Top-to-Bottom Solutions Based on SharePoint Online, Office 365 & SharePoint On-Premises

Solutions for SharePoint Online, Office 365 and SharePoint On-premises

Your Organization Suffers from the Following Inefficiencies?
  • Collaboration: decentralized workflows, poor communication, information silos.
  • Employee performance: repetitive manual activities, slow decision-making.
  • Security: data breaches, loss or duplication of documents, non-compliance with internal and external regulations.

Entrust SharePoint with meeting these challenges and bring back efficiency to your business processes.

Owing SharePoint On-Premises Has Become Challenging For You?
  • Poor adoption by employees.
  • Difficulties with IT support.
  • Heavy spending on infrastructure and maintenance.
  • Ineffective collaboration with remote employees.

Leverage the benefits of the cloud by migrating your solution to SharePoint Online.

Adopt One of the Top Collaboration Platforms

No matter if your company is small, midsize or big, SharePoint allows you to create effective content management, communication and collaboration solutions tailored to your business needs. SharePoint scalability, affordability, and rich feature set have made it one of the leading collaboration platforms on the market.

  • 200,000 organizations and over 190 million employees use SharePoint.
  • Around 20,000 new SharePoint users appear every day.
  • 85% of Fortune 500 companies use SharePoint.

Top brands using SharePoint:

Get Mighty Benefits of Using SharePoint

Qualitative benefits

Qualitative benefits

  • Accelerated business transactions
  • Improved compliance
  • Faster access to information
  • Increased employee satisfaction
  • Improved user adoption
  • Reduced operational costs

Quantitative benefirs

Quantitative benefits

  • 15% reduction in decision-making time
  • 50-75% increase in employee performance
  • 10% increase in business productivity
  • 20-40% improved security

Choose Your Perfect Deployment

Costs of infrastructure and resources
Security and compliance

Servers, hardware, an in-house IT team to manage backups, upgrades, and more. CAPEX.

Storage capacity is bound by the physical limits of the infrastructure.

Updates are available later than in SharePoint Online. The admin manages installing upgrades and patches.

Mobile access via a custom mobile app.

An IT team has to manage scale and add storage.

Fully customizable (server side and client side code).

An IT team is responsible for security. Access to sensitive data can be limited to the corporate network or VPN. Information is not available for external users. Supports compliance regulations that require storing sensitive data in-house.

An in-house IT team manages the on-premises server, and Microsoft manages the cloud environment.

On-premises and cloud sites follow their respective storage capacity.

Updates are released and implemented by Microsoft.

Internet connectivity is required for working with Office 365 apps.

Easy to adjust the number of users to the changing business’s needs.

Supports both client side and server side customizations.

Sensitive information stays on-premises as required by compliance regulations, other content is moved to the cloud.

No servers and hardware. Only an admin is needed to manage permissions and handle configurations. OPEX.

1TB plus 10GB per licensed user

Updates are implemented by Microsoft. SharePoint Online is the first to get updates.

Accessible anywhere, at any time and from any device where there is the internet connection. Mobility by default.

SharePoint Online naturally scales as the company grows.

Supports server-side code.

Microsoft Office 365 Trust Center is one of the most certified secure platforms in the world. SharePoint Online offers data encryption, multifactor authentication, data loss prevention, backups. Supports compliance with most regulations across industries: HIPAA, FISMA, ISO 27001, FERPA, SSAE 16, and more.

SharePoint Migration Options

Third-party solutions to SharePoint

Third-party solutions to SharePoint

Create a centralized collaboration-oriented working environment based on SharePoint.

Migration to SharePoint’s latest versions (2013 or 2016)

SharePoint older versions to SharePoint 2016 or 2019

Level up your SharePoint solution’s development capacity, extend the stack of available features and make it user-centric and mobile-friendly.

Migration to SharePoint Online or Office 365

SharePoint On-Premises to SharePoint Online

Enrich your SharePoint solution with cloud-only advantages.

Hybrid migration

Hybrid migration

Leverage both the on-premises and the cloud deployments while upholding scalability and expanding collaboration opportunities.

Do You Want SharePoint Migration but Think It Would Be Painful?
If you have concerns about migration to newer versions of SharePoint or to SharePoint Online because it may lead to interrupted business processes, software incompatibilities or data losses, turn to our experts for a consultation on fault-free SharePoint migration 

SharePoint Online + Office 365: Better together

Office 365 is another cloud-based platform that is very popular among businesses as it helps to enrich their digital environment with advanced features.

  • 1 in 5 corporate employees use Office 365
  • Office 365 is the most widely used cloud service by user count
  • 500,000 businesses use Microsoft Teams, including 91% of the Fortune 100

Top brands using Office 365:

Office 365 is a source of diverse productivity software, applications for team collaboration, project management, data analytics, and more:

  • Office applications (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote)
  • File storage (OneDrive)
  • Enterprise & team collaboration (SharePoint Online, Microsoft Teams, Yammer)
  • Videos & presentations (Stream, Sway)
  • Analytics (Power BI)
  • Task & project management (Planner, Project Online)
  • Emailing & calendaring (Exchange, Outlook, Calendar)
  • Business Application Platform (Microsoft PowerApps, Microsoft Flow, Microsoft Forms)
  • Search (Delve)

Office 365 out-of-the-box integration with SharePoint Online allows the Office 365 suite to complement SharePoint Online capabilities to build an effective employee digital workplace.

Sharepoint online and MS office

SharePoint Online + Microsoft Office

  • Simplified document creation and editing
  • Working with documents both in browser or on a desktop
  • Automated saving of changes in documents

Sharepoint online and Teams

SharePoint Online + Microsoft Teams

  • Facilitated internal communication
  • Personalized collaboration
  • Simplified information exchange

Sharepoint online and Power BI

SharePoint Online + Power BI

  • In-depth analytics
  • All reports in one place
  • Diverse permission levels

Sharepoint online and Stream

SharePoint Online + Stream

  • Easy conversion and optimization of searchable videos
  • Embedding videos in intranet pages
  • Interactive tests and quizzes in videos

Sharepoint online and Planner

SharePoint Online + Planner

  • Streamlined management of projects and tasks
  • Improved collaboration

Sharepoint online and Delve

SharePoint Online + Delve

  • Convenient employee search
  • Easy tracking colleagues’ activities and recent documents

SharePoint Online and Office 365 Plans and Pricing

Depending on functionality, there are several SharePoint Online and Office 365 subscription options available for SMEs and large enterprises:

SharePoint Online

Plan 1
Plan 2
Office applications

Not included

SharePoint One Drive

1 TB of OneDrive storage/user

$5 user/month

Not included

SharePoint One Drive

Unlimited personal cloud storage

$10 user/month

Office 365 Enterprise

Office applications

Word Excel powerpoint access onenote outlook publisher

One Drive

File storage and sharing with 1 TB OneDrive storage

$12 user/month (annual commitment)

Not included

SharePoint One Drive skype for business teams yammer

File storage and sharing with 1 TB OneDrive storage

$8 user/month (annual commitment)

Word Excel powerpoint access onenote outlook publisher

SharePoint One Drive skype for business teams yammer

Unlimited personal cloud storage

$20 user/month (annual commitment)

Word Excel powerpoint access onenote outlook publisher

SharePoint One Drive skype for business teams yammer Power BI

Unlimited personal cloud storage

$35 user/month (annual commitment)

Office 365 Business

Business Essentials
Business Premium
Office applications

Not included

SharePoint One Drive Exchange skype for business teams

1 TB of OneDrive storage for file storage and sharing

$5 user/month (annual commitment)

Word Excel powerpoint access onenote outlook 

One Drive

1 TB of OneDrive storage for file storage and sharing

$8.25 user/month (annual commitment)

Word Excel powerpoint access onenote outlook

SharePoint One Drive Exchange skype for business teams

1 TB of OneDrive storage for file storage and sharing

$12.50 user/month (annual commitment)

Confused by the Diversity of Subscription Plans?

Our consultants will analyze your business needs and help you choose a plan that is suitable for your particular company.

Want to Reduce Costs on Licensing?

We offer you cloud licenses at a discount, and we are ready to provide account management support, including billing and subscription management.

Decide Upon a Suitable SharePoint Online Solution


HR Intranet
Business-Oriented Intranet
Social Intranet
  • Streamlined administrative processes
  • Facilitated employee management
  • Accelerated business processes
  • Improved collaboration
  • Structured document storage
  • Increased productivity
  • Compliance support
  • Learn more
  • Effective communication
  • Non-financial employee recognition
  • Increased employee engagement, satisfaction and retention
  • Support of corporate culture
  • Learn more

Document management

All-Round Document Management System
Contract Management System
Legal Case Management System
  • Fully automated document life cycle from capture to e-signing and archiving
  • Multistep and non-linear workflows
  • Enterprise search
  • Advanced security and compliance
  • Integration with enterprise systems
  • Learn more
  • Reusable templates
  • Powerful search
  • Automated alerts and notifications
  • Advanced analytics
  • Learn more
  • Mobility
  • Advanced billing and accounting
  • Streamlined client and matter management
  • Tracking dates and deadlines

Other specific SharePoint Online solutions:

Make the Most of SharePoint Capabilities with ScienceSoft

ScienceSoft, a Microsoft Gold Competency Partner, has 12-year experience in SharePoint consulting and development and implemented over 100+ successful SharePoint projects.

Our 20+ Microsoft certified SharePoint experts thoroughly analyze your business needs, align them with the platform’s capabilities to deliver a fully fledged solution tailored to your specific needs. A custom SharePoint solution by ScienceSoft comes with a bunch other benefits our cooperation will give you, such as:

  • Consulting support at each stage of a project
  • Cloud account management and cloud licenses at a discount
  • Timely and smooth implementation
  • Effective optimization
  • Reduced TCO increased ROI

Our landmark projects

Get Cost-Effective SharePoint Implementation

Don’t overpay for in-house SharePoint implementation – entrust it to ScienceSoft. Our experts will help you to reduce deployment costs of your solution while preserving its efficiency.

Migrate to SharePoint Online at Ease

If you’re ready to go beyond SharePoint on-premises to leverage the benefits of the cloud, contact our experts for quick and smooth migration.

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