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Selected Success Stories from Our 3,600-Project Portfolio

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A reliable business technology partner, ScienceSoft enhances the capabilities of travel and hospitality companies by providing robust tourist-centric portals and back-office systems. Our apps are designed to facilitate communication between staff and tourists and encourage visitors to discover more offers from a particular travel service provider.

Get to know our approach that is reflected in the case studies below.

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Big Data Solution for a 360-Degree Customer View and Optimized Stock Management

ScienceSoft delivered a centralized data analytics solution that allowed a multibusiness corporation to get a 360-degree customer view, optimize stock management, and assess the employees’ performance.


Cross-Platform Trip Booking App Rated 4.9 on App Store

ScienceSoft’s React Native team developed iOS and Android trip booking apps offering near-native experiences at a lower cost. The clients of a US travel agency rated the apps 4.9 and 4.4 respectively, praising their smooth performance and feel.


Year-Long Evolution of a Ride-Hailing App Available in 15 Countries

ScienceSoft modernized a ride-hailing app of a renowned European provider of IT solutions for the hospitality industry. We migrated PHP code to Java, refactored the legacy code, updated UI, added new important features, and created a full-scale mobile app for drivers.


Field Audit Mobile App for Burger King, KFC, and Friday’s

The cross-industry field audit mobile app, powering the Burger King, KFC and Friday’s, is an on-spot tool for measuring the efficiency via customizable checklists on hygiene, health and safety of food, response time and more.


Award-Winning Text-to-Speech Travel Apps and Language Learning Portal

ScienceSoft developed an innovative language learning solution comprising iOS and Android apps and a web portal. Owing to excellent UX and sleek UI, the apps won a number of prestigious awards and were named the #1 Education App in the App Store and Google Play.


Restaurant Queue Management iOS App Built in 2 Months

ScienceSoft developed a mobile queueing system consisting of an iPad app for restaurants and an iPhone app for visitors. The system allows visitors to join the queue for a table at a restaurant and makes it easier for restaurant employees to handle the visitor flow.


Testing and Support of BI-enabled ERP for a Multi-Industry Corporation

ScienceSoft’s QA engineers carried out full-scale testing of a multifaceted ERP system for a European retail & wholesale brand. With the new ERP, the Customer expanded its store chain, increased sales efficiency, and optimized the staff and warehousing operations.


Responsive UI Design for an Online Booking Web Application

In terms of 2 weeks, ScienceSoft’s experts in responsive design fully optimized the desktop UI of a meeting room booking web app for mobile devices.


Ecommerce Solution Pentesting for a Company Providing Software for Airlines

ScienceSoft’s security testing team performed ecommerce platform penetration testing for a European company providing digital solutions for airline companies to manage their travel business processes.


Testing of a B2C Ecommerce Solution for a Multi-Industry Company

ScienceSoft’s testing team performed comprehensive testing of a new B2C e-store for a multi-industry company operating nationwide. Testing assured that the B2C e-store was fully functional and was successfully integrated with the Customer’s ERP, BI module and the B2B e-store created earlier.