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Within IT outsourcing, a vendor takes responsibility for 30-100% of your IT landscape covering such areas as IT service planning and management, IT evolution and managed IT services.

Having a 32-year background in IT, ScienceSoft provides customizable IT outsourcing services to reinforce your business with cost-effective IT operations and fast software development.

Nikolay Kurayev, CEO at ScienceSoft

"When I talk to CEO of mid-size companies, I often hear that IT takes a large share of their budget but constantly underperforms. And they do not see business growth possible without profound IT changes that they simply cannot accomplish internally.

Indeed, it’s not easy to connect IT with the business, but it becomes possible by applying deep tech expertise with the focus on cost-effectiveness and unlocking new revenue streams. And this is exactly what ScienceSoft does. By doing the right IT and doing IT right, ScienceSoft helps companies make their IT a business growth enabler."

Do IT Operations Drain Your Resources?

Let us reverse the situation! From the support of daily operations to the assistance in digital transformation and implementation of novel technology, our IT outsourcing services are a cost-effective way of increasing business performance.

  • 32 years in IT.
  • 3,052 projects completed.
  • 700 employees. 50+% of our developers are of the senior level.
  • BA expertise and industry-focused consultants on board to help bridge business and technology.
  • Mature quality management system confirmed by the ISO 9001 certification allowing to implement projects that fully meet our customers' quality, time, and budget expectations.
  • Guaranteed security of the customers’ data we access proved by ISO 27001 certificate.
  • 13 years in ITSM based on ITIL principles.
  • 8 years in DevOps practices.
  • Full-scale Project Management Office (PMO) established to handle the project of any complexity.
  • 76% of our revenue comes from 1+ year-long customers, such as eBay, IBM, Baxter, NASA JPL, Nielsen, and more.
  • Experience across 30 industries with a special focus on manufacturing, retail, healthcare, logistics, professional services, and telecommunications.

We have been working with ScienceSoft for five years so far. The team successfully performed the migration project in order to improve our processes. <…> We have experienced great cooperation from management, quick understanding of requirements, deep technical skills from assigned resources, and company’s commitment to time, price, and quality. We would be pleased to recommend ScienceSoft to anyone looking for outsourcing or extension of their own team!

Dmitry Druzik, CIO, A-100 Group of Companies (construction and petrol stations)

A-100 Group of Companies - ScienceSoft testimonial

Tailored pricing plan

We calculate custom-made pricing plans to meet your expectations and adjust pricing if your requirements change during our cooperation.

Transparency of service results

We adhere to a tangible KPI system that can include the increase of IT components’ ROI and TCO reduction. We provide regular reports on the work accomplished, as well as results of security and performance audits. You also have constant access to our task tracking system and knowledge base, where we document all our processes.

Measure IT Outsourcing Value for Your Business

Our team can conduct an IT outsourcing feasibility analysis to calculate the financial benefits of an outsourcing engagement for your particular case.

24/7 Linux Administration by DevOps for a Hosting Provider

ScienceSoft’s team of DevOps engineers pitched in to provide 24/7 Linux administration for a US hosting platform provider that serves AMD, HTC, SoundCloud, Foursquare, and others. Our team optimized server monitoring by introducing a central management server and continuously writing scripts to automate server failure management.

Data Center Infrastructure Deployment and Support

ScienceSoft helped deploy the infrastructure with 80 physical servers and 200 virtual machines using an integrated infrastructure platform. Currently, our team of 2 network engineers and 3 system engineers delivers L2/L3 support to ensure that the infrastructure is running smoothly.

The World’s Largest PLM Software Development

ScienceSoft helped develop and evolve the product lifecycle management solution powering retailers, manufacturers and suppliers in 110 countries. Our team enriched the solution with multilevel DWH to aggregate the raw information from 20 globally distributed databases and enabled full analysis and reporting capabilities through an intuitive multilingual interface.

IT Infrastructure Support for a Private Diversified Business

ScienceSoft’s team of certified ICT professionals supports 28 elements of the Customer’s IT infrastructure elements in compliance with ITIL recommendations.

Software Development and Support Outsourcing for an International Marketing Agency

ScienceSoft’s team built software to plan and control marketing-related activities and performed L1-L3 support of the developed solution.

Full-service IT outsourcing

Outsource your entire IT landscape, including IT service planning and management, to achieve greater business performance with IT ROI boosted by 50-300%.

We can also act as a service integrator taking up the management of your IT vendor ecosystem.

Co-sourcing with an in-house IT team

Delegate your daily IT operations and execution of new IT-related business initiatives to optimize IT TCO and stability, and focus on IT strategy, planning and design.

Co-sourcing with other vendors

Strengthen your IT vendor ecosystem with ScienceSoft as a managed service provider for a specific part of your IT environment.

Optimizing the quality and cost-effectiveness of IT operations

Supporting business operations

Planning and implementing digital transformation initiatives 

  • Consulting on how to improve business operations with IT or digitally transform them.
  • Creating an IT roadmap that aligns IT with new business initiatives and leverages technology for business outcomes at the right time.
  • Designing and implementing new platform-based solutions appropriate to the improved business processes.
  • Introducing the latest technology with the focus on business value: machine learning, big data, IoT, image analysis, blockchain.


High IT spending with low value affects the entire business – its advance slows down, and the business risks falling behind top competitors in 3-5 years.

With timely transformations, the same IT landscape can become a source of sustainable business growth – and that’s what ScienceSoft helps achieve within the IT outsourcing services. Here’re some results on both business and IT levels that you can expect.

Business-level gains:

  • +10-200%

    to revenue from new IT-based business initiatives

  • +30-200%

    to process automation

  • +15-30%

    to sales via marketing and sales automation

  • ~98%

    focus on core business activities due to freed resources

  • IT-level gains:

  • x1.5-2.5

    IT cost reduction

  • x1.5-3

    increase in software development speed

  • 100%

    regulatory compliance of the IT infrastructure

  • ~99.99%

    applications availability

  • Boost Business Performance with IT

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