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Qt development - ScienceSoft

Qt is #1 technology for GUI and multi-platform application development powering 8 of Top 10 Fortune 500 companies.

ScienceSoft’s C++ developers apply this framework to create cost-effective, sophisticated software with intuitive UI for image analysis, image and video processing, IoT, VR/AR, and more.

Need Qt Resources for Your Development Project?
Augment your team with Qt developers from ScienceSoft to get robust, clean-code and scalable applications fast.

Why ScienceSoft

Qt highlights

  • 31-year experience in C++ development.
  • 40 C++/Qt developers.
  • Fast team allocation: 2-5 workdays.

Facts about ScienceSoft

  • 350+ developers on board.
  • 2,695 projects completed.
  • On-site availability of PMs and BAs.
  • Experience in cutting-edge technologies: computer vision, machine learning, IoT, big data, AR, VR.
  • Mature development practices and project/team management processes.
  • HQ – McKinney, Texas. Offshore development centers in Eastern Europe, representative offices in the UAE, EU, and Eastern Europe.

Our Qt development skills

Frameworks/ libraries

Databases / data storages


Cloud databases (DBaaS)

Google Cloud Platform

Data analytics and machine learning


Development tools

IDE: Visual Studio, Qt Creator, Xcode, Eclipse
Static code analysis: cppcheck, Visual Studio, PVS-Studio
Refactoring tools: Visual Assist, ReSharper
Debuggers: MSVC Dbg, WinDbg, GDB, Valgrind
Build tools: CMake, QMake, Make, NMAKE, GYP, Ninja
Code-formatting tools: AStyle, Uncrustify
Versioning systems: Git, SVN, Perforce, Microsoft Visual SourceSafe

Development methodologies

Agile methodologies: Scrum, Kanban, XP

Architecture designs and patterns

Traditional 3-layer architecture
Microservices-based architecture
Cloud-native architecture
Reactive architecture
Service-oriented architecture (SOA)
Various approaches to enterprise application integration

Soft skills

Ability to solve non-standard tasks
Proactive contribution of tech ideas
Easy adaptation to a customer’s processes, tools, and changing requirements
Check Experience of Our Qt Developers
Feel free to ask for CVs of Qt developers you’re looking for – we’ll send relevant examples with years of experience, skills, complex tech tasks resolved, and a number of successful projects completed.

High-Performing Software We Build With Qt

Computer vision software

Software for embedded devices

Graphics/video/audio production software

3D modeling and rendering software

VR and AR software

IoT software

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Let us know what Qt resources you’re looking for, and we will send a quote.

Our hallmark Qt PROJECTS

Software Product Development for a Global Leader in Image Processing
  • 12 products for digital marketing developed by ScienceSoft.
  • 5 years of cooperation.
  • 7 teams with 30 C++ and Qt developers.
  • Time-to-market shortened to 3-4 months per product.
Viber Desktop Application Development
  • Cross-platform desktop version of the popular instant messaging and VoIP app.
  • 900 mln app downloads.
  • Technologies & tools: C++, Qt, WebRTC, Visual Studio.
Development of Image Analysis Software for Automated Optical Inspection
  • Desktop app driven by machine vision to save time and increase quality standards of the manufacturing workflow.
  • 3 senior C++/Qt developers in the project.
  • Tech stack: C++, Qt, OpenCV.
Development of an Application for LED Display Quality Diagnostics
  • Cross-platform app for Linux and Windows for real-time video monitoring, error detection and notification based on the image processing algorithms.
  • Technologies: C++, Qt, OpenCV.
Anti-Procrastinating App Development
  • Internet blocker running as a cross-platform desktop app.
  • 2 C++/Qt developers and a team of testers in the project.
  • Acknowledgments by The Daily Telegraph, The Independent, BBC, Le Monde.
Development of a Mac’s Version of the Web Browser
  • The browser was customized with C++ libraries for sleek UX and cryptographic tools for enhanced security.
  • 2-year cooperation.
  • 10+ mln active users monthly.

CHOOSE YOUR service option

Team augmentation with Qt developers

Suitable for: covering the resource gaps of your in-house team with 1-3 Qt developers managed by you directly.

Pricing model: T&M by an hourly rate.

A dedicated Qt team

Suitable for: team augmentation with more than 4 developers who are managed by a PM on our side.

Pricing model: T&M by an hourly rate.

Turn-key project (or its part) outsourcing

We cover all the development stages end-to-end: BA, UX/UI, architecture design, software development, QA, support and evolution.

Pricing models:

  • Fixed price.
  • T&M in case of undefined scope of work, agile development, long-term projects.