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Selected Success Stories from Our 3,600-Project Portfolio

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Technology partnership with ScienceSoft has been instrumental in enhancing the entertainment experience for users across different platforms, such as online gaming, multi-screen apps for streams, and apps for media downloading, processing, and sharing. Our entertainment apps are used by such industry giants as T-Mobile, Orange, and BBC.

Get to know our approach that is reflected in the case studies below.

Results for

Streaming Apps for a TV Everywhere Company that Partners with Fox, MTV and BBC

A success story of a long-term partnership that helped the Customer become one of the world’s leading streaming solution providers. Created with ScienceSoft's help, the company's mobile apps now power T-Mobile, Orange, MTV, BBC, and other large brands.


12 Innovative Software Products for a Global Leader in Image Processing

The 4.5-year-long cooperation resulted in 12 software products; 6 of them were built solely by ScienceSoft. One of the products was awarded Best Imaging Application. Our agile development practices helped reduce the time to market for each product by 3–4 months.


Secure Crypto Payment APIs for the World's Leading Digital Entertainment Platform

In 8 months, ScienceSoft delivered ready-to-deploy source code and comprehensive technical documentation for custom Litecoin and Bitcoin APIs. With the new APIs, the Customer was able to introduce crypto payments for its clients promptly and with minimal risks.


Billing Portal for the Viber Messenger with 1B+ Users

ScienceSoft developed a secure and user-friendly self-service portal for a popular VoIP and messaging app. The portal enables users to track their calls and account balances, manage tariffs, and pay for the app services.


Refactoring and Re-Architecting a SaaS Gaming Platform into SOA in Just 4 Months

ScienceSoft implemented a new service-oriented architecture to enable platform scalability and support a growing user base. Also, our team developed custom features for fraud detection, notifications, statistics, and poker playing to enhance platform value for e-gamers.


Android TV App for a Global TV Everywhere Service Provider

ScienceSoft delivered a multiscreen app that offers convenient access to VOD/SVOD services on Android-powered TVs, Nexus Player, and NVidia Shield. The new app helped our Customer attract new business partners and cater to a larger DTV audience worldwide.


Ecommerce Replatforming and Redesign for a Gaming Webstore with 200,000+ Customers

In 5 months, ScienceSoft migrated an online gaming store with 2,000+ products from Shopify to Adobe Commerce and completely revamped its design. The Customer got a flexible and user-friendly webstore providing tailored ecommerce automation capabilities.


iOS App for a Camera Accessory Device by a Global Leader in Image Processing

By cooperating with ScienceSoft, the Customer was able to deliver an innovative image processing solution for iOS devices. The product saw several releases and was awarded as an innovative image processing solution.


Push-to-Talk Feature for Viber Messenger

A backend service for a popular messenger app with over 900 mln users to process and store Push-To-Talk PTT messages, which ensures smooth user experience and the fastest possible data transfer.


Secure and Engaging NFT Portal Launched in 12 Weeks

ScienceSoft developed a client-facing NFT portal for a crypto startup delivering gamified NFT trading solutions. As a result, the startup managed to bring its NFT offer to the market faster and at an optimal cost while ensuring high user engagement and retention.