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Software Consulting Services - ScienceSoft

Software consulting services are aimed at maximizing the ROI of a software development initiative through effective planning, execution and management of new software development project, or setting to rights an ongoing project. Providing all-round software consulting, ScienceSoft helps clients from 26 industries keep end-to-end software development fast and economically sound and deliver high-quality software solutions.

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Project launch consulting

Development process consulting

Software enhancement and integration consulting

Software compliance consulting

We help effectively plan a new software solution (SaaS, desktop, mobile), choose the right techs and designs, estimate time & costs and expected ROI.

We advise you on how to keep a software development process fast, smooth and economically sound.

We help augment existing software, improve its value, and enrich with advanced techs (IoT, AI, big data, computer vision).

We help you make your software and/or development and QA processes compliant with standards and regulations.


  • 31 years in IT.
  • Provision of end-to-end services - consulting, design, development, implementation, and managed services.
  • 2,695 success stories (including projects for Walmart, eBay, NASA JPL, PerkinElmer, Baxter, IBM, Orange, BBC, MTV).
  • 700 full-time employees onboard, including certified PMs, BAs, IT consultants, technical architects, and QA consultants.


Leo Burnett Worldwide: What Is Working with ScienceSoft Like

For 4 years, we have been trusted with software development projects from a world-famous advertising agency Leo Burnett Worldwide. Sam Gooby, Head of Platform Production at Leo Burnett, reveals his first-hand experience on cooperation with our team.


Expertise - ScienceSoft

Industry experience in manufacturing, retail, logistics, professional services, healthcare, energy, oil and gas, and more.

Expertise - ScienceSoft

Future-proof application architecture (mobile-, integration-ready, cloud-native; SOA, microservices-based, integrated APM (application performance management), etc.).

Expertise - ScienceSoft

Application integration (SOA, RPA, ESB, database integration).

Expertise - ScienceSoft

Big data, IoT, AI/machine learning, AR/VR, AVI, blockchain, image analysis, etc.

  • Data analytics services since 1989.
  • Big data consulting services since 2013.
  • IoT consulting services since 2011.
  • Computer vision services since 2013. 

Expertise - ScienceSoft

Secure software development starting from early stages of SDLC.

Expertise - ScienceSoft

Mature Agile (Scrum) processes and established DevOps culture with a high degree of automation based on containerization, cloud computing, continuous integration (CI) and continuous delivery (CD), and test automation.

Our Industry experience

We’ve mastered a wide range of industries but have the strongest track record in such domains as manufacturing, healthcare, retail, marketing and advertising, telecommunications, oil and gas, banking, insurance, logistics, professional services, and education.


Back end

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Transparent KPI-based outcomes

We measure the success of our service by the value our customers get, which makes us come up with lasting and sustainable software and process improvements and remain unbiased when it comes to the choice of techs.

Quick and quality results of consultancy

Thanks to the mature incremental approach to improvement implementation, our clients can experience first service outcomes within a few months while avoiding disruption to their business processes. Basing on the first results and feedback, we continue with further improvements and scaling.

Software Consulting Methodologies We Use

Understanding the strategy:
  • McKinsey 7S Framework
  • ROI Methodology
  • Business Model Canvas
Problem/goals decomposition:
  • MECE Framework McKinsey
  • Ishikawa diagram
Operations improvement:
  • Lean Six Sigma
  • 7 wastes
  • Value-stream mapping
  • Kaizen
Customer requirements gathering:
  • QFD
  • Interviews
  • Surveys
  • Focus groups
Constraints analysis
  • Compliance and related regulations
  • OPA
  • EEF
Solution/platform selection:
  • Technical, functional and cost-effectiveness feasibility assessment based on the requirements gathered
  • NVP, ROI, IRR calculation
Project initiation and planning:
  • Business case composition
  • Vendors selection criteria recommendations


Custom CRM and Sales Automation for a National Public Transport Agency

ScienceSoft’s CRM consulting services helped enhance the agency’s customer base management and acquisition capabilities, increase their productivity by eliminating a time-consuming manual routine, and optimize interaction with their base of commercial transport operators.

Business Analysis for B2B Trade Portal Development

ScienceSoft developed the concept, screen prototypes, software architecture, and a UI design of a web application to bring complete online deal management between buyers and vendors.

ServiceNow Consulting and Integration for a Multinational Enterprise with 17,000+ Staff

ScienceSoft’s ITSM experts advised on the ITSM integration and allowed the multinational enterprise to gradually extend the tracked data flow, as their new offices were getting involved in the outsourced service desk support.

Consulting on Software for Improved Drug Prescription

ScienceSoft created the concept of a mobile patient application and an EMR-integrated desktop application to define whether a prescribed medicine is compatible with a patient’s current conditions and diseases.

UX Research and Custom UX Design of Ecommerce Websites for a Multibusiness Company

ScienceSoft completed advanced UX research and developed a custom UX design for two ecommerce websites. The developed prototypes of web pages were used for improving the websites.

UX and UI Design of a Training Portal for A Consulting Firm Offering MSP Training Services

ScienceSoft provided convenient navigation and an appealing UX design for a web-based application that drastically increased user satisfaction.

SaaS ERP Modernization for a European Enterprise Software Provider

ScienceSoft turned a poorly developed online ERP system into a stable product to rock the market. ScienceSoft’s developers fixed 800 bugs to make the system run like clockwork.


Well-thought-out software project planning and implementation means:

  • 1.5 times
    faster feature delivery
  • Up to 30%
    development and testing cost reduction
  • Up to 70%
    fewer software defects