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Always Customer-Focused. Even before the Project Starts

ScienceSoft has a well-oiled process of customer onboarding. Learn how to start working with us and what we do to ensure fast response, effective communication and legal guarantees to our customers.

Always Customer-Focused. Even before the Project Starts
Always Customer-Focused. Even before the Project Starts

Such a Small Step, a Project Start May Still Be Dissatisfying

Bad practices

ScienceSoft's approach

Feel the difference with ScienceSoft

Problem #1: A slow project kickoff

Extra hours and days wasted to get the first response, arrange a call or get a proposal put off the project start.

At ScienceSoft, we have established and rigorously follow a protocol of communication with prospects that defines requirements for the first response time. Also, we have a rule-based algorithm for distributing requests among salespeople, which allows us to schedule the first call without delay.

Problem #2: A gap in expectations

IT vendors may adopt a tell-us-what-to-do approach. They may expect their clients to come with a clear understanding of what software or what IT improvements they need.

At ScienceSoft, we understand that business people think in terms of profit, costs, productivity, efficiency, and other business success indicators. And it's our responsibility to know the capabilities and limitations of digital technologies. Even before the project starts, we dive into our clients' pains or goals and offer solutions to address them best.

ScienceSoft's Simple and Fast Workflow for Customer Onboarding


Send us a request

You can choose a channel to reach us that is the most convenient for you:

  • A live chat is perfect if you need to clarify something or seek more information about our services or a specific solution. On average, we reply in 30 seconds.
  • Our email contact@scnsoft.com or any contact button on our website. Our average response time may vary from 1­–2 hours to 1 business day, depending on the queue.
  • By phone +1 214 306 68 37 or +1 972 454 47 30: the quickest way to reach us. We are available round the clock on business days, covering all time zones from GMT -9 in North America to GMT +13 in New Zealand.



Schedule an introductory call

We respect your time. So, before the first contact, our sales reps collect publicly available information about your company to direct the conversation straight to the point.

We need the call to dive into your situation, and we do care to make the most of this first conversation. We don't listen passively but ask questions to elicit nonobvious pains and detect more value creation opportunities you can leverage.




Sign an NDA

We create trustful relationships by legally protecting your confidential business information. Depending on your legal requirements, we can sign an NDA before the introductory call or only in case we sign a service contract.




Get a proposal

A proposal is free of charge, and it will give you full understanding of the service scope or the solution we offer. We always include:

  • A short summary to make our offering comprehensible at a glance.
  • The scope of work / technical solution description.
  • Team composition and a brief explanation of the expected input of each team member.
  • Cost estimate.
  • Project timelines.
  • Risks (if any) and our mitigation strategy.
  • Deliverables focused on the business value.



Sign a service contract and kick off

We legally fix our mutual obligations and rights. For continuous services (like help desk or managed IT services), we also sign a service level agreement (SLA) that defines the scope of provided service and the metrics to assess its efficiency.

You can fully trust us to assemble a project team. But if you want to individually talk over the competencies and test the candidates' soft skills, we arrange interviews in 2–4 days. Once the team is approved, we are ready to jump into work!



Our Client Speaks of a Smooth Project Start with ScienceSoft

ScienceSoft positively surprised us with cooperation approach already from the beginning. An initial agreement stage was easy, understandable and we are able start working on our requirements as fast as possible.

Martins Kalva, Digital Transformation Manager, Skonto Plan