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Microsoft Power BI Consulting Services

Microsoft Power BI Consulting Services - ScienceSoft

Power BI consulting services involve assistance with implementing and customizing a Power BI platform, as well as promptly upgrading the existing Power BI solution. As a result, businesses can translate their raw data into accurate analytics insights with rich visuals and compelling dashboards.

Being a Microsoft Power BI partner, ScienceSoft helps companies implement, improve, and support Power BI solutions to allow them to deliver timely and quality analytics insights across the company. We also assist with making the existing Power BI platform stay relevant to a company’s changing analytics needs.

No Prompt Analytics Insights from Your Data?

ScienceSoft Power BI consulting services will help you quickly derive and visualize actionable insights out of your data to address your data analytics needs as fast as possible.

Why Choose ScienceSoft as Your Power BI Consultant

  • 34 years in data analytics.
  • Traditional BI and big data projects with Microsoft Power BI since 2016.
  • Microsoft partner since 2008.
  • ISO 9001 and ISO 27001-certified to assure the quality of the Power BI consulting services and the security of the customers' data.

  • For the third straight year, ScienceSoft USA Corporation is listed among The Americas’ Fastest-Growing Companies by the Financial Times.

Highlights of ScienceSoft’s Power BI Consulting Services

Feasibility check

To ensure substantial ROI out of your Power BI investments, we conduct a feasibility check to ascertain that Power BI technologies are in full compliance with your analytical needs, time, and technical constraints and work out a fitting implementation/improvement strategy. For example, for customers who don’t have a DWH in place, it may be feasible to start using Power BI as a self-sufficient repository to integrate, aggregate and further analyze data, and add a DWH later.

Incremental implementation for you to get value early

Power BI implementation may take from 2 weeks to 5 months, depending on the project complexity. For you to benefit from the Power BI platform as soon as possible, we run the project iteratively. That way, you start using a functioning solution with the essential functionality within a minimal timeframe, with further enhancements adjusted on the fly.

Our Hallmark Power BI Projects

BI Implementation for an International Real Estate Developer

ScienceSoft delivered a BI solution that allowed integrating the data from disparate sources and analyzing it with a set of detailed custom reports and interactive dashboards.

Development of a BI Solution for the Producer of Phytotherapy Products

ScienceSoft developed a full-scale BI solution that allowed for company-wide analytics and ad hoc reporting, which improved the company’s decision-making.

BI Implementation for a US-based Machinery Maintenance Entity

ScienceSoft delivered a BI solution that allowed streamlining HR and performance management processes and enabled financial analysis thanks to monitoring task fulfillment, tracking employees’ working time, and watching over important milestones (e.g., a contract termination date).

Data Analytics Implementation for a Multibusiness Corporation

ScienceSoft delivered a centralized data analytics solution that allowed for a 360-degree customer view, optimized stock management, and the employees’ performance assessment.

Choose Your Power BI Consulting Service Option

Power BI Implementation Consulting

We help you find out whether Power BI is capable of solving your analytics problems and get started with Power BI by performing:

  • Business needs elicitation and analysis.
  • Power BI feasibility check.
  • Power BI implementation strategy with a detailed roadmap set-up bound to your business priorities and technical limitations.
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Power BI Consulting + Implementation

In the shortest time possible, we deliver Power BI solutions with:

  • Power BI feasibility assessment.
  • Power BI implementation strategy and plan development with further technologies configuration and customization.
  • Power BI integration with a variety of required internal and external data sources.
  • ETL/ELT processes set-up.
  • Data quality management.
  • User training, etc.
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Power BI Improvement Consulting

If your current Power BI solution doesn’t allow meeting your analytics objectives, our Power BI consultants will:

  • Examine and assess the existing solution.
  • Analyze your business needs.
  • Design an improvement roadmap for the solution’s upgrade.
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Power BI Consulting + Support

To ensure stable work and continuous evolution of your Power BI solution, we provide:

  • Examination of the existing solution against analytics needs.
  • Daily Power BI administration.
  • Data management procedures.
  • Regular health checks (including security).
  • Troubleshooting.
  • Evolution (implementation of new features, reports, data sources, etc.)
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Our Business Intelligence Portfolio

Why Resort to Power BI Consulting Today

Eyewitness Data Visualization with Power BI

Discover how Power BI turns data into meaningful stories to find answers to diverse business questions.

With a properly set-up and tuned Power BI solution, you obtain:

  • Vast data integration, reporting, and visualization capabilities.
  • Advanced analytics for deeper insights into your business processes.
  • Data democratization across the company.

Grab Those Power BI Benefits and Be Effective!

ScienceSoft is ready to improve your decision-making and meet your data analytics objectives with Power BI capabilities within your time and budget!