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Magento Commerce: Flexibility and Scalability Worth Paying For

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When your business has outgrown entry-level ecommerce platforms but leading market players feel over-priced, here comes Magento Commerce – a rich feature set and even richer functionality expansion opportunities for the perfectly reasonable price.

With Magento, you get:

  • Technology maturity. Magento has been evolving their product since 2008.
  • A demand-driven approach to technology evolution. Every few months, Magento introduces platform upgrades and security enhancements in new Magento releases.
  • Customization opportunities for any budget:
    • Native functionality configuration.
    • General-purpose extensions widely available on Magento marketplace.
    • Custom, only-your-business-specific features implemented across user experience, website design, business automation, third-party integrations, etc.
  • Subscription pricing for companies of different sizes.

Magento commerce

Magento Commerce is the number-one provider to the Internet Retailer Top 1000.

Magento commerce

200,000+ ecommerce companies are built on Magento Commerce.

Source: BuiltWith, November 2019

Magento commerce

Magento Commerce is chosen by top brands like Bulgari, Christian Louboutin, Everlast, Jaguar and Helly Hansen. 

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These Retailers Already Grow Their Revenue with Magento Commerce

The beauty of Magento Commerce is that you can shape it exactly into the experience you envisage. This can only give remarkable results.

1. When a leather goods retailer migrated to Magento Commerce from a competitive ecommerce platform and implemented all marketing ideas they used to keep down, they saw:

  • +17.5%

    for conversion rate

  • +8%

    for average order value

  • +50%

    for average session duration

  • 2. A multinational retail chain moved to Magento Commerce to support their omnichannel growth plan. The result is a multi-store housing 1.5 million SKUs, capable of surviving peak-selling times and fully integrated with the enterprise infrastructure.

  • +15%

    for online revenue growth

  • +70%

    for conversion rate

  • +72%

    for Cyber Monday year-over-year revenue growth

  • 3. A healthcare manufacturer and distributor switched to Magento Commerce from a home-grown solution for in-built B2B functionality and saw an impressive ROI shortly.

  • +15% 

    for online revenue growth

  • +21% 

    for new customers

  • With Magento, You Sell. With ScienceSoft, You Sell More

    No ecommerce technology works by itself. Relying solely on the native power of Magento Commerce, you risk overlooking great sales opportunities that a savvy consulting and implementation partner can unlock. 10 years of our Magento development expertise are the testimonies of the value we can create for you.

    Not sure?

    Magento Commerce: Feature Portfolio

    Magento Commerce 2 is generally viewed as an enterprise-level ecommerce platform. But in fact, Magento successfully caters to the budgets and needs of companies of all sizes by offering two plans – Starter and Pro. The high availability infrastructure available with Magento Commerce Pro allows for enterprise-level reliability and scalability and makes good business sense for larger companies. Meanwhile, the Starter counterpart successfully suits smaller ones.

    Is Demo a Better Mode for You?

    We value your time and give you an opportunity to instantly visualize the whole experience you will get with Magento Commerce.

    Core Magento functionality

    • Website management
    • Product and catalog management
    • Marketing and content management
    • Order and shipping management
    • Analytics and reporting
    • Payment and checkout
    • Web APIs with SOAP and REST support for Magento integration with third-party applications
    • Multi-store setup
    • Multi-language support

    Magento Commerce Cloud plan comparison

    Magento Commerce Starter

    Magento Commerce Pro

    Core ecommerce functionality

    B2B module

    Hosting options

    Cloud server architecture

    Storage included

    Effective SKUs



    Not included

    Available in the cloud only

    Shared server



    Starts at $1,999 a month



    Available in the cloud and on-premises

    Dedicated server

    50GB to 1TB


    Starts at $3,999 a month

    Choose Your Market

    Retailers all over the world and across numerous product lines sell with Magento Commerce successfully.

    Apparel and Jewelry

    Apparel and Jewelry

    Food and Beverage

    Food and Beverage

    Education and Entertainment

    Education and Entertainment

    Sports Apparel and Equipment

    Sports Apparel and Equipment

    Beauty and Health

    Beauty and Health

    Hardware and Appliances

    Hardware and Appliances

    Home and Design

    Home and Design



    Three Years and Three Magento Commerce Recognitions





    We Feel You Are Ready to Start

    We’ll show you opportunities for better customer experience and sales available with Magento Commerce. In fact, there are many!