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Fleet Management Software Development - ScienceSoft

Fleet management software provides visibility into vehicles’ locations and various operational parameters, including vehicles’ conditions and fuel consumption patterns, and allows gaining insight into drivers’ behavior. This data lays the groundwork for optimizing vehicle maintenance and operating costs and improving driver safety.

ScienceSoft delivers fleet management applications, helping fleet owners reduce operational costs and improve the quality of transportation services, assisting fleet management services providers to win and retain customers with tailored functionality, and allowing hardware manufacturers gain competitive edge by extending their offer to accompanying software.

Before you go further, do a quick check and see whether fleet management software can be of help to you.

Fleet owners

  • Troubled compliance of fleet operations with federal and industry-specific fleet management regulations.
  • Need for higher operational efficiency due to fluctuating fuel prices and low margin.
  • Difficulty in planning vehicle purchasing and low visibility over fleet operations and maintenance expenses.
  • Financial losses due to frequent accidents and inability to gurantee driver safety.

Check what you get with a custom fleet management solution

  • Compliance with federal and industry-specific fleet management regulations due to an automated collection and recording of vehicles’ operating parameters needed to ensure compliance.
  • Optimized fuel management, lower fuel consumption and expenses.
  • Full control over vehicle purchasing and a complete visibility into fleet operations and maintenance activities and expenses.
  • Low risk of accidents and improved driver safety due to driving behavior and speeding violation monitoring.

End your fleet management challenges

Fleet management service providers

  • Expenses on your ready-made product grow together with your customer base.
  • Unmet customer needs due to a problematic implementation of custom functionality in a ready-made product.
  • Low user satisfaction due to a complex interface and issues at the code level.

Check what you can get with your own fleet management product

  • Optimized Total Cost of Ownership as you don’t need to pay subscription fees.
  • Meeting unique customer needs due to customizations being easier and cheaper to implement.
  • Increased customer satisfaction due to:
    • On-point UX/UI and guaranteed application reliability.
    • Automation of key fleet management processes.

Get your fleet management app

What You Get with Dedicated Fleet Management Software

We pack your fleet management application with a range of functional blocks combined according to your needs. The functionality we implement includes, but is not limited to:

The functionality of fleet management application

Software we build is well-suited to managing a variety of vehicles, including:


Why ScienceSoft?

  • 31 years in IT.
  • 15 years in fleet management development.
  • 8 Microsoft Gold competencies, including Application Development, Application Integration, Data Analytics, Data Platform, and Cloud Platform.
  • AWS Select Consulting Partner, Oracle Partner Network member.

FAQ on Fleet Management Software

Answered by Serge Pukhaev, Head of Fleet Management Practice at ScienceSoft

When can I get a complete fleet management application?

We rely on Agile in our fleet management software development projects and deliver a minimum viable product (MVP) or a first application version in 2 to 3 months...

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You may start getting ROI with the MVP while we continue to evolve software by adding new functionality to meet your arising needs so that you get a complete fleet management application within 6 to 8 months.

Developing a fleet management application is an investment-rich initiative. Will our investments pay off?

With a custom fleet management application, fleet management service providers increase revenue and get quick ROI due to wider opportunities for tailoring the functionality they offer to the needs of varied customer segments with easier and cheaper customizations. And fleet owners ensure the pay-off of their investments due to optimized operating costs, lower fuel spending, and acquiring more loyal customers due to a higher quality of transportation services.


Doubt Development Will Pay Off?

ScienceSoft is ready to calculate ROI for each functional module of the application you want to develop and, if relevant, compare its TCO with the TCO of your current solution.

Our Hallmark Projects

Development of a Car Electronics Management Application

Development of a Car Electronics Management Application

We empowered the Customer with a client-server solution with an interactive web interface and feature-rich mobile applications for iOS and Android, which enable user-to-vehicle communication and allow vehicle owners to track a vehicle’s location, start and stop the engine, open and close the doors, turn on and turn off the light, and perform other tasks remotely.

Development of Fleet Maintenance Software for a Provider of IT Solutions for the Mining Industry

Development of Fleet Maintenance Software for a Provider of IT Solutions for the Mining Industry

ScienceSoft delivered a web and a mobile application that simplifies the process of filling out equipment inspection checklists, allows for monitoring equipment availability via an intuitive dashboard, and automatically generates maintenance notifications.

Mobile Fleet Management Product Development

Mobile Fleet Management Product Development

We empowered a leading provider of fleet management solutions with a product geared towards logistics companies. The software product comprises vehicle tracking, order delivery monitoring, and invoicing functionality and provides for reliable integration with the logistics companies’ ERPs.

Developing of a Cargo Condition Monitoring Application

Developing of a Cargo Condition Monitoring Application

We provided a logistics company with an application that allows monitoring the temperature and humidity of cargo in real time, generating delivery condition violation alerts, and has advanced reporting capabilities.

Choose Your Service Option

Fleet management application consulting

For you to build a robust and scalable fleet management application, we:

  • Analyze your needs or elaborate on your idea.
  • Review application architecture or design one from scratch.
  • Advise on an optimal tech stack.
  • Audit or design a thought-out user experience.

End-to-end fleet management application development

For you to get an application ready to bring ROI right away, we unfold the development process:

  • Business analysis.
  • User experience design.
  • Architecture and tracking algorithms design.
  • Application development.
  • Testing and QA.
  • Support and evolution.

Fleet management solution evolution

We audit the application you currently use, design and implement new functional modules so that you get an opportunity to generate new value with legacy software.

Why You Shouldn’t Postpone Developing Your Fleet Management System

Deciding to hold off the development of your fleet management application, you miss the benefits promised by custom fleet management software, namely:

  • 15%

    reduction in fuel expenses and operational costs

  • 30%

    lower risk of accidents

  • 25%

    higher driver retention rate

  • 50%

    higher customer satisfaction rate

  • 25%

    increase in revenue

  • Sources: Verizon, 2020 Fleet Tracking Trends Report.