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ScienceSoft is 32 years in IT business. We systematically post articles on acute IT problems to share our experience and enlighten people on IT topics. We are eager to expand our public relations and cooperate with reporters, bloggers, influences, speakers, and everyone else interested in creating expert IT content.

About us and our experience

ScienceSoft provides IT consulting and custom software development services for multiple industries, including healthcare, retail, manufacturing, banking, and telecoms. Key domains of our expertise are IoT, big data, information security, mobile and web development, collaboration & knowledge management, and more.

We partner with Microsoft, IBM, Magento, Salesforce, Oracle, and other tech leaders. At present, we have completed over 3,052 projects and cooperated with Walmart, Nestle, NASA JPL, T-Mobile, Baxter, M&T Bank, and other corporations.

Our experts

Our professionals regularly write for our blog and other popular IT blogs, such as,,,, and more. They can help you with your articles and researches by commenting on technology trends and news.

Boris Shiklo

Boris Shiklo:
IT consulting and IoT expert, CTO at ScienceSoft.

Alex Bekker

Alex Bekker:
Head of the Data Analytics Team.

Uladzislau Murashka

Uladzislau Murashka:
IT security evangelist, certified ethical hacker with 6 years of experience in pentesting.

Sergey Golubenko

Sergey Golubenko:
SharePoint and Office 365 expert, Team Lead and Solution Architect.

Vadim Belski

Vadim Belski:
Head of Web Development.

Andrei Mikhailau

Andrei Mikhailau:
QA and testing professional, Software Testing Director.

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Our influencers actively participate in interviews and IT researches:

We are open to cooperation

If you:

  • Require competent commentary on IT problems.
  • Need any tech-related information for your article.
  • Want to interview one of our experts.
  • Would like to quote any research from our articles.

Please send your questions to our Communications Manager, Darya Afonava, at or call us at +1 214 306 68 37. We will process your request as soon as possible and connect you with a relevant expert.

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