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Mobile App Development Services

Since 2005 in mobile development.

Java, Kotlin, Swift, Objective-C, Xamarin, Cordova, React Native, Flutter competencies.

• Specialized mobile apps for 30+ industries.

Human-centered UX/UI design.

Mobile App Development Services - ScienceSoft
Mobile App Development Services - ScienceSoft

About ScienceSoft

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mobile projects

A portfolio of diverse apps for ecommerce, telemedicine, mobile banking, field service, remote control, and more.

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years in mobile services

Developing different types of mobile apps: native Android and iOS, cross-platform, PWA, responsive web apps.

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mobile developers

Proficient in Java, Kotlin, Swift, Objective-C, Xamarin, Cordova, React Native, Flutter. About 50% of our talent pool are senior-level experts.

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project managers

In-house PMO to manage large-scale projects with distributed teams. Excellence in Lean, Agile, and DevOps methodologies. PM certifications (PSM I, PMP, and more).

Our Mobile Application Development Services

ScienceSoft assists in specific development stages as well as provides full-cycle mobile app implementation. Our mobile app development services include:

We analyze the market and your brand identity to spot and manifest your competitive advantage.

We assist with app concept finalization, advise on platform/device compatibility, plan project activities, and optimize development costs.

Our designers create sleek and intuitive UX and visually appealing UI to ensure conversion, engagement, and easy adoption.

Our developers create and deploy fast, stable & high-performing mobile apps: 350+ projects we successful implemented is solid proof.

ScienceSoft is ready to complement your mobile app with a web app, web portal, online store or SaaS.

Well-versed in a wide range of APIs, we guarantee seamless integration with back ends and any third-party software.

Our ISTQB-certified test engineers perform functional, performance, security, UX, and accessibility testing.

ScienceSoft offers post-launch L1–L3 support, compliance, security, and performance management & app evolution.

Our developers redesign the architecture, refactor code, and offer new look and feel to legacy mobile apps.

Where Are You in Your Mobile App Roadmap?

ScienceSoft can join your mobile project at any stage and confidently drive it ahead.

Brands Powered by Our Mobile Apps

Our Mobile Projects From Different Industries

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Mobile Apps We Develop

Mobile app development services are aimed at building iOS & Android applications that effectively complement or substitute web solutions. Having delivered 350+ mobile app development projects so far, ScienceSoft ensures app success by delivering striking UI, secure app code, and resilient back ends.

We provide professional development of the following app types:

We provide mobile app services for all platforms, devices, and audiences, including:

*PWAs (Progressive Web Apps) are responsive apps that can be accessed on mobile via a shortcut. PWAs help increase engagement by 90%+, cut load time by 2.5x, and make desktop & mobile conversions even. Learn more about PWAs.

Building All Mobile Features Modern Users Need

Whether creating an enterprise or consumer mobile app, we rely on our expertise in different techs and tools to make an app truly helpful and worth taking your users’ screen space. Though we can repeat the features, no two apps are identical: we find a unique value proposition for each app and tailor the functionality uniquely to its audience’s needs.

Geolocation management


Messaging and voice/video calling

Multi-device synchronization

Voice recognition and recording


Immersive experience

Scheduling and booking

User experience personalization

Image recognition

QR code scanning

Push notifications

Integration with wearables and smart TV

Interaction with IoT-enabled devices

Mobile business intelligence

Benefit from a Smoothly Organized Project Flow

We understand that besides our tech expertise, you want to assess how comfortable it will be to work with us. We’ve described all the key sides of our cooperation so that you know what to expect.

Project scoping

Read about our techniques for analyzing a client’s requirements, scoping the project accurately, and avoiding scope creep.


Cost estimation

Explore a vast set of factors we consider to estimate a project accurately.



Check different forms of collaboration we employ to keep a client informed of the project’s progress and arising challenges.


Risk management

Find out the groups of risks we take into account and our approach to effective risk mitigation.


Project documentation

See a comprehensive scope of documents we prepare at each stage of a software development life cycle (+ real-life examples).


Knowledge management

Learn how we incorporate knowledge management into all our processes. Check the examples of knowledge assets we typically create.



Check the reporting tools we use and view types and examples of reports we routinely provide to clients.


Post-launch warranty

Get to know what our post-launch warranty covers and why you can be confident of having no severe issues with the delivered software.


Change request management

Learn how we organized the process of recording, assessing, prioritizing, and implementing feasible change requests to prevent scope creep.


Cost of Mobile App Development

The development cost of a mobile app of average complexity varies between $80,000 and $200,000. Please note that we are talking about average figures. Surely, there are apps that cost less or more — it all depends on your requirements. To calculate the cost accurately, we need to factor in:

  • App functionality.
  • Technologies used in the app (standard programming languages and frameworks or techs to build advanced capabilities like image processing, voice recognition, etc.).
  • Visual design and level of interactivity.
  • Integrations with third-party services and systems.
  • Platforms to target (iOS, Android, or both) and a chosen development approach (native or cross-platform).
  • The availability of a corresponding web app.

In terms of costs, we can roughly group mobile apps by the complexity of functionality and design and the development efforts required.

Simple app

App of medium complexity

App of high complexity

  • Simple user interface and navigation.
  • Basic features and functionality: focus on one primary function or task.
  • Low programming complexity, fast development.
  • Interactive interface, multi-step user journeys, more complicated (e.g., layered) navigation.
  • Support for multiple use cases, a broad range of features and capabilities.
  • Data storage and integrations with external APIs are likely.
  • A moderate level of technical expertise is required.
  • Rich and dynamic interface, advanced interactions, multiple layers of navigation.
  • Complex business logic and workflows, advanced features.
  • Likely to involve the development of custom back-end logic and sophisticated data structures and algorithms.
  • May require compliance with industry standards and regulations.
  • Senior-level technical expertise is required.
Cost of a mobile app for business needs 







Cost of a mobile product for commercial distribution




Want to Understand the Cost of Your Mobile App Project?

Just answer a few simple questions about your needs. This will help our experts better understand your challenge and provide a tailored estimate much quicker.


*What type of app do you want to develop?

*What type of company do you represent?

*Should your telehealth app be tailored to a medical specialty?

What is your target medical specialty?

*What functionality do you want to implement in your telehealth app?

*Do you need integrations with medical devices, wearables, or sensors?

*Are there any compliance requirements for your healthcare app? Check all that apply:

*What company do you represent?

*What types of products are you planning to sell?

*How many SKUs are you planning to sell?

*Along with core ecommerce functions (e.g., catalog, customer and order management), what capabilities should your mobile app support?

*What capabilities should your on-demand service marketplace app provide?

*What type of company do you represent?

*What type of financial app do you need?

*What functionality do you want to implement in your mobile app? Check all that apply.

*What type of IoT device control and monitoring app do you need?

*What type of a social networking app do you need?

Will your dating focus on a specific niche (people with specific interests, lifestyles, or demographics)?

*What type of communication app do you need?

*Along with basic communication app functions (e.g., one-on-one and group chats, multimedia sharing, voice and video calls), what capabilities should your app support?

*What type of a ride-hailing app do you need?

*What functionality do you want to implement in your corporate app? 

*What type of company do you represent?

*What learning capabilities do you need?

*What functionality do you want to implement in your booking app?

*What functionality do you want to implement in your app?

*How do you plan to use your mobile app?

*How large is your target user base?

*What is your planned monetization strategy?

*Which app version do you need?

What platforms do you plan to target?

What development option are you interested in?

*Do you have a complementing web-based solution (website, app, portal)?

If you have a web app, do you plan to integrate your future mobile app with its back end?

*Do you already have finalized UX and/or UI samples?

*Do you have a deadline for your project?

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Our team is on it!

ScienceSoft's experts will study your case and get back to you with the details within 24 hours.

Our team is on it!

Our Clients Say

Chiron Health

We engaged ScienceSoft to build an Android app that complements our web-based platform and they proved to be Android experts.

ScienceSoft successfully lead the way from end to end, staying in daily contact with our developers. We have engaged them to introduce a few enhancements to the app and would certainly consider ScienceSoft as a technology partner in further initiatives.

Ascendas Business Solutions

ScienceSoft are a great company to work with.

The guys really cared about the payment solution (a web app + iOS and Android apps) they developed for my company and weren’t happy until they had it perfect. We first chose to go with Apache Cordova but switched to React Native. ScienceSoft were very patient with me when I would change my mind about requirements. I really like working with them.

Albatross IT Consultants AS

AITC has worked with ScienceSoft on both product development and consulting with a focus on mobile and web-based CRM.

We've seen quick understanding of requirements, deep technical skills, and commitment to time, price, and quality. We would be pleased to recommend ScienceSoft to anyone looking for outsourcing or extension of their own team.

Our Full Technology Stack for Mobile Projects

ScienceSoft USA Corporation Is a 3-Year Champion in the Financial Times Rating

Three years in a row (2022–2024), the Financial Times has included ScienceSoft USA Corporation in the list of 500 fastest-growing American companies. This is the result of our dedication to driving project success despite any constraints and disruptions.

Advanced Technologies We’re Skilled In

Click on the technologies marked with an arrow to learn more about ScienceSoft’s related expertise.

ScienceSoft Answers Frequent Questions

I run a startup and need to launch a mobile app. What cost range can I expect?

We can precisely estimate the project cost only after a thorough research of the app's specific functional scope as well as the techs chosen for its implementation. But if you need rough estimates, the price range for a native app of medium complexity is from $30,000 to $70,000.

What is an average duration of a mobile project? Are there any ways to speed up the development if I need to launch an app asap?

Depending on the scope and tech stack, mobile app development can take from 3 to 10 months (+ 2–4 months for a complementing web app). To reduce time-to-market, ScienceSoft prioritizes features, focusing on the core ones first. We roll out an MVP app in just 2–3 months and continue enhancing it iteratively.

How can I track the progress of my project if I outsource it to ScienceSoft?

ScienceSoft has a mature system of KPIs (budget required vs. budget remaining, cycle time, team’s proactivity, etc.) that we use in managing our mobile app projects. At the start of cooperation, we give you access to our internal progress-tracking tools (Jira, Confluence) and discuss how often we will report on the project progress.

Do you help organize a smooth transfer of an app development project from a different vendor?

Yes, we can set up knowledge transfer sessions and request app documentation from your previous vendor. If the vendor’s input is insufficient, we can audit the app first to understand its current state and plan further development.

Do you work with security-sensitive apps?

Yes, our team has vast experience in developing healthcare and BFSI apps that process highly sensitive data. We follow OWASP Mobile Application Security methodology to ensure reliable access and data protection in our apps.

Move Your Mobile Project On at Your Convenient Pace

Just know that with ScienceSoft, you can move as fast as that:

  • Up to 1 hour to get an initial response to your request and know a sales manager assigned to your company.
  • 2–4 days to get CVs of mobile developers with the required skills and choose the best time for interviews.
  • 1–2 weeks to assemble a full project team and set off.
  • 2–3 months to get an MVP ready and launched.
  • 3–10 months to get a full-fledged mobile app.
  • Lifetime to evolve your app following volatile market trends and user needs.

Need a Consultation?

Let us know your business needs, and our team will reply shortly to start the conversation.

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