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Software Development for Startups

Let’s Co-Create Products the Market Needs

ScienceSoft is inspired by the immense possibilities that startups open for individuals and the business world. Have a product idea that lights up your eyes? ScienceSoft is ready to develop your product and realize the full market value you envision, no matter the budget and time constraints.

Software Development for Startups - ScienceSoft
Software Development for Startups - ScienceSoft

ScienceSoft’s Experience and Development Capacity You Will Benefit From

IT specialists
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IT specialists

A custom software development company, we have all roles to support end-to-end custom software development for startups: product consultants, developers, niche experts in techs for advanced functions (e.g., blockchain, AI, computer vision), regulation compliance officers, cloud engineers.

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You can check our 130+ testimonials from clients to learn what cooperation experience we strive to create.

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Among software products we co-created and launched are:

Viber, a messaging and VoIP app with 1B+ users.

Goldfire Innovator, an AI-powered semantic search engine.

Aklos Health, an IoT-based physiotherapy platform.

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We deeply understand software specifics in such industries as healthcare, banking, insurance, financial services, retail, entertainment, telecoms, and many others.

Our technology partners, quality certificates, and awards

7 Steps to Develop Software for Startups

We organize the process of startup software development in 7 clear steps to move fast and give you a competitive advantage of time. The sooner we launch your product, the sooner we understand how well it targets the users’ needs and can further iterate more knowingly.


Shaping a product idea


Putting together the product functionality


Planning a Minimum Viable Product


Branding and design


Architecture design


Technology stack selection


Agile development

Check How Your Peers Succeeded with ScienceSoft

Startups Share the Experience of Co-Creating Software Products with ScienceSoft

Our goal was to secure technical support for product development and supplement our in-house IT expertise to accelerate the launch. ScienceSoft quickly integrated into our development workflow, maintained transparent communication, and improved the efficiency of our in-house developers. Thanks to ScienceSoft, we achieved our project goals on time and within budget, utilizing frequent Scrum releases.


In less than 4 months, ScienceSoft’s team performed a discovery phase to help us define an optimal approach to crypto wallet development. They came up with a go-to architecture, features, and tech stack for our multi-chain wallet, and introduced a detailed roadmap for crypto wallet implementation, including cost and time estimates. Besides, ScienceSoft helped us develop a corporate website to represent essential technical information and a white paper for our potential customers and investors.

We are thankful for the comprehensive suite of product redesign and app evolution services provided by ScienceSoft. They were very knowledgeable when it came to choosing value-adding features, and they also performed thorough usability testing. The team’s flexibility is beyond praise, as any time we brought up new ideas, they quickly adapted to our changing requirements.

Abdulaziz Alibrahim
Star Star Star Star Star

As of the start of my cooperation with ScienceSoft, I needed competent and proactive consulting to help me shape my startup idea of a mobile app for social networking into a tangible business plan. <ScienceSoft’s> business consultant helped validate the feasibility of my business idea by conducting market entry consulting: competitors’ assessment (product efficiencies and drawbacks, pricing and monetization strategies, customer feedback analysis), research of regulatory barriers, and mobile app conceptualization.

Exciting Product Capabilities to Help You Fundraise and Amaze

Our goal is not to advertise these exact capabilities but to show you diverse possibilities we use to increase the product’s value.

Multi-user communication

encompassing private messaging, group chats, voice and video communication, and collaboration tools.

to process and act on real-time personal data (e.g., from wearables) or data about the environment (e.g., from smart home devices).

Multilanguage interface

not only translated but also adjusted visually to different language systems (e.g., left-to-right and right-to-left systems).


based on AI and real-time user data.

to extract information (e.g., data patterns, object classification) from visual and video files without human intervention.


to make software convenient for people with different visual, mobility, and cognitive abilities.

Location-based services

to serve geography-specific information to users.

Engaging and immersive experience

created with the help of gamification features, AR and VR simulations.

capable of interpreting historical and real-time data and making informed predictions.

How Fast You Can Release a Product with ScienceSoft

By bringing extra heads and hands to your project, you can move on with your product idea much faster and grab the market opportunities before your competitors do. The timelines surely depend on your product’s complexity, but our average speed is:

2–4 weeks for a prototype

You can use a clickable prototype to sell your product idea to investors and fundraise or to test the idea with representative users.

2–6 months for an MVP

You can launch an MVP to collect the feedback from early adopters and know what they lack in a product.

1 day–2 weeks to deliver new features

You don’t have to wait for major product releases and have new functionality launched fast.

Learn Average Costs and Request a Tailored Cost Estimate

The cost of prototype development falls within the range of $2,000 and $5,000. It includes the creation of a clickable mockup of the interface.

The cost of MVP development ranges more widely between $40,000 and $300,000. It implies the creation of a market-ready product with limited functionality.

Presales Director at ScienceSoft

When trying to develop an MVP, startups may fall into a trap known as just-one-more-feature. The reluctance to sacrifice even a minor feature quickly leads to the scope of MVP extending, the cost inevitably growing, and the development time going beyond planned several months.

To stay within the idea of a minimum product, we select must-have features that form the core of your product and add features that make up your unique selling proposition. As a rule, that’s enough to enter the market with a competitive edge in your favor.

How You Benefit from ScienceSoft’s Approach

Software development for startups is aimed at helping young companies translate their fresh, disruptive, innovative ideas into market-ready software products. This is how we make the journey easier for you.

We thoroughly dig into your requirements and expectations at the discovery stage to plan the project, provide realistic cost estimation, and save you from extra fundraising rounds caused by budget overrunning.

Development agility

We quickly respond to changing requirements: we can shift the priorities in feature development or plan new value-adding features. This allows us to do what’s best for your product instead of blindly following the initial plan.

Proactivity and sincere commitment

If we took up the co-creation of your product, it means we believe in its value. So, we will be certainly interested to deliver its best version and will eagerly participate in such important decisions as feature planning, tech stack selection, UX and UI, and more.

We create project documentation to facilitate your further maintenance of the product. Along with standard documentation, we can create software-related documents for investors (e.g., a white paper).

Knowledge of software compliance

We develop software for strictly regulated industries with specific requirements to data privacy and security, like healthcare and BFSI. We will ensure that your product is compliant with applicable regulations (e.g., HIPAA, PCI DSS, GAMP).

Protection of intellectual property

We sign an NDA when we only start negotiating our potential partnership, so your product idea is protected either we are hired for the project or not. We also outline any sensitive matters (e.g., your full ownership of the code) in the service agreement.

Are There Any Questions Left? Check Our FAQs

What should I do if I have just a rough product idea so far?

If you don’t have any particular development plans right now, it may be early to engage software developers for startups. You may benefit more from consulting at this stage. Studies show that more than 30% of startups fail due to a lack of product-market fit. So, we can start from analyzing the competitive market and proving the feasibility of your idea. Then, we can decide which product version you need right now – a proof of concept, a prototype, or an MVP (we described the difference here) — and go ahead with the development.

I’ve started the development of my product and now I’m considering changing the vendor. Still, I don’t want to postpone the market entry for long. How much time will you need to understand what has been done and continue?

It depends on the state of project documentation and the quality of fulfilled work. If everything is fine, the onboarding can take 1–2 weeks. If we need to collect the knowledge by pieces and audit the previous work, the onboarding will take longer (from 2 weeks and more, depending on the amount of work).

How will our routine collaboration be built?

Our key principle in collaboration is convenience and transparency for a client. So, we can plan our communication and reporting schedule in a way that doesn’t steal much of your time while keeps you constantly updated on the progress. In case your immediate decisions are needed, we will surely contact you outside the schedule.

Ask Your Question to Our Product Development Team

It doesn’t bind you to any agreement, just lets you better understand our expertise and approach to software development services for startups.

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