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Fintech Software Development Services

ScienceSoft creates software for banking, financial services, and insurance since 2005. Our clients rely on our experience in advanced technologies and benefit from the future-proof cloud architectures we design to introduce highly competitive fintech solutions.

Fintech Software Development Services – ScienceSoft
Fintech Software Development Services – ScienceSoft

Fintech software development services result in tailored and easy-to-evolve solutions for automated financial service delivery. Fintech solutions often rely on AI/ML, big data, blockchain, IoT, and other advanced techs to transform BFSI workflows and introduce engaging customer experiences.

ScienceSoft designs and builds top-flight fintech solutions that help BFSI companies upgrade business operations and leverage new service models while ensuring data security and regulatory compliance. Our unwavering commitment to our clients’ success is proven by ScienceSoft’s presence on the IAOP Global Outsourcing 100 list for the third year in a row.

Fintech Solutions ScienceSoft Delivers

From simple mobile apps to large-scale networks for multi-party transaction processing – as a fintech software development company, ScienceSoft ensures prompt and risk-free implementation of all kinds of fintech initiatives.

Client-facing apps

Convenient and secure web and mobile applications that provide self-service options and seamless digital experience for a financial services provider’s customers.

Complex processing systems

Large-scale systems with a comprehensive processing engine at their core – they are able to handle complex operations specific to a particular BFSI segment:

Peer-to-peer (P2P) marketplaces

Online platforms that connect multiple financial services providers, including private investors, with individuals and SMBs in need of financial services or funding:

Process automation solutions

Software aimed to streamline particular operations for a business or its consumers: e.g., enable payment automation, underwriting automation, or portfolio management automation.

Data analytics systems

Comprehensive solutions powered with advanced data science techs that help drive valuable insights from a company’s business data and optimize financial operations.

BFSI service platforms

Secure and scalable web platforms that enable complex multi-party financial activities, such as trading, investing, currency exchange.

Digital collaboration solutions

Centralized and blockchain-based platforms and networks providing digital collaboration environment for a BFSI company’s internal teams and external partners, as well as for multiple financial services providers.

Digital wallets

Online apps that enable fast and easy payments and money transfers while ensuring full security of the users’ personal and billing information. Cryptocurrency wallets to transact and manage crypto assets.

Crypto assets

Programmable assets built on blockchain that may represent tradeable securities, utilities, rewards, particular financial rights, and more. Blockchain-based digital currencies that serve as a means of payment, exchange, and value storage.

Intelligent virtual assistants

AI-powered agents that handle personalized customer communication and can provide clients with intelligent advice on the proper payment and investment actions.

Financial fraud detection software

Advanced cybersecurity tools that rely on artificial intelligence to instantly identify and prevent malicious behavior of a company’s employees or clients.

Compliance monitoring systems

Software enabling real-time monitoring of the financial IT system and employee adherence to the internal service policies and regulatory requirements.

Get High-Quality Fintech Software

ScienceSoft’s team is ready to design and develop a robust fintech solution that will improve the efficiency, transparency, and security of your business and financial operations.

Explore ScienceSoft’s Success Stories

Nick Kurayev

Nick Kurayev

CEO at ScienceSoft

I’m proud of ScienceSoft’s team of fintech professionals and the unique mix of competencies they can bring to the table for such a demanding and meticulous industry as BFSI. From product planning to process automation to cybersecurity — there’s no field they can’t cover. I am always glad when ScienceSoft helps a fintech startup generate high revenue with a brand-new solution, or when our client from the traditional finance segment becomes a digital leader and drastically outperforms industry benchmarks with a unique fintech app.

See How You Benefit from Partnering with Us

ScienceSoft’s experience shows that flexibility is a key to meeting each client’s fintech software development goals while addressing the expectations regarding the timelines and budget.

Check the cards to understand your potential gains and follow the links to discover the development and project management practices behind our value-centered offer:

Flexible cooperation models

  • Full outsourcing of fintech software development.
  • A dedicated team to take over a part of your project.
  • Team augmentation with the required number (from 0.5 to 150+ FTEs) of our best talents.
  • T&M, T&M with a cap – for advisory activities or agile implementation of a fintech solution.
  • Fixed price – for software development divided into clear stages (fixed price for each stage).
  • A monthly subscription fee – for support activities.

Flexible development pace

  • Quick project start (1–2 weeks).
  • An MVP of your fintech software in 3+ months.
  • Frequent releases (every 2–4 weeks).
  • Rapid resource provisioning and on-demand team scaling to speed up software delivery.

Flexibility to adapt to changes

  • Established change request management flows to agilely implement viable changes.
  • Offering individually-paced collaboration forms and tuning communication frequency depending on the project needs and client preferences.

And here’s where our approach remains the same for every fintech project to ensure smooth implementation and top-flight quality of the solutions we deliver:

Guaranteed risk-free cooperation

achieved via accurate time and cost estimation, early planning of risk mitigation steps, and the analysis of fintech software development feasibility for each specific case. Also, we can develop a Proof of Concept to test the viability of a fintech solution in real life.

Guaranteed service transparency

thanks to our mature practices of joint project scoping and success measurementopen discussion of potential gains and challenges, regular KPI-based reporting on the development progress, and systematic approach to documentation and knowledge sharing.

with AML/KYC, PCI DSS, IFRS, CCPA, CCAR, FINRA, GLBA, FCRA, FCBA, SOX, SOC1 and SOC2, GDPR and PSD2 (for the EU), SAMA (for the KSA), NYDFS (for NY), other relevant legal standards and regulations.

Guaranteed security

achieved via employing intelligent fraud detection, data encryption, multi-factor authentication, including biometric authentication, advanced infrastructure security tools, and more.

Embark on Your Fintech Development Journey with Confidence

Our consultants will eagerly describe how our practices can benefit your particular case and share a tailored pack of ScienceSoft’s fintech projects to inform your outsourcing decisions.

Why Build Fintech Software with ScienceSoft

  • Since 2005 in software development for the financial services industry.
  • Fintech developers proficient in advanced techs: AI, big data, cloud, blockchain, IoT, AR.
  • Since 2003 in cybersecurity to ensure world-class protection of fintech software.
  • Compliance experts with 5–20 years of experience to help achieve fintech software compliance with all required regulations.
  • An ISO 9001- and ISO 27001-certified company that guarantees mature quality management and full security of its customers’ data.

ScienceSoft USA Corporation Is a 3-Year Champion in the Financial Times Rating

Three years in a row (2022–2024), the Financial Times has included ScienceSoft USA Corporation in the list of 500 fastest-growing American companies. This is the result of our dedication to driving project success despite any constraints and disruptions.

What Our Customers Appreciate about ScienceSoft

We chose ScienceSoft as a technology partner for the mobile banking development project. We were pleased with the outcomes of the project and with the collaboration mode. ScienceSoft brought to the table substantial expertise in mobile application development and a customer-centered approach to the application design. We especially appreciate their professional approach to security issues, which were among our main concerns due to strict regulations.

ScienceSoft powered Tieto with a competent team to develop products for banking services. The team has been delivering results within budget and time. I’m absolutely satisfied with the quality of their services, their development skills and responsibility as well as the way they manage communication with us and our clients.


We wanted to build a multi-chain crypto wallet that would let users convert cryptocurrencies without commission. ScienceSoft came up with a go-to architecture, features, and tech stack for our multi-chain wallet, and introduced a detailed roadmap for wallet implementation. In addition, they helped us develop a corporate website to represent technical information and a white paper for our potential customers and investors.

Reliable Techs & Tools We Use

Get Fintech Software Supported by Advanced Techs

ScienceSoft powers fintech solutions with the following cutting-edge technologies to drive the speed, accuracy, security, and transparency of financial service flows:

Ensures fintech software scalability to process and store growing data volumes. Enables 24/7 remote access to the fintech systems for financial service clients and BFSI teams.

A backbone of advanced financial analytics and data-driven operational decisioning. Automates financial data processing, fraud detection, and customer interaction.

Provides full traceability of financial data flows and offers fast, secure, and cost-effective payment transaction processing without the involvement of third parties.

Helps establish straight-through processing of multi-format financial data and obtain in-depth insights into customer behaviors, needs, and risks.

Enables real-time data gathering from customer devices, servicing equipment, and security systems to enhance financial service safety and convenience.

Mixed Reality

Helps introduce engaging customer and employee experiences in emerging AR- and VR-enabled financial service environments, including metaverse.

How Each BFSI Sector Capitalizes on Specialized Fintech Software

  • Convenient 24/7 access to banking services for customers via self-service banking apps.
  • Fast and easy delivery of banking services due to automation of core banking operations.
  • Prompt and error-free processing of financial transactions with the help of open banking APIs.
  • Fully paperless banking process under the innovative neobanking model.
  • Instant, accurate, and secure payment processing due to payment automation.
  • High customer satisfaction due to seamless digital payment experience and support for trending payment options: QR code-based payments, NFC-enabled onsite mobile payments, peer-to-peer (P2P) money transfers, and more.
  • Domestic and cross-border cryptocurrency payments enabled by the blockchain technology.
  • Prompt AI-powered risk assessment and loan-related decision-making.
  • Optimal, analytics-based loan pricing.
  • Efficient payment collection and debt recovery enabled by process automation.
  • Fast access to funds for borrowers and attractive investment opportunities for lenders under the P2P lending model.
  • Automated processing of mortgage applications and calculation of mortgage-associated fees; streamlined collateral management, mortgage close, servicing, and foreclosure processes.
  • Scalable digital storage for large-volume mortgage documents.
  • Full visibility into borrower performance and associated risks due to real-time API-enabled borrower data collection.
  • Data-driven insurance underwriting and automated, risk-based insurance pricing.
  • Prompt and accurate claim settlement due to instant capture and intelligent validation of claim-related data.
  • Facilitated collaboration between the internal teams, agents, clients, and vendors via multi-role insurance portals.
  • Support for innovative insurance models, such as usage-based insurance and pay-as-you-live life and health insurance, enabled by integration with IoT tracking systems.


  • Minimized financing-associated fees due to intelligent advice on the optimal loan amount and duration.
  • Automated calculation of charges and commissions under the financing activities.
  • P2P financing platforms to enable highly accessible and cost-effective financing transactions, including crowdfunding transactions.
  • Transparent and secure blockchain-based financing, including ICO and STO.
  • Accurate investment decisions due to AI-powered guidance on portfolio optimization.
  • Streamlined trading activities due to automated transaction opening, confirmation, renewal, and closing.
  • Minimized investment risks due to precise estimation of the expected financial gains and intelligent advice on the proper hedging strategies.
  • Secure, fast and cost-effective financial transactions due to blockchain-based transaction handling with no involvement of intermediaries.
  • Automated transaction enforcement using smart contracts.
  • Easy access to the global market due to DeFi solutions’ ability to seamlessly process cross-border transactions.
  • Elimination of low-value manual tasks, such as bookkeeping, billing, financial reporting, etc., due to the corporate finance process automation.
  • Streamlined control over enterprise-wide financial activities due to real-time collection of data on all finance-related operations.
  • Comprehensive financial analytics powered by AI.

Personal finance management

  • End-to-end traceability of personal expenses due to automated timestamped recordkeeping of financial transactions.
  • Fast and convenient planning of spend and savings by period and expense category with the help of personal finance apps.
  • The ability to drive higher savings thanks to intelligent recommendations on spend optimization opportunities.

Choose the Service Option that Best Fits Your Needs

Our fintech application development company provides full-cycle consulting and development services to help traditional BFSI services providers, fintech startups, and software product companies build effective and secure fintech solutions. Achieving project goals despite time and budget constraints and changing requirements is ScienceSoft's top priority.

Fintech software consulting

We define a best-fitting niche and a unique selling proposition for your fintech solution and design an optimal feature set, architecture, UX and UI, and toolkit. You also get expert advice on security and compliance and a detailed implementation plan to minimize project risks.

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Fintech software development

We develop your fintech solution, integrate it with the required systems, and run the necessary quality assurance procedures. We can also provide after-launch software support. You promptly get a solution with powerful capabilities tailored to your business and end user needs and receive all necessary documentation.

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Modernization of legacy finance software

We can rearchitect your solution, migrate it to cloud, or revamp its legacy codebase and tech stack. In addition, we can upgrade software with new features to support your unique workflows – a fast and cost-effective way for you to get a modern fintech solution fueled by advanced techs.

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