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Security Program Development

Building Future-Proof Cyber Defense Strategies

With 34 years in IT and 20 years in cybersecurity, ScienceSoft helps companies in 30+ industries develop comprehensive risk-based security programs tailored to their specific IT environments and needs.

Security Program Development - ScienceSoft
Security Program Development - ScienceSoft

Security program development is a comprehensive service that starts with a deep analysis of a company’s business specifics and IT environment. Based on that, security engineers define the policies, procedures, and techs needed to fully cover an organization’s unique security and compliance needs.

Key Security Program Components

Risk management

  • IT assets inventory management procedures.
  • Risk assessment plan and schedule.
  • Risk mitigation strategy.
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Protective measures

  • Identity management, authentication and access control policies and procedures.
  • Data security policies and procedures.
  • Requirements for protective technology: e.g., firewalls, antimalware, DLP, IAM, anti-phishing systems.
  • Employee security awareness policies and procedures.
  • Vulnerability management policies and procedures.
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Threat detection

  • Continuous software and IT infrastructure monitoring and threat hunting policies and procedures.
  • Requirements for security monitoring and detection tools (e.g., SIEM, EDR, SOAR).
  • Guidelines for testing and improving the detection procedures.
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Incident response and recovery

  • A clear outline of incident response roles and responsibilities.
  • Incident communication plan.
  • Incident investigation procedures.
  • Incident mitigation measures.
  • Incident recovery policies and procedures.
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Why Choose ScienceSoft as Your Security Program Developer

Cybersecurity expertise

  • 20 years in IT security, 200+ successful cybersecurity projects.
  • Hands-on experience with major cybersecurity standards and regulations: HIPAA, PCI DSS, GDPR, SOC 2, NIST SP 800-53.
  • Certificates of Internal Auditors for ISO 9001, 13485, 27001.
  • Proficiency in the best security practices outlined by NIST CSF, OWASP ASVS, CIS Benchmarks, ISO 27001, and more.

Ready to handle complex infrastructures and advanced techs

Dedicated to quality

  • A mature quality management system confirmed by ISO 9001 certification.
  • Full security of the data entrusted to us proven by ISO 27001 certification.
  • A leading outsourcing provider recognized by IAOP.

Trusted by global brands

How We Create a Robust Security Program


Program scoping


Creating the current security profile


Risk assessment


Creating the target cybersecurity profile


Gap analysis


Security program design


Implementation assistance (optional)

What Sets ScienceSoft Apart as a Security Partner

Pragmatic approach

We design a cybersecurity program taking into account the existing security practices, threat environment, legal and regulatory requirements, business objectives, organizational and budgetary constraints. This helps you avoid extra spending on cybersecurity yet ensure maximum protection of your IT assets.

Measurable, KPI-based results

To ensure that the security program stays consistent, adequate, reasonable, and effective, we offer a tailored set of metrics based on Gartner's CARE framework. They may include KPIs such as the percentage of regularly patched assets, the average number of days required to remedy critical vulnerabilities, or the share of employees who have received security training within the last 12 months.

Safe innovation

With hands-on experience in securing remote access, cloud, and advanced techs (e.g., IoT, blockchain, VR/AR), we know how to build security programs that can handle the risks associated with the latest IT trends.

Future-proof strategy

We offer flexible security programs that can be adapted to the quickly changing business and IT landscape. When you extend your vendor base, shift to remote work, or adopt new technology, your security program won’t become a limiting factor to your business growth.

Top Concerns about Security Program Development, Answered

A full-fledged security program is an expensive initiative. How can we be sure it will pay off?

When building security programs, we consider your budget and staff constraints, industry-specific risks and regulatory requirements, and the cost-loss ratio for your specific case. An all-around security program is not a one-time indulgence: you get a well-designed strategy that will help prove your compliance to regulatory authorities and minimize the risk of cyber threats, and therefore avoid hefty costs of security and compliance breaches in the long run. Plus, you can implement the program iteratively, gradually increasing its maturity level.

Will a vendor with broad competencies be able to dive deeply into the specifics of our industry?

For decades, ScienceSoft has been delivering IT services to 30+ industries, including banking and finance, healthcare, retail, manufacturing, oil and gas. We have first-hand knowledge of software and IT infrastructure specifics in these domains. We also have practical experience with major security standards and offer dedicated services to help companies in highly regulated industries achieve compliance with HIPAA, PCI DSS, and more.

Choose What Works Best for You

Security program consulting

We analyze your as-is security posture and create an actionable roadmap to building a robust security program: the essential areas to cover, time and budget estimations, the required team composition, and projected deliverables.

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Security program improvement

We review your existing program and suggest improvements to optimize your corporate security management and ensure full coverage of all your security and compliance needs.

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End-to-end security program development

We are ready to take care of everything: from program scoping and risk assessment to eliciting and documenting a full set of security policies and procedures tailored to your IT environment and corporate specifics.

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Join Our Happy Customers

Thanks to ScienceSoft's high-quality services, we were able to locate and neutralize vulnerabilities and ensure the security of our customers' personal data. We were very pleased to see such a comprehensive approach. During our cooperation, ScienceSoft's team showed deep cybersecurity expertise as well as excellent communication skills, quickly addressing any of our questions and concerns.

We've been working with ScienceSoft for almost a year and it has been a great experience throughout. The team is very professional, well-organized, and is always on top of the finer details. We're impressed by their passion for solving problems and implementing improvements. This is exactly what a long-term, harmonious partnership should look like.

We are satisfied with the penetration testing services provided by ScienceSoft and with their team’s attention to detail and proactive approach to collaboration. They were also very responsive and eagerly suggested security enhancements. We highly recommend ScienceSoft as a reliable cybersecurity partner.

Destination: Security. We’ll Get You There!

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