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CRM Consulting Services

Make CRM a Cornerstone of Your Customer-Centric Strategy

ScienceSoft can confidently handle any CRM aspect – selection, migration, consolidation or a fresh launch.

CRM Consulting Services - ScienceSoft
CRM Consulting Services - ScienceSoft

Why Choose ScienceSoft as Your CRM Consulting Partner

  • For 16 years that we work with CRM systems, we have solved all possible challenges our clients experienced in their customer management processes.
  • We know CRM process specifics in banking, healthcare, retail, and other industries where sensitive customer data is circulating.
  • Achieving project goals in spite of time and budget constraints, as well as changing requirements, is ScienceSoft's top priority. You set goals, we drive the project to fulfill them.

  • 130+ testimonials from our valued clients who belong to different industry verticals and geographies.

  • We are a long-term partner of Microsoft, a leading CRM vendor.
  • We continuously grow a portfolio of CRM consulting and development projects.
  • Our mature ISO 9001-certified quality management system is based on quality controls and risk management practices embedded in all our processes. 
  • In security management, we rely on all the best security practices required by ISO 27001 regulations. We guarantee that we don't pose any risks to the security of your business and customer data during the cooperation.
  • ScienceSoft is a 3-Year Champion in The Americas’ Fastest-Growing Companies Rating by the Financial Times.

How ScienceSoft Contributes to Your Customer Management Success

CRM consulting services will help you map out CRM implementation or improvement in line with your customer management strategy. With a good CRM, you get comprehensive customer analytics, keep the communication history and always stay up-to-date, and enjoy enterprise-wide process automation.

We start the CRM selection process with the analysis of your requirements to envision the system you need. Then we take an unbiased look at the CRM software market and provide you with a comparative analysis of the most suited options.

We analyze the tasks you want to perform in a CRM system and design the workflows with pre-built or custom functionality to support them. Knowing how CRM data is critical for any customer interaction, we plan how to connect multi-faceted data sets into unified customer profiles.

Custom CRM consulting

If we prove custom CRM development to be the best scenario for your business, we plan all functional modules and assemble them into a cohesive system.

Have you reached the limits of patience with your current CRM? We can help you migrate risk-free to a better system capable of supporting all the required functions and collecting more data for advanced customer profiling. No loss of current data, no process disruption – we guarantee!

We deal with the backlog of CRM issues and plans you’ve been putting off, prioritize and implement the changes. We also go the extra mile to unlock the capabilities of your CRM system you don’t use and explain how they can benefit your processes.

We plan your transition from several siloed CRM systems towards a single robust platform that will be used enterprise-wide. The challenge we sail through is to unify CRM processes across all departments and business units and thoroughly cleanse the data we put in a new system.

CRM Consultant at ScienceSoft

You can hardly imagine how differently your budget for CRM needs can be spent. You can invest in rich functionality and find half of it left unused over time. Or you can spend more on the initial investigation stage and end up with only a few custom-built functions that are totally worth the investment. As CRM consultants, we aim to plan and create a CRM with maximum long-term value for YOU, and we mean both business and financial value here. No commonplace best practices, no easy ways unless they will help meet your goals in the best possible way.

Our Customers’ Success Stories of CRM Adoption

Warm Words from Our Clients

We commissioned ScienceSoft to build a Dynamics 365 customer portal to help our sales team streamline communication with B2B customers. ScienceSoft’s team heard our requirements, investigated our processes and provided us with the exact CRM solution we needed. Now, the work of our sales and after-sales support teams is well-organized.

Albatross IT Consultants AS

AITC, and me personally, has worked with ScienceSoft on both product development and consulting engagements with a focus on mobile and CRM. We have experienced great cooperation from management in both departments, quick understanding of requirements, deep technical skills from assigned resources, and the company's commitment to time, price, and quality.

US-based Roofing Company
Star Star Star Star Star

ScienceSoft has done an amazing job of making our internal processes more efficient, implementing changes without causing any interruptions to the business. The changes their consultants made within Salesforce are reliable and functional.

No CRM Goes without Three Key Components

Though CRM consulting services vary, our ultimate common goal is to give you the right tool to build lasting trust-based and profitable customer relations. We build each CRM around three functional components to achieve that.

Operational component

We want your employees to do more with less effort. For that, we automate no-brain workflows, set up scheduled notifications and reminders, add templates for different communication scenarios, and enable AI-powered guidance.

Collaborative component

A central space for all customer data, your CRM will be used by all departments for their own needs. We add activity feeds and chats for different teams to collaborate on deals and share ideas.

Analytical component

We don’t leave you with raw customer data but facilitate drawing insights and action points from it. For that, we enable customer segmentation rules, predictive modeling, real-time performance analytics.

We Think about the Industry Context

Healthcare CRM

We put a strong focus on patient data protection and plan a robust DLP strategy with great care. We also implement any steps required to ensure the compliance with relevant industry regulations.

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Banking CRM

We plan a comprehensive data security strategy to keep the sensitive financial information of your customers safe. Here come data encryption in transit and at rest, proper access control, security event logging, and more safeguards.

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Retail CRM

As customer journeys are becoming less linear, we plan CRM integration with numerous touchpoints that can provide bits of insights into customer behavior, likes and dislikes.

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Manufacturing CRM

We can create a mobile-compatible CRM system for convenient field work and on-site negotiations with customers and business partners.

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Ecommerce CRM

We offer to integrate your ecommerce CRM with a web analytics tool to collect customer behavioral data and let you use it for laser-targeted marketing and communication.

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Accounting CRM

We ensure convenient management of invoicing and billing and build robust document management capabilities to facilitate accounting work.

Consulting Is a Structured and Transparent Process with ScienceSoft

To give you an idea of what you can expect from our CRM consultants, we share the fullest scope of the consulting process here. Don’t see it as rigid, though – we are very flexible and adapt the workflow to each client’s unique situation.

Conceptual stage

  • Collecting all the possible information regarding the current state of your CRM processes: analyzing the CRM system (if you have one and plan to modify it), interviewing users, studying process descriptions and policies.
  • Determining problem areas in your processes and/or CRM system.
  • Setting up the goals combining your expectations and our assessment of potential extra value that we can create.
  • Designing CRM processes and defining the functionality to build or modify.
  • Defining user roles and permissions.
  • Selecting a CRM platform (if a CRM launch or migration are discussed).
  • Planning the information inflows and outflows, creating integration architecture accordingly.

Pre-implementation stage

  • Scoping out the duration and cost of the implementation project.
  • Calculating risks and proposing mitigation actions.
  • Assessing the amount and quality of historical customer data.
  • Assembling an implementation team.
  • Planning a user adoption strategy.

Implementation stage

* Depends much on the type of activity: CRM launch, migration, consolidation, revamp.

** ScienceSoft has an in-house CRM development team to perform the implementation or can continue consulting support for a third-party implementation team.

  • Configuring a CRM application.
  • Building custom entities, features and workflows where needed.
  • Integrating the CRM with customer touchpoints and corporate systems that will further use the organized customer data.
  • Migrating historical customer data if needed.
  • Testing all CRM software aspects: functionality, performance, integrations, usability, security.

Post-implementation stage

  • Providing user training in a format convenient for your team (a live session, a presentation, user manuals).
  • Evaluating if the goals we set up together at the beginning have been achieved.
  • Assessing the adoption of CRM by your team and the progress you’ve made in your processes.
  • Planning a roadmap for CRM evolution in line with your business plans.

Axioms of CRM Consulting We Prove Right

Axiom #1: Business issues CAN be solved with technology

Business process automation that CRM enables efficiently solves business issues in sales, customer service and marketing, helping companies get:

  • A 23-30% increase in marketing ROI.
  • A 30-45% increase in sales revenue.
  • A 90-98% CSAT score.

Axiom #2: The collaboration of in-house management and CRM consultancy brings the most successful process changes

ScienceSoft’s CRM consultants leverage their industry experience and technical mastery to help your in-house managers realize the process improvements with a high payoff. Thus, better customer acquisition, conversion and a substantial revenue increase are the most common business benefits you’ll get from collaborating with ScienceSoft’s CRM team.

Goals Our CRM Consultants Set and Achieve

Increase in lead volume due to a wider marketing reach.

Increase in lead conversion due to a personalized approach and smart forecasting.

Increase in deal size due to personalized cross-selling and upselling.

Improved teamwork due to a single source of customer data and collaborative workflows.

Higher marketing ROI due to marketing personalization and automation.

Higher customer lifetime value due to loyalty programs and continuous tracking of customer progress.

Building Customer Relations Is Easy and Rewarding with the Right CRM

ScienceSoft goes beyond process automation and builds CRM capabilities that help acquire, convert and retain customers.