SaaS User Interface (UI) Design Services

SaaS UI design services - ScienceSoft

User interface design for software-as-a-service is targeted at creating neat visual representations of SaaS products’ functionality. Within the SaaS UI design offer, ScienceSoft delivers striking SaaS interfaces that quickly click with the audience, making for easy brand recognition and high customer retention.

Want your trial-period users to convert to paying subscribers faster?

We design UIs that ensure an immediate emotional connection between your SaaS product and its users, reducing customer acquisition costs.

Why ScienceSoft

  • 32 years in IT.
  • Experienced UI and UX designers on board.
  • Mobile-friendly, responsive design.
  • Hands-on knowledge of SaaS product specifics.
  • Streamlined agile processes.

Why UI Design Matters for SaaS

  • 94%

    users say their first impression of a software product is based on UI design

  • 88%

    users abandon a software product they didn’t like from the start

  • 59%

    users say they value design as much as content and/or functionality

  • Sources: ResearchGate, Econsultancy, Adobe

    Why SaaS UI Design Is Worth Trying with ScienceSoft

    SaaS UX design options

    At your request, our team provides professional user experience (UX) design services. If you already have finished UX wireframes, we’ll base our UIs on them.

    Designs tailored to your customers

    We know that users perceive design and functionality as a single unit: if they don’t like it, they leave. Thanks to comprehensive user research, our SaaS designs are created with the exact needs and tastes of your product’s target audience in mind. As a result, the software UI immediately clicks with the audience, ensuring lightning-quick adoption and a high subscription renewal rate.

    Business-focused design processes

    By creating the UI for your SaaS product, we share the responsibility for software’s commercial success. While our designers follow the latest design trends to reflect your unique brand identity, they also account for such business aspects as competitiveness and support of marketing and customer service objectives, including successful up/cross-selling, effective strategic offers, and increased dwell time.

    Early UI samples

    To ensure a shared and consistent vision of your SaaS UI design at the very start, we provide desktop and/or mobile UI samples prior to signing the project contract.

    Success Story

    With its UI and UX redesign, ScienceSoft improved user satisfaction of a cloud-based training platform.

    Our SaaS UI Design Service Options

    One-off design from scratch


    Continuous design

    Why You Should Invest in SaaS UI Design

    Only 6% of users won’t take into consideration your UI design when trying out your SaaS product. Moreover, only a third of your audience appreciating your SaaS product’s features will agree to use it despite the unsightly interface. To truly cater to the users of your SaaS solution and quickly gather a large subscriber base, you should provide efficient SaaS functionality along with outstanding UI design.

    Get a high-quality UI to match your SaaS product’s high potential!

    Trust ScienceSoft’s UI design team to shape your powerful SaaS functionality into a responsive, intuitive and eye-appealing user interface.