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How ScienceSoft Approaches Software Development Projects

Achieving project goals despite time and budget constraints and changing requirements is ScienceSoft's top priority. You set the goals; we drive the project to achieve them.

To deliver on our promise, we avoid passive project administration and take a proactive stance: seeking optimal solutions, adapting to changing conditions, collaborating openly with stakeholders, continuously refining processes, and anticipating risks. This page details our approach to different project aspects, showing how each contributes to overall project success.

How ScienceSoft Approaches Software Development Projects
How ScienceSoft Approaches Software Development Projects

Organizing Our Cooperation & Collaboration

Steps to start: customer onboarding flow

Check details about our 5-step process to start a cooperation and learn the components of our free project proposal.

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Collaboration principles, approaches, and models

Learn the fundamental principles of our collaboration and explore a spectrum of tactical and strategic collaboration forms we offer.

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Project Management and Reporting

Scope estimation and management

The page outlines our 6-step scoping process and shares a fragment of our Vision & Scope document, a fragment of our feature list, a sample user journey map, examples of UX wireframes.

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Cost estimation practices

The page describes key factors and principles we consider to estimate costs and describes our major cost optimization activities. It also features our sample top-down and bottom-up estimates.

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Project success measurement

Visit the page to understand how we integrate success measurement into our Agile ceremonies and check examples of OKRs by categories.

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Reporting process and examples

Learn the scope of our software development reports, forecasts, and improvement recommendations and explore report samples.

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Risk management principles and practices

Check the risk factors we recognize and the steps we take to control and tackle risks at each stage of software development.


Software documentation examples and priorities

Explore our documentation practices and examples of general and non-standard documents we deliver throughout the SDLC.

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How we organize knowledge management

Discover our 4-step process for knowledge management and sharing and see examples of our knowledge management techniques and tools.

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Change request management practices

See our process to handle change requests, from submission and assessment (feasibility, cost, priority) to implementation or rejection.

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Quality and Security Management

How we manage quality

Explore the practices and policies behind our ISO 9001-certified quality management system. The page also lists software quality and project health KPIs we use and describes controls specific to each SDLC stage.

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How we manage security

We are ISO 27001-certified and guarantee the safety of our customers' data. Check the data and assets we protect, the competencies we offer, and the security management activities we perform during the cooperation.

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Our Approach to Specific SDLC Stages

Project resource selection and assignment

The page describes how we plan an optimal team structure and select the best candidates for the required roles. We show how the process of resource assignment differs for full outsourcing and team augmentation models.

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UX design approach and examples

Explore our UX research methods for each SDLC stage, learn how we design UX for feature-rich apps, and check examples of our deliverables.

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UI design principles and examples

Learn our practices to build unique brand identities via UI design, check what our UI kits include, and see examples of our UIs.

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Post-launch software warranty

We discuss software warranty terms individually for each project. Check what is usually covered and what is not covered by our warranty.

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