Virtual Reality (VR) Software Development

Virtual Reality (VR) Software Development - ScienceSoft

Virtual Reality (VR) development services focus on the implementation of software that allows users interact with simulated environments. With its 32 years in software development and 25 years in 3D modeling, ScienceSoft delivers competitive VR software with high and fast user adoption.

Industries we develop VR software for


  • Surgery simulations
  • Psychological therapy
  • Gamified rehabilitation


  • Immersive training
  • Immersive research


  • Virtual design and engineering
  • Training
  • Maintenance guidance


  • VR showrooms
  • Training

Real Estate

  • Virtual tours


  • Gamified ads
  • Virtual events

Travel and entertainment

  • Virtual tours
  • Virtual art installations


  • Driving simulators
  • Flight simulators

Why ScienceSoft

VR Development with ScienceSoft in Figures

  • 2.5x

    cost reduction compared to in-house VR app development

  • 10x

    faster 3D model design due to the use of scripts

  • 90%+

    users are fully satisfied with the final VR application

  • More Perks of VR Development with ScienceSoft

    Secure and rewarding investment

    • By conducting a feasibility study and a free project estimation at the very start of cooperation, ScienceSoft makes sure your investments will yield return.
    • If needed, we can provide technical product management consulting to create a risk management plan and minimize any potential financial losses.

    Use of advanced tech components

    Our cross-domain experience lets us include cutting-edge technologies in the VR applications we develop:

    • IoT (sensors, cameras, controllers, IoT gadgets)
    • Artificial Intelligence (deep learning and natural language processing algorithms)
    • Computer vision
    • Voice recognition
    • Eye tracking analytics
    • Video streaming.

    Technologies we use

    Tethered VR

    Tethered VR

    Standalone/Mobile VR

    Standalone/Mobile VR

    Software Toolkit

    VR engine

    Unreal Engine
    Amazon Sumerian

    Unreal Engine (C++)

    Unity (C#)

    CRYENGINE (C++ and C#)

    Amazon Sumerian (HTML, CSS, JS)

    3D modeling

    Autodesk Maya
    Autodesk 3ds Max
    Substance Painter

    Simulation modeling

    Nvidia FleX
    Bullet Physics

    Back end

    Click on the technology to learn about our capabilities in it.


    Click on the technology to learn about our capabilities in it.

    Cloud databases, warehouses and storage


    Amazon S3
    Amazon DocumentDB
    Amazon Relational Database Service
    Amazon ElastiCache


    Azure Data Lake
    Azure Blob Storage
    Azure SQL Database

    Google Cloud Platform

    Google Cloud SQL
    Google Cloud Datastore

    Front end

    For a web administration panel

    Our Virtual Reality Development Services

    Business analysis

    We help you finalize both detailed and high-level VR software concepts as we:

    • Gather and analyze your needs.
    • Formulate technical requirements and features.
    • Help you choose VR equipment with your budget in mind.

    Architecture design

    We plan out an individual software architecture to ensure that your VR application will have:

    • High performance​.
    • Fast scalability.
    • Easy configurability.

    3D modeling

    When creating VR content, we apply such immersion-improving elements as:

    • Highly realistic visuals.
    • Kinesthetic attributes.
    • Engaging animations.

    VR software development

    Our large and experienced team of VR engineers delivers smooth VR experiences by:

    • Making use of motion/eye tracking and computer vision technologies.
    • Introducing intuitive interactivity and realistic sound acoustics.
    • Optimizing back ends for high-load VR processes.

    Quality assurance

    To guarantee the quality of your VR application, our testing engineers:

    • Run unit tests.
    • Combine manual testing with automated tests.
    • Provide detailed test documentation.

    VR software integration

    We integrate VR software not only with VR hardware but also with any software applications including:

    • CMS.
    • LMS.
    • EHR.
    • CRM.

    VR software support and evolution

    We maintain and evolve your VR application to keep it competitive on the market.

    Don't Let Your unique VR Software Lose the race

    The VR market is estimated to reach $20.9 billion by 2025, but your best chance to outcompete rivals and get your VR software out there is now. With ScienceSoft’s VR competencies and expertise in product development, you are guaranteed to deliver a one-of-a-kind, high-quality VR application.

    Develop VR software from scratch

    Win the market with your original and innovative VR application.

    Modify existing VR software

    Make your existing VR software more competitive by adding cutting-edge features.

    Introduce VR in existing software

    Extend your user base and raise engagement by adding VR to your software.