactions between the IT company’s ServiceNow system and their clients’ ITSM solutions.

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ServiceNow® Portal Development for Biomaterial Usage Regulation

ServiceNow® Portal Development for Biomaterial Usage Regulation

ScienceSoft developed a ServiceNow-based solution for a governmental institution to manage the utilization of human biological material. The solution combined a ServiceNow portal and a custom internal operations app to help the Customer process biological sample inquiries faster and stay in line with respective legislative acts.

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Integration of ITSM systems for a Multinational Construction and Engineering Enterprise

Integration of ITSM systems for a Multinational Construction and Engineering Enterprise

ScienceSoft’s ITSM experts advised the IT company’s client, a multinational enterprise focused on construction and engineering, with offices in 12 countries and 17,000+ staff, on the integration of ITSM systems, as well as carried out integration between the multinational enterprise’s ITSM solution and the IT company’s ServiceNow system.

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SolarWinds-ServiceNow® Platform Integration within a Mobile App

SolarWinds-ServiceNow® Platform Integration within a Mobile App

ScienceSoft integrated ServiceNow and SolarWinds platforms within one ITSM mobile application allowing users to monitor databases and create SolarWinds-related incidents on-the-go. The application successfully passed a performance test and a third party information security audit.

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Why ScienceSoft Exactly?

Here is what makes us fit to become your ServiceNow services provider.

ServiceNow Certified - ScienceSoft

ScienceSoft among the Americas' fastest growing companies 2023 according to Financial Times

  • 13 years of experience.
  • For the second straight year, ScienceSoft USA Corporation is listed among The Americas’ Fastest-Growing Companies by the Financial Times.
  • A Specialist ServiceNow partner.
  • An approved ServiceNow Reseller status (via USA).
  • 24 ServiceNow certificates in the team.

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