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We create IT solutions for data analytics that help our customers turn data-driven.

For 29 years, ScienceSoft has been rendering data analytics services that help companies flourish. Aiming to convert historical and real-time data into insights, as well as design accurate forecasting tools, we deliver turnkey IT solutions that cover data quality assurance, data integration, data management, data visualization and more, as well as provide outsourcing in this area.


Our data analytics achievements - ScienceSoft

  • Microsoft Gold Data Analytics competency
  • Amazon Web Services Partner
  • Successful projects for Healthcare, Banking and Financial Services, Advertising, Retail, Manufacturing, etc.
  • 5+ years of experience in big data consulting

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Full range of data analytics services

Data Visualization & Dashboarding

Data Visualization & Dashboarding

Delivering custom dashboards and reports, we let companies track their key performance indicators (KPIs) easily. The dashboards help to watch over the progress, spot the trends and identify suspicious behavior to react immediately.

Data warehouse development

Data Warehouse development

Developing a complete infrastructure consisting of a data warehouse, ETL processes, OLAP cubes and more, we create a stable environment for solving particular analytical tasks. This environment can be designed in a way as to support our multinational clients that have to deal with the challenges of many languages, multiple currencies, etc.

Big data consulting

Big Data consulting

Offering A to Z big data services, we leverage the potential hidden in our customers’ big data. We apply a four-stage approach that includes:

  1. Specifying our customers’ business requirements and elaborating a conceptual solution.
  2. Designing the architecture.
  3. Implementing the solution.
  4. Maintaining and supporting the solution.

Our team is proficient in a wide technology stack: Apache Cassandra, Amazon RedShift, Apache Hive, Apache Kafka, Apache Storm, Hadoop, MLlib and more.

Data management services

Data Management

Acknowledging the importance of data access, data quality, data integration, etc., we develop rules and policies that ensure effective data management.

Advanced data analytics

Advanced Data Analytics

Using complex rule-based algorithms and machine learning, we bring into life predictive and prescriptive analytics. As a result, our customers are able to benefit from forecasting by spotting an opportunity or a threat well in advance.

Data analysis services

Outsourced Data Analysis

Supporting companies that prefer to rely on a trusted outsourcing partner in data analytics instead of deploying an in-house solution, we render data analysis services. In this case, our consultants just need an access to our customer’s data sets, the infrastructure and resources for the analysis are on our side.

Our Data Analytics Portfolio

Business Intelligence for a US Medical Provider Rendering Mobile Diagnostic Imaging Services to 800+ Facilities


Financial analytics

Financial analytics

We tailor financial reporting, allowing our customers to make informed business decisions based on accurate backward-looking statements, real-time data and predictive forecasting. In addition to solving specific financial tasks like effective cash flow and working capital management, we contribute to establishing a true partnership between business managers and CFOs.

Marketing analytics

Marketing analytics

We develop analytical solutions for marketing teams to measure the success of their activities, identify market trends, benchmark against competitors, analyze a product portfolio, forecast demand and more.

Performance analytics

Performance analytics

We help our customers define right KPIs and build a clear hierarchy of strategic, departmental and individual metrics. We develop insightful and easy-to-understand dashboards, tailored to the users’ roles so that every team member is always up-to-date with the progress achieved.

Sales analytics

Sales analytics

We facilitate the work of sales departments providing them with dashboards that contain all the needed insights, such as revenue, accounts by type and by country, latest opportunities and wins, product performance and more.

HR analytics

HR analytics

We know how to turn HR-related data into valuable insights allowing our customers to improve employee productivity, to measure staff turnover, to identify the ways of fostering engagement, etc. Our team delivers visualizations for HR managers to spot a worrying trend at a glance. For example, they can identify an unhealthy distribution of the working hours allocated to routine tasks vs. those bringing added value.

Operational analytics

Operational analytics

We assist companies in transforming sensor and IoT data into meaningful real-time reports on machinery performance. We also help companies to improve business processes based on analyzing external and internal data (like data from ERP modules, telemetry data, market researches, competitors’ activities, etc.)


Challenges we solve

  • Missing reports and dashboards. Opting for a fact-based corporate culture, we support managers with analytics platforms and solutions aimed to eliminate guesswork in their decision-making. We provide ready reports and data infrastructure for self-service analytics.
  • Satisfying an urgent need in analytics with delay. Understanding that timely analytics is a must for successful companies, our team is ready to deliver regular and ad hoc timely reporting, also in real time.
  • Lack of integration. We believe that business intelligence should demonstrate a full picture at any moment. That is why we consider slow data integration inappropriate, even for big and unstructured data.

Select data analytics services that suit your business needs

Our proficient team is always ready to deliver an analytical solution that suits our customer’s needs best. Not sure where to start? Contact us for a free consultation.

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