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Application Support and Maintenance Services

Enjoy Your App Running and Evolving Smoothly

With well-established ITIL 4 processes, ScienceSoft provides app support and maintenance services to businesses from 31 industries, guaranteeing >97% app user satisfaction rate.

Application Support and Maintenance Services - ScienceSoft
Application Support and Maintenance Services - ScienceSoft

Our Service Promise in Numbers

Application support and maintenance services are aimed to ensure that your apps are highly available, reliable and keep up with your ever-evolving business needs.

ScienceSoft provides app support and maintenance services since 2007. We help our customers from 30+ industries free up their IT staff and fully focus on the creative side of the business to achieve sustainable growth.

  • > 97%

    application user satisfaction rate

  • < 40 sec

    for response on 90% of calls

  • < 8 h

    for a hot-fix deployment

  • < 1 wk

    for a minor app upgrade

See How We Address Support and Maintenance Challenges

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High costs of maintenance and support services?

Our smart issue escalation matrix, cloud resource optimization, and proactive issue resolution help achieve 1.5-2x cost reduction.

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Rare updates and slow backlog implementation?

We roll out updates every 2-4 weeks and ensure their 40% smoother and faster deployment thanks to the CI/CD pipeline.

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Lack of progress visibility and transparency?

ScienceSoft relies on mature KPI metrics, shares access to logging tools, and sends elaborate reports for full service clarity.

Why ScienceSoft

34 years in IT, 16 years in help desk, 15 years in ITSM.

Established ITIL 4 processes.

Certified personnel: Microsoft Certified Professionals, AWS Certified SysOps, Red Hat Certified Cybersecurity, experts with ITSM-related certificates, etc.

62% of revenue is from long-term partners (2+ years of cooperation).

Experience with complex, large-scale apps.

Mature quality management system backed by ISO 9001 certification to ensure value-driven service delivery.

ISO 27001-certified information security management system to guarantee complete safety of the customers' data we access.

Apps We Support and Maintain

Web apps

Cloud apps & SaaS

Database apps

Mobile apps

AR/VR apps

Desktop apps

Our Success Stories

Web Application Support for a Marketing Agency

Web Application Support for a US Largest Marketing Agency

  • 24/7 L2, L3 support of a .NET, React, and AWS solution.
  • Proactive approach brought a 36% decrease in user-reported issues.
  • App user satisfaction rate raised to 97%.
Maintenance and Support Services of a Bio Lab Product

Maintenance and Support Services of a Bio Lab Product Driving GSK and AstraZeneca

  • 10+ years of cooperation.
  • Team of 8-29 .NET and Oracle specialists.
  • Support team with industry-specific degrees.
Support and Maintenance for an Ecommerce Business

Support and Maintenance for an Ecommerce Business with 40+ Online Stores

  • Performance optimization, security testing, and redesign as part of maintenance.
  • Experts in PHP, WordPress, and AWS.
  • Services helped to improve website ranking and increase conversion.
Web and Mobile App Maintenance Services for a Streaming Provider

Web and Mobile App Maintenance for MTV's Streaming Provider

  • 5.5+ years of cooperation under T&M arrangement.
  • Continuous maintenance and evolution of apps by 9 specialists.
  • JavaScript, Java, and Objective-C experts.
Support and Maintenance of an AR-powered Advertising Solution

Support and Maintenance of an AR-powered Advertising Solution

  • 11+ years of cooperation.
  • Applications based on AR and computer vision technologies.
  • Customer calls C++ experts “an indispensable part” of their team.
Application Support Services for a Telecom Company

Application Support Services for a US Telecom Company

  • Support of a customer web portal.
  • Help-desk experts helped to reduce fraudulent claims and attract more eligible users.
  • Team of experts in PHP and React.
Support and Maintenance Services for a Government Agency

Support and Maintenance Services for a Scotland’s Government Agency

  • 5+ years of cooperation: troubleshooting and migration.
  • Reactive problem solving: critical issues are resolved within 1 hour.
  • SharePoint and SQL farms configurations.
Maintenance and Support of a Mobile Banking App

Maintenance and Support of a Deloitte-approved Mobile Banking App

  • 6+ years of cooperation.
  • Kotlin and Swift development teams.
  • 7 complex blocks of innovative loyalty features added over 4 years of mobile app evolution.
Application Support of an Ecommerce Solution

Software Support Services for Global Advertising Company

  • 8/5 L1, L2, L3 support services.
  • Accumulation of ticket resolution info into a knowledge base to reduce the time on addressing similar issues in the future.
  • Experts in PHP, Magento.

Our Customers Say

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The Financial Times Includes ScienceSoft USA Corporation in the List of the Americas’ Fastest-Growing Companies 2023

For the second year in a row, ScienceSoft USA Corporation ranks among 500 American companies with the highest revenue growth. This achievement is the result of our unfailing commitment to provide high-quality IT services and create best-value solutions that meet and even exceed our clients’ expectations.

Maintenance vs. Support: Feel the Difference

Both application support and application maintenance play a crucial role in ensuring smooth long-term performance of a software app. While often used interchangeably, these terms refer to distinct activities having different goals and encompassing different task scopes.

  • Application maintenance is focused on the regular activities required to keep the app stable, smoothly operating, and aligned with the evolving business needs. Bug fixing, security and compliance monitoring, app scaling and upgrading with new features are some examples of maintenance flows.
  • Application support primarily serves to assist end users in smooth app utilization and solving any arising issues. It covers troubleshooting, incident management, user education, and UX improvement and aims to enhance app user satisfaction.

The Scope of Our Services

Application support services


Preparing guiding materials for users:

  • Product and technical information.
  • Manuals, FAQs.
  • Knowledge base with convenient search.
  • Continuous maintenance of all guiding materials.

ScienceSoft’s proactive L0 services reduce the L1-L3 requests by 60%.

Pricing model: Fixed price – you pay a fixed fee for the services.


  • Receiving and registering requests submitted via all possible communication means.
  • Prioritizing requests and resolving basic user issues.
  • Efficient SOPs and ITSM processes.
  • Solving basic user issues in under 10 min.
  • Providing issue status updates according to an agreed SLA till resolution.

Pricing model: Price per ticket – you pay at the end of the month, according to the number of L1 tickets we resolve.


  • Administering application environment and user accounts.
  • Optimizing software installation.
  • Log investigation for issue root cause analysis.
  • Resolving even the most serious incidents in less than 8 hours.

Pricing model: Price per ticket – we define the L2 ticket cost, and you pay at the end of the month for the number of tickets we resolve.


  • Identifying and fixing complex issues via swift changes to the code and database.
  • Root cause issue resolution.
  • Rolling out the most comprehensive patches and hot-fixes in less than 24h.
  • Prompt correction of customization issues.

Pricing model: Monthly subscription fee – you pay each month for our continuous L3 support services at a reduced hourly rate.

Application maintenance services

Application evolution

  • Updating existing functional modules.
  • Developing new application features.
  • Suggesting new features based on user feedback.
  • Feasibility studies and ROI calculation.
  • Adding software integrations.
  • Application re-architecting, modernization.
  • Introducing advanced app innovations.

Pricing model: T&M with a cap – we charge for hours & efforts spent and send invoice reflecting them at the end of the month.

Application security management

  • 24/7 security monitoring, regular audits, incident troubleshooting.
  • Scheduled app vulnerability and misconfiguration diagnostics.
  • Detailed vulnerability reports.
  • Security and penetration testing.
  • Stress testing (simulation of DoS/DDoS attacks)
  • Security improvements according to SecOps.

Pricing model: Monthly subscription fee – you pay for our services each month at a reduced rate.

Application performance management

  • 24/7 app performance monitoring to detect and resolve unfavorable trends.
  • Regular app performance and usability testing (load, stability, scalability testing).
  • Continuous performance and UX optimization

Pricing model: T&M with a cap – we charge for hours & efforts spent and send invoice reflecting them at the end of the month.

Application compliance management

  • Regular review of compliance with HIPAA, GDPR, PCI DSS, GLBA, and/or other regulations.
  • Reporting on each compliance review.
  • Proactive suggestions of updates in case of changes in the regulations.

Pricing model: Monthly subscription fee – you pay for our app maintenance services each month at a reduced rate.

ScienceSoft's Head of Web Development

Web application maintenance services cover a range of specific activities like maintaining cross-browser compatibility and responsive design. Make sure your team is aware of the specific considerations to ensure smooth web app performance across different web browsers, devices, and screen sizes.

Additional services for maintenance facilitation

CI/CD and DevOps implementation

  • Applying the Infrastructure as a Code (IaaC) approach.
  • Setting up and maintaining CI/CD pipelines.
  • Ensuring test and update deployment automation.

Cloud resource management

  • Examination of the cloud environment and identification of deficiencies.
  • Resource consumption optimization to reduce cloud costs.
  • On-demand cloud resource management.
  • Continuous analysis of the entire IT infrastructure.
  • Management of servers, network, cloud and on-premises data centers, and cloud services.
  • 24/7 monitoring to avoid downtime.

How We Set Up Cooperation

1. Analysis of your request (< 2 days)

We examine your business needs, app requirements, architecture, tech stack, functionality, and backlog of defects & change requests to define the scope of app support and maintenance services.

2. Application maintenance and support services planning, SLA preparation (~5 days)

We discuss the details of the needed services and formalize them in a service level agreement (SLA). Depending on the scope of app support and maintenance services rendered, the SLA may outline:

  • App support terms: support hours e.g., 8/5, 12/5, 24/5, 24/7, required levels of support (L0-L3), size of a support team, communication channels, software used, KPIs, etc.
  • App maintenance terms: app evolution roadmap, existing feature backlog, app performance requirements and expectations, planned security activities, KPIs, schedule, etc.

3. Responsibility transfer (~4 days)

Based on the SLA and its objectives, we work together with you and your team (or, possibly, with your previous vendor) to prepare standard operating procedures (SOPs) and instructions to stipulate all support and maintenance activities.

4. Support and maintenance launch (1 day) and continuous reporting

Our team gets down to providing the services outlined in the SLA. As part of our service, we provide clear and detailed reports, including:

  • Reports on team productivity and service quality KPIs (service level reports, support team performance).
  • Incident reports with root cause analysis.
  • Security audit reports, test execution and testing summary reports
  • Workload reports (actual versus planned).
  • Existing app problems or potential risks.
  • Revised risk management strategy, acceptability of the risks.

5. Scaling the service up or down (2-4 days)

At your request, we quickly scale our support and maintenance teams to better fit your needs. No complex or lengthy processes required - we just sign a short addendum to the main SLA.

KPIs for Result-Oriented Cooperation

ScienceSoft builds all its support and maintenance services around the KPIs defined in the SLA. Upon defining custom sets of goals to track the quality of our maintenance and support services, we analyze information needs of each stakeholder and discuss the best means and frequency to communicate information. We track the KPIs’ fulfillment internally and send detailed reports at a schedule convenient for you.

What our KPI system typically includes

Sample KPI system - ScienceSoft

Note: We welcome KPI suggestions and tailor the metrics to each project individually.


Continuous Improvement of Service Delivery

To make sure that our clients derive maximum value from our services, we perform quarterly roadmap reviews (stated business needs vs. current business needs; value we bring vs. the highest possible value). We also regularly analyze our experts' performance as well as your direct feedback to further cater our services to your individual business needs.

Technologies We Work With

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