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.NET Development Outsourcing

Setting the Bar in .NET Development

Celebrating 34 years in the industry, ScienceSoft renders professional .NET development services with a commitment to transparency, accountability, and outstanding software quality.

.NET Development Outsourcing - ScienceSoft
.NET Development Outsourcing - ScienceSoft

Outsourced .NET development enables businesses to use external resources for projects based on the Microsoft .NET Framework, which is often more cost-effective than in-house software delivery. Trusted by 1,200+ clients from 30+ diverse industries, ScienceSoft is a committed development partner ready to take full responsibility for your .NET projects or provide dedicated teams to cover specific .NET tasks.

Our .NET Development Outsourcing Service Scope

  • Comprehensive software planning, including requirements specification, UX/UI design, infrastructure design, and feasibility study.
  • End-to-end development and testing of .NET software.
  • Project management including time, budget, scope, communication with stakeholders, and risk management

.NET software maintenance, support, and evolution

  • Continuous app performance management.
  • L1–L3 software support.
  • Software quality assurance.
  • Rearchitecting .NET apps into microservices/SOA/serverless.
  • Migration of .NET-based apps to the newest versions of .NET and related frameworks, new DevOps tools, etc.
  • Developing new software features and integrations.
  • Transforming an internal app into a software product.

Cloud and infrastructure optimization

  • App migration to the cloud, including app and data storage refactoring and rearchitecting, QA strategy adjustment, and integration of cloud and on-premises software modules.
  • Rightsizing the cloud resources, pausing or terminating the unused ones, switching to more suitable cloud services, implementing Reserved and Spot Instances, and more.
  • DevOps setup, CI/CD implementation.
  • Code audit and code review for .NET-based software.
  • Improving .NET software performance, scalability, and flexibility.
  • Assessing .NET code and software security, enforcing OWASP and NIST secure coding practices.
  • Consulting on software compliance HIPAA, PCI, GDPR, etc., designing a roadmap to compliance.

.NET training

  • Implementing .NET best practices in ongoing projects.
  • Conducting personalized training sessions for developers to cover .NET knowledge gaps.
  • Conducting technical interviews and helping select candidates for your in-house .NET teams.
  • Training your in-house teams on continuous application performance management.

Software types we build

By type

By purpose

By technology

  • Big data
  • AI and ML
  • Blockchain
  • IoT

Software delivery practices and methodologies

  • Scrum and ScrumBut
  • Kanban
  • Scaled Agile: SAFe, LeSS, Spotify, SoS
  • DevOps
  • Waterfall
  • “You build it, you run it” approach

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Why Do Businesses Trust ScienceSoft with .NET Development?

Experience and expertise

  • 19 year of experience in C# and .NET development.
  • Over 3,600 success stories.
  • Expertise in cutting-edge technologies such as AI, cloud, big data, AR and VR, IoT, and blockchain.
  • 20 years in cybersecurity to ensure robust protection of software code and infrastructure.
  • 10 years in DevOps to provide all necessary automation for successful software development and evolution.
  • Comprehensive knowledge of 30+ industries.

Team and certifications

IT pros
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IT pros

The pool of professionals that includes project managers, solution architects, developers, QA engineers, cybersecurity experts, data scientists, and compliance consultants.

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.NET architects certified by the CITA Foundation.

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Experts holding Microsoft certifications in Developing Solutions for Microsoft Azure, Designing and Implementing Microsoft DevOps Solutions, DevOps Engineer Expert, Azure Solutions Architect, Microsoft Power Platform, and Dynamics 365 Core.

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ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certifications to guarantee service quality and customer data security.

Our partnerships and awards

We are trusted by global market leaders

What Our Customers Say

ScienceSoft has been a life savior for us and our players when we were about to release our video game The Cycle Frontier and were facing immediate issues in terms of backend scalability. Their combination of expert knowledge at Microsoft Azure .NET and great agile collaboration skills allowed us to release. We are forever grateful for the help ScienceSoft provided us and would recommend anyone who is in a similar situation.

ScienceSoft offers resources of high caliber skilled in Microsoft Azure, .NET, mobile, and Quality Assurance. Over the past three years, Lixar was very pleased with the service provided by ScienceSoft development teams and executive management. For accelerated project timelines which require skilled resources, ScienceSoft is a .NET software development company that your team should consider.

ScienceSoft proved to be a professional service provider from the outset. Their team members completed a short onsite training before the start of the project to fully understand the client's business processes. The subsequent team ramp-up was smooth. The .NET developers engaged in the project were skilled and experienced.

Skills that Drive Our .NET Development Projects

Why Businesses Increasingly Opt for .NET Outsourcing Instead of In-House Development

Working with vetted experts

You gain direct access to a vast pool of experts who live and breathe .NET development and keep up with the latest technology best practices.

Cost optimization

You can save up to 30% of the project cost by excluding the overheads associated with team hiring, training, employee benefits, office space, and equipment.

Going live faster

An outsourced .NET team can double your development speed thanks to their experience, mature processes, and best practices.

Scaling up and down with ease

Got a big project coming up? Or are things a bit quiet? Outsourcing gives you the flexibility to easily adjust the .NET team’s size to the current project pace.

Key .NET Development Outsourcing Options

Full development outsourcing

Acting as your managed .NET development partner, we handle everything from project planning and setup to deployments and support, taking full responsibility for project timelines, budget, and final software quality.

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Dedicated .NET teams

We can provide a dedicated team of .NET experts guided by ScienceSoft’s PM or team lead. Our business analysts, UX and UI designers, testers, and DevOps and security engineers can join the teams on demand.

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Individual .NET developers

We can help you fill the skill gaps in specific techs, platforms, and functionalities or get extra hands during temporary overload.

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How We Organize Collaboration in .NET Projects

We tailor communication frequency, methods, depth, and format to your needs.

Our precise scoping minimizes scope creep and ensures that all stakeholders clearly understand how their requirements will be reflected in the software.

To provide accurate and unbiased cost estimates, we analyze the software and tech stack complexity, the required resources, and potential project risks for every unique case.

We provide comprehensive documentation that covers every aspect of the project, from initiation to closure - project initiation, requirement, estimation, design, development, test, user, maintenance, project closure documentation and more.

We continuously track mutually agreed-upon KPIs (e.g., delivery timelines, code quality, budget adherence), regularly gather client feedback, and conduct review meetings to assess project status against success criteria.

We offer weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly reports on project status and health, planned vs actual outcomes, emerging risks, and more. In addition, we proactively seek opportunities for process optimization and offer detailed plans for their implementation.

Our structured approach guarantees that all change requests are tracked, assessed for scope impact, and prioritized in a fully transparent manner.

We constantly monitor and mitigate risks to protect the project’s success. Our risk response plan is continuously improved for faster, more adequate, and less effort-intensive issue resolution.

We optimize decision-making processes, increase productivity, and avoid vendor lock-in by efficiently capturing, organizing, and sharing project knowledge.

Why Does .NET Stay Relevant?

According to Statista, .NET is the most utilized framework in 2023, with 25% of developers worldwide using it. Indeed, .NET offers multiple benefits that can make it a preferred choice for many businesses.

.NET is freely distributable and supports cross-platform development.

.NET is designed to handle large volumes of users and data without compromising performance or stability.

.NET framework simplifies the deployment and maintenance of modular applications.

.NET offers a comprehensive suite of security mechanisms, such as code access security and cryptographic services.


At what stage can you join my project?

We can join at any SDLC stage. We usually assemble a full-fledged project team within five days to ensure no delays in your project. If you wish to personally evaluate potential team members, we can arrange interviews within 2-4 days. After team finalization, we ensure a smooth onboarding process within a week, allowing us to understand your project requirements and deliver excellence.

Can I scale down or change developers during the project?

Yes, of course. Just give us a 30-day notice.

How do you ensure that my intellectual property is protected?

Before our first project discussion, we can sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA). We understand the value of your ideas and innovations and are committed to protecting them.

Moving forward, our Master Service Agreements (MSAs) guarantee that you retain legal ownership of all intellectual properties developed throughout our partnership.

Additionally, we employ robust security measures to protect your data. Every conversation and every exchange of information occurs within a protected environment. Furthermore, our security management system is ISO 27001-certified, affirming our commitment to internationally recognized standards.

Do you offer no-obligation interviews?

Yes, we do. Interviewing a candidate does not obligate you to hire them. If you don’t like our initial pick, we’ll recommend other talents — no questions asked.

What if we decide to switch vendors later?

We maintain comprehensive documentation, adhere to industry code quality standards, and use version control systems like Git to make sure you have full project knowledge and can easily transfer it to another vendor. Additionally, we provide support during the transition phase and ensure all licensing for third-party components is properly documented and transferable. We’re also ready to share responsibility and project tasks with other vendors.

Do you offer a ‘safe start’ mode?

We can carry out a short-term trial project or complete your test tasks before we make things official with a large-scale contract.

We have done everything in-house before, and outsourcing is unfamiliar territory. How do you guarantee it goes smoothly?

Our foremost priority is the success of your project. To ensure this, we assign each of our clients a dedicated point of contact to facilitate communication and expedite issue resolution throughout the project. This is complemented by our Project Management Office (PMO) and established project and team management practices that guarantee risk-free cooperation.

We also understand that finding the optimal project scope and outsourcing mode is critical. Therefore, we provide contractual agreements that offer both security and flexibility. Our contracts include trial periods, allowing clients to assess our services before fully committing to ScienceSoft. We also accommodate the dynamic nature of business by offering fair exit clauses for any unforeseen changes. Plus, our services are scalable, enabling our clients to adjust the project scope as their needs evolve. This comprehensive approach ensures we deliver not just solutions, but success.

When You Think .NET Outsourcing, Think ScienceSoft!

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