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Data analytics helps businesses convert their raw business data into actionable insights. Since 1989, ScienceSoft has been helping companies make quick and data-driven decisions in the ever-changing environment by rendering a full set of data analytics services.

Tired of Time-Consuming Instinct-Based Decisions?
Within a reasonable time, ScienceSoft will help you defeat fragmented and inaccurate analytics and reporting by implementing data analytics best practices for improved decision quality and speed.

What you get with data analytics services

We are ready to implement our best data analytics practices to empower companies with informed decision-making in the following business areas:

Business areas competenceFor you to ensure full-fledged data analytics, ScienceSoft covers the following technical components:

Technical components ScienceSoft covers

Why choose ScienceSoft as your data analytics service provider

  • 31 years in data analytics and data science.
  • 15 years of experience in rendering data warehouse services, designing and implementing business intelligence solutions.
  • Traditional BI and big data projects with the use of Microsoft Power BI since 2016.
  • 7 years of big data consulting and implementation practice.
  • A multifunctional team of data analytics experts who can deliver agile solutions of different complexity levels.

Why our customers think that data analytics is worth investing in

Customized analytical solutions we design and implement allow our customers to achieve up to:

  • 100
    times faster data analysis and reporting
  • 20%
    revenue increase
  • 80%
    reduction of operational costs
  • 25%
    reduction of churn rate
  • Wonder Whether Your Data Analytics Investments Will Pay Off?
    ScienceSoft is ready to calculate your ROI so that you eliminate the guesswork in figuring out the value of your data analytics project.

    Our Hallmark data analytics projects

    Managed Analytics Services to Support Strategic Market Analysis
    Managed Analytics Services to Support Strategic Market Analysis

    ScienceSoft provided managed analytics services to allow a management consultancy to get actionable insights from the 10-year history of external data through customized pre-built reports.

    Big Data Implementation for Advertising Channel Analysis in 10+ Countries

    Migration to a new analytical system that ScienceSoft implemented helped one of the top market research companies secure an innovative big data solution. The new system was 100 times faster compared to the old one and could process 1,000 different data formats.

    BI Implementation for 200 Healthcare Centers

    ScienceSoft created software that helps 200 US healthcare centers and retirement homes process, analyze and promptly report data on medication inventory, clinical services, patient data, marketing activities, etc.

    Implementation of a Data Analytics Platform for a Telecom Company

    ScienceSoft’s big data consulting team developed a data analytics platform for a Texas-based telecom company. An accurately chosen technology stack enabled insightful regular and ad-hoc reporting, as well as forecasting.

    Development of a Big Data Solution for IoT Pet Trackers

    To support a long-term customer in a new service launch, ScienceSoft delivered a scalable IoT data management solution that allowed processing 30,000+ events per second from 1 million devices.

    Development of a Data Analytics Solution for Advanced Sales Analysis

    A BI tool for a multinational FMCG corporation with more than 200 markets, 1 billion consumers and 60,000 employees all over the world. Our solution helped the Customer to distribute 100 SKUs through 10 large retail chains and 10,500 stores.

    Choose your data analytics service option

    With AaaS, you can derive first meaningful insights out of your raw data in 1 day and avoid the time and cost burden for developing and managing a full-scale analytical solution.

    Data analytics implementation

    ScienceSoft is ready to deliver a time-effective solution fully compliant with your business objectives, if you consider implementing a data analytics solution or completely revamping the existing one.

    Data analytics support and evolution

    ScienceSoft is ready to tune your existing analytical solution within days or even hours by analyzing the as-is analytical environment, defining the stumbling blocks and fixing issues that hinder you from leveraging data analytics.

    Success stories on data analytics

    Not ready to give away these data analytics benefits?

    • Elimination of the guesswork out of your business processes.
    • Faster and accurate reporting, analysis and planning.
    • Identification of profit opportunities.
    • Enhanced customer experience.
    Start Being Data-Driven Right Now!
    Don’t delay gaining capabilities and insights offered by data analytics solutions! Let ScienceSoft’s experts harness data analytics potential for you to benefit from timely decision-making in today’s dynamic environment.