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How ScienceSoft Approaches Software Development Projects

ScienceSoft is not just another IT outsourcing company. We're a powerhouse of mature project management and development practices, capable of handling projects of any size and complexity. But that's not all. We believe in all-around honesty, 100% transparency, and a collaborative environment where ideas are shared and respected. This approach has made us a trusted partner for over a thousand customers worldwide.

How ScienceSoft Approaches Software Development Projects
How ScienceSoft Approaches Software Development Projects

Organizing Our Cooperation & Collaboration

Steps to start

Contact us via live chat, email, or phone. We'll schedule an introductory call to understand your needs, sign an NDA to protect your information, and provide a free proposal outlining the service scope and cost. Once a contract is signed, we're ready to work!

Follow the link to check details about our 5-step process to start a project.

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Collaboration principles, approaches, and models

Key principles of our collaboration include respect for clients' corporate practices, proactive process tuning, transparency, knowledge sharing, and prompt resolution of issues.

Follow the link to check:

  • Sample RACI-based collaboration model.
  • A spectrum of tactical collaboration forms.
  • Our collaboration toolkit.
  • How we measure the success of our collaborations.
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Project Management and Reporting

Scope estimation and management

Scoping includes requirements elicitation from multiple stakeholders, document analysis, target audience research, and more. We control scope creep by documenting the scope and assessing the impact of changes. We welcome beneficial adjustments for improved software quality and cost reduction.

Follow the link to check:

  • Our 6-step scoping process.
  • A fragment of our Vision & Scope document, a fragment of our feature list, a sample user journey map, examples of UX wireframes.
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Cost estimation practices

Our cost estimation process is based on three key principles: honesty, clarity, and customer understanding. We use two main estimation methods: the top-down and bottom-up approaches. Early estimation techniques like T-shirt sizing and PERT are also employed for faster and risk-aware cost calculations.

Follow the link to check:

  • Samples of top-down and bottom-up estimates.
  • Key factor we consider to estimate costs.
  • Our major cost optimization activities.
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Project success measurement

We start with definiting tailored objectives and key results (OKRs). Two key OKR groups are service quality and client satisfaction. OKRs are consistently monitored and revised based on joint reviews, stakeholder feedback, and potential risks.

Follow the link to check:

  • Our 4-step success measurement process.
  • Examples of KPIs by categories.
  • How we integrate success measurement into our Agile ceremonies.
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Reporting process and examples

We report on the pace of software development, team adherence to plans, scope coverage, risks, time spent on tasks, and more. We also provide forecasts on project flow, improvement recommendations, and data for potential process improvements. Among our key reporting tools are Jira, Trello, Asana, Basecamp, Azure DevOps.

Follow the link to check fragments of our reports.

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Risk management principles and practices

Throughout the SDLC, we constantly monitor all potential risks and quickly address them to prevent damage to the project’s business outcomes. We continuously improve our risk response plan for faster, more adequate, and less effort-intensive issue resolution. Our experts never hide a realistic picture of the project’s health, potential challenges, and contingency plans.

Follow the link to check the risk factors we recognize and the steps we take to tackle them.


Software documentation examples and priorities

We prioritize comprehensive yet clear software documentation for smooth collaboration and quality assurance. Our approach adapts to each project's specifics, ensuring consistency across all development stages and readiness for non-standard documentation.

Follow the link to check examples of documents we deliver at each stage of SDLC.

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How we organize knowledge management

We have a smooth process for collecting and securely storing project knowledge. We openly share the knowledge with our client or other outsourced teams, and can organize on-demand mentorship or training sessions for fast project handover.

Follow the link to check:

  • Our 4-step process for knowledge management and sharing.
  • Examples of our knowledge management techniques and tools.
  • How we share responsibility for knowledge management activities between team members.
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Change request management

We have a structured process to handle change requests, from submission and assessment (feasibility, cost, priority) to implementation or rejection. 

Follow the link to check:

  • Our best practices in change request management.
  • A sample change request form.
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Quality and Security Management

How we manage quality

For each stage of SDLC, we have work habits, practices, and policies to ensure the high quality of our deliverables and skilled, motivated people who effectively put those into practice. Our quality management system includes clear project cost and timeline definitions, risk mitigation plans, unified code rules, unit testing, code reviews, automation of development, and more.

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How we manage security

We are ISO 27001-certified and guarantee the safety of our customers' data we access. Our security measures include securing the project environment, establishing access control, using strong encryption algorithms, secure communication channels, continuous IT infrastructure monitoring, and more.

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Our Approach to Specific SDLC Stages

UX design approach and examples

At ScienceSoft, we're big on delivering a smooth user experience. We promote a KPI-based approach to UX research, document all UX activities and deliverables, and establish effective collaboration with front-end developers and other team members.

Follow the link to check:

  • Our UX research methods for each SDLC stage.
  • How we design UX for feature-rich apps.
  • Examples of our deliverables.
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UI design principles and examples

We focus on targeting the right audience and incorporate demographic, psychographic, and cultural values into designs. We avoid distracting visuals and collaborate with UX designers to balance visual appeal and usability. Our designs reflect our clients’ brand identity.

Follow the link to check:

  • What our UI kits include.
  • Examples of our UIs.
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Post-launch software warranty

We discuss software warranty terms individually for each project. As a common practice, we offer a one-month post-launch warranty for projects with a fixed pricing model.

Follow the link to check what is covered and what is not covered by our warranty.

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