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.NET Consulting Services

Your .NET Projects Are in Safe Hands

At ScienceSoft, we combine 19 years of .NET expertise with hands-on knowledge of 30+ industries, prioritizing close collaboration, honest dialogue, and a focus on measurable outcomes.

.NET Consulting Services - ScienceSoft
.NET Consulting Services - ScienceSoft

.NET consulting services provide businesses with the resources and expertise they need to leverage the maximum potential of the .NET framework. ScienceSoft offers expert guidance and help with planning, development, modernization, integration, and optimization of .NET-based solutions.

Whom We Serve

Midsize and large enterprises

SaaS/XaaS companies


Why Companies Turn to Professional .NET Consultants

Direct access to expertise

You gain access to a team of experts with a wealth of experience and the ability to bring new, valuable perspectives to underperforming .NET projects.

Cost savings

You save money in the long run by having consultants that identify the underlying project issues and fix the root cause of a problem rather than its symptoms.

Risk mitigation

Experts can identify and mitigate potential .NET issues (performance bottlenecks, security vulnerabilities, memory leaks, poor resource management, and more) before they become problems.

What We Offer as a Professional .NET Consultancy

.NET software audit and enhancement

We can audit your .NET code for security vulnerabilities, memory leaks, inefficient queries, concurrency issues, and other underlying problems. Our reports focus on the specific steps to fix the issues detected, and we are ready to implement them on your request. We're also adept at migrating .NET applications to the cloud and modernizing legacy software with new features.

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.NET software design and planning

Our .NET team can assist you in project planning and estimation, design a scalable software architecture, and deliver a comprehensive software requirements specification. We can also handle UX/UI design and build an actionable QA and compliance roadmap.

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.NET app development

Our team is ready to build your .NET software from scratch or join an existing .NET project. We offer a full range of services, from planning and PoC delivery to full-scale software development and QA. After launch, we can provide continuous support and maintenance to keep your software performing at its best.

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.NET practice improvement

Our friendly and supportive consultants can help you strengthen your in-house .NET practice by adopting Agile, DevOps, CI/CD, and test automation best practices. We can also provide personalized training sessions for your team and help with tech interviews and candidate selection to build your dream .NET squad.

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What We Cover

Software types

By type

By purpose

  • Enterprise software for employees, vendors, partners, and clients
  • Software products, including SaaS/XaaS
  • Ecommerce platforms
  • Software for the government and public sector
  • Video games

By technology

Software delivery practices and methodologies

  • Scrum and ScrumBut
  • Kanban
  • Scaled Agile: SAFe, LeSS, Spotify, SoS
  • DevOps
  • Waterfall
  • “You build it, you run it” approach


What Our Customers Say

ScienceSoft has been a life savior for us and our players when we were about to release our video game The Cycle Frontier and were facing immediate issues in terms of backend scalability. Their combination of expert knowledge at Microsoft Azure .NET and great agile collaboration skills allowed us to release. We are forever grateful for the help ScienceSoft provided us and would recommend anyone who is in a similar situation.

ScienceSoft offers resources of high caliber skilled in Microsoft Azure, .NET, mobile, and Quality Assurance. Over the past three years, Lixar was very pleased with the service provided by ScienceSoft development teams and executive management. For accelerated project timelines which require skilled resources, ScienceSoft is a .NET software development company that your team should consider.

ScienceSoft’s .NET developers have been assisting Upstream Works in refactoring a load testing system and bringing further automation to the load testing process.

We’ve been working with ScienceSoft for almost a year and it has been a great experience throughout. The team is very professional, well-organized, and is always on top of the finer details. We’re impressed by their passion for solving problems and implementing improvements. This is exactly what a long-term, harmonious partnership should look like.

Why Businesses Trust ScienceSoft as a .NET Consultancy

  • 19 years in C# and .NET development.
  • Over 3,600 success stories, including 220+ large-scale .NET projects.
  • 750+ in-house professionals from all IT fields.
  • CITA Foundation-certified .NET architects.
  • Microsoft-certified experts: Developing Solutions for Microsoft Azure, Designing and Implementing Microsoft DevOps Solutions, DevOps Engineer Expert, Azure Solutions Architect, Microsoft Power Platform, Dynamics 365 Core.
  • 20 years in cybersecurity to guarantee reliable protection of code and infrastructure.
  • 10 years in DevOps to provide all necessary automation for successful software development and evolution.
  • For the second straight year (2022–2023), ScienceSoft USA Corporation is listed among The Americas' Fastest-Growing Companies by the Financial Times.

Our partnerships and awards

We are trusted by global market leaders

Experience Fast and Frictionless .NET Development with ScienceSoft

Deliver quality .NET software up to twice as fast thanks to SDLC automation and the elimination of common mistakes that cause unnecessary redevelopment.

Slash your .NET development costs by 2050% by harnessing the high productivity of our teams and their mature Agile culture.

Watch your infrastructure costs drop by 1040% thanks to the automation of infrastructure management and optimized cloud resource consumption.

Reduce performance and security issues by a whopping 5090% thanks to resilient software architectures and the application of .NET code best practices.

Expect a 5080% surge in code quality due to comprehensive quality controls for each stage of SDLC and the involvement of highly skilled, motivated talents.

Get ready for an up to 50% faster release cycle thanks to CI/CD implementation and efficient test automation.

Our Key Tech Competencies

Our Typical .NET Development and Consulting Timelines

Project start

2 days to analyze initial needs.

1 week to meet the team.

.NET code review

up to 300–400 lines of code per hour.

.NET architecture (re)design

from 5–10 days, depending on the application complexity.

.NET application performance audit with recommendations

from 5–7 days.

.NET application performance optimization

from 7–14 days, depending on the application complexity.


1–3 months to create a proof of concept.


2–6 months to deliver an MVP that has a working PoC and can be developed using low-code tools.

From 4–6 months to build a software MVP from scratch, including the creation of one or several PoCs.

Major releases

every 2–3 weeks.

Minor changes and fixes

up to several times a day.

Explore ScienceSoft's .NET Consulting Projects


Is part-time engagement possible?

We offer full-time or part-time .NET experts with different levels of engagement, so feel free to reach out even if you only need a .NET specialist for a few hours a week.

We need not just .NET developers but real consultants who will speak our language.

We won’t overwhelm you with technical terms. Our project managers, business analysts, and team leads will thoroughly explain everything, using storytelling and demos to bridge your communication with the developers. For us, it's essential that you know your options and their impact on your business.

How can we be sure that your advice is unbiased? Third-party vendors are often interested in increasing the scope and cost of the project.

In every consulting engagement, we define target KPIs together with a client and use them to estimate the business value of every initiative. We take the time to explain the pros and cons of every proposed option, and the final decision is always yours.

Also, while we are ready to implement our own recommendations, we always share full project knowledge with you in case you decide to involve another vendor for implementation.

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