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Data science services include data science consulting, development and support to enable companies to run experiments on their data in search of business insights. Since 1989, ScienceSoft has been applying data science in its different forms ranging from statistics to machine learning (including its most recent technique – deep learning) to meet the most deliberate analytics needs of our clients.

Reveal True Reasons behind Low Performance and Enable Accurate Predictions

We can share and implement data science best practices to drive your decision-making with careful forecasting and effective root-cause analysis.

Use Cases We Cover with Our Data Science Services

Operational intelligence

Optimizing process performance due to detecting deviations and undesirable patterns and their root-cause analysis, performance prediction and forecasting.

Supply chain management

Optimizing supply chain management with reliable demand predictions, inventory optimization recommendations, supplier- and risk assessment.

Product quality

Proactively identifying the production process deviations affecting product quality and production process disruptions.

Predictive maintenance

Monitoring machinery, identifying and reporting on patterns leading to pre-failure and failure states.

Customer experience personalization

Identifying customer behavior patterns and performing customer segmentation to build recommendation engines, design personalized services, etc.

Customer churn

Identifying potential churners by building predictions based on customers’ behavior.

Sales process optimization

Advanced lead and opportunity scoring, next-step sales recommendations, alerting on negative customer sentiments, etc.

Financial risk management

Forecasting project earnings, evaluating financial risks, assessing a prospect’s creditworthiness.

Patient treatment optimization

Identifying at-risk patients, enabling personalized medical treatment, predicting possible symptom development, etc.

Image analysis

Minimizing human error with automated visual inspection, facial or emotion recognition, grading, and counting.

What Our Data Science Services Include







Cooperation Models We Offer

Data science solution implementation

Do you consider building a data science solution in your company, but lack needed experience and resources? ScienceSoft is ready to implement its best practices to ensure a smoothly functioning data science solution that suits your business needs.

Data science improvement consulting

If you’ve encountered a problem (e.g., noisy or dirty data, inaccurate predictions, etc.) in your data science project, we can serve as your think tank to help you figure out how to make your data science solution work as expected and bring the desired ROI.

Data science ongoing consulting and support

If you seek continuous support and evolution of your data science initiative, our team will closely cooperate with your subject matter experts and implementation team to provide ongoing recommendations and ensure the models’ continuous improvement. This will increase the quality of insights and help adjust the models to the changing environment.

Data science as a service (DSaaS)

Getting advanced data analytics insights derived with data science technologies or enhancing the existing data science initiatives without investing in in-house data science competencies.

Methods and Technologies we use

To get to the valuable insights that your data hides, we apply both proven statistical methods and elaborate machine learning algorithms, including such intricate techniques as deep neural networks with 10+ hidden layers.


Statistics methods

  • Descriptive statistics
  • ARMA
  • Bayesian inference, etc.

Non-NN machine learning methods

  • Supervised learning algorithms, such as decision trees, linear regression, logistic regression, support vector machines.
  • Unsupervised learning algorithms, for example, K-means clustering and hierarchical clustering.
  • Reinforcement learning methods, such as Q-learning, SARSA, temporal differences method.

Neural networks, including deep learning

  • Convolutional and recurrent neural networks (including LSTM and GRU)
  • Autoencoders
  • Generative adversarial networks (GANs)
  • Deep Q-network (DQN)
  • Bayesian deep learning


Programming languages


Apache Mahout
Apache MXNet


Apache Spark MLlib
Amazon Machine Learning
Azure Machine Learning
Scikit Learn

Related Data Science Services We Offer

Advising on and developing ML-power solutions to help companies find hidden patterns in massive amount of data to enable accurate predictions and forecasting, root-cause analysis, automated visual inspection, etc.

Big data consulting, implementation, support, and big data as a service to help companies store and process big data in real-time as well as retrieve advance analytics insights out of huge datasets.

Designing and developing custom image analysis software.

Retrieving valuable insights out of large, heterogeneous and constantly changing data sets without investing in an in-house data mining talents.


Stop Missing Out on Data Science Benefits!

If you are ready to employ elaborate analytical technologies such as machine learning and deep neural networks to improve performance and find new business opportunities, ScienceSoft can back up your project with data science best practices.