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React Native Developers for Hire

ScienceSoft offers services of React Native programmers, who create clean cross-platform code that runs on Android, iOS, and web, thus reducing up to 50% time and costs of projects targeting multiple platforms. We have been accumulating expertise in React Native since its initial release in 2015 and heavily invest in our developers’ growth to provide only top-notch React Native talents.

Hire React Native Developers - ScienceSoft
Hire React Native Developers - ScienceSoft

Why Partner Up with ScienceSoft

  • 34 years in IT.
  • 8 years in React Native.
  • 300+ React Native projects of medium and large scale.
  • 50% of React Native developers are Seniors and Leads.
  • Developers have 3-5 years of practical experience in React Native on average.
  • 10 years of experience in DevOps and CI/CD.
  • Quick ramp-up (2-3 weeks) and fast onboarding (1-2 weeks).
  • HQ – McKinney, Texas. Offshore development centers in Europe. Representative offices in the UAE, EU, and Georgia (US state).

ScienceSoft are a great company to work with. The guys really cared about the online payment solution (a web app + iOS and Android mobile apps) they developed for my company and weren’t happy until they had it perfect. We first chose to go with Apache Cordova but later switched to React Native to give mobile apps a more native look and higher performance. They ask the right questions and look for ways to improve on an idea. 

Gerry Connolly, Director, Ascendas Business Solutions

Our Skills to Power React Native Development

Learn more about our approach to the development process – agile development steps, DevOps practices, modular architecture design, and more.

Our React Native Projects

ScienceSoft’s Six-step Hiring Process

Thanks to its comprehensive 6-step hiring procedure, ScienceSoft welcomes only the most fitting and extremely productive engineers on board.

  1. Careful CV scanning.
  2. HR specialist's interview.
  3. Test task 1 (soft skills).
  4. PM's/Team Lead's interview.
  5. Test task 2 (hard skills).
  6. CTO's interview.

The competition for ScienceSoft React Native developer roles is high (50+ applicants per position) and we always take our time to hire only the most suitable candidates. This way, we guarantee that our engineers will deliver the highest level of services.

How Our React Native Talents Ensure Code Quality

Code rules and guidelines

  • Adherence to the React Native coding standards and practices.
  • Code split into short and focused units.
  • Descriptive names for all code variables.
  • In-code comments on what each function and method does.
  • Documented dependencies and general code functionality explanations.
  • Use of version control tools.
  • Ensured code portability.

Unit testing

  • Unit tests are created before writing code and described in specifications.
  • Helps verify code behavior in response to the input of standard, boundary, and incorrect value.
  • Helps check all code assumptions.
  • Is rerun after each significant code change to ensure correct performance.

Code review practices

Ad hoc review, email pass-around review, code walkthrough, code inspection.

Code quality metrics

Maintainability index (MI), Cyclomatic Complexity (CC), Lines of Code.

Our code example

JavaScript React - code example - ScieneSoft

Software Our React Native Developers Build

ScienceSoft USA Corporation Is a 3-Year Champion in the Financial Times Rating

Three years in a row (2022–2024), the Financial Times has included ScienceSoft USA Corporation in the list of 500 fastest-growing American companies. This is the result of our dedication to driving project success despite any constraints and disruptions.

How to Hire React Native Developers from ScienceSoft

Initial request

You send us a request, specifying the number of React Native experts you need, their desired level of experience, as well as the model of cooperation you're interested in.

CV scanning

ScienceSoft performs preliminary scanning of our experts' CVs in the database and sends you the most relevant ones.

Interview scheduling

You choose the CVs you're most interested in and let us know the time you're available for interviewing candidates.


We help arrange the interviews with our React Native developers within 1-2 days.

SLA preparation

After you confirm the experts' competence, ScienceSoft works with you to compose a service level agreement (SLA).


Once you sign the SLA, we set up communication with your team and our experts (led by ScienceSoft or your PM — you decide) immediately start working on your project.

Assemble Your Team for an Accurate Project Cost Estimation

Just select the required talents below, and we’ll be quick to provide their rates.


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Our team is on it!

ScienceSoft's experts will study your case and get back to you with the details within 24 hours.

Our team is on it!

How We Ensure Quality Cooperation

Risk-free resource management

We provide balanced dedicated teams or fitting candidates for augmentation from our extensive pool of talents, who passed a 6-step interview. ScienceSoft always remains responsible for setting up collaboration and managing emergency staff changes.

Transparency of progress and results

Firstly, this involves meticulous record-keeping of all project processes and details. Secondly, ScienceSoft discusses with every customer and creates a tailored KPI set to ensure cooperation transparency as well as high productivity of its React Native developers for hire. We also provide access to our reporting tools to let customers check actual project progress at any time.

Employee training and growth

We offer our engineers training, design their personal certification plans, and endorse participation in React Native-related events. Thus, we make sure all our React Native developers have equal opportunities for professional growth in the direction they choose.

Hire React Native Developers: In-house vs. Outsourcing

A company needs 6 months on average to find and hire 1 trained, fitting candidate. Building a team of just 3 React Native developers can take more than a year, while outsourcing allows you to find all necessary resources in under 2 weeks.

With the help of online collaboration tools, you can assemble a solid team of developers scattered across different continents or make outsourced developers a part of the in-house team you have. Onsite visits provided by some vendors are an effective alternative to daily face-to-face communication of in-house hiring.

Leveraging the differences in hourly rates based on geolocation of outsourced developers helps optimize the costs of the React Native project.

Choose Your Cooperation Model

React Native team augmentation

Rely on the experience of ScienceSoft’s React Native developer(s) to overcome skill deficiency or staff gaps.

Go for team augmentation

Dedicated React Native team

Have a team of skilled talents managed by ScienceSoft’s Team Lead/PM to work on your React Native project or its part.

Go for a dedicated team