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Code Review Services

Spotting Imperfections, Driving Improvements

In software development since 1989, ScienceSoft offers all-around code review services to help improve all aspects of code quality: from clarity and maintainability to security and compliance.

Code Review Services
Code Review Services

Code review services involve manual and/or automated examinations of application source code, performed by independent IT professionals able to identify the flaws that can compromise code quality and security. Expert code review helps improve source code performance, clarity, scalability, and maintainability as well as fortify software against cyberattacks.

The Scope of Our Code Review Services

SAST – automated security code review

We reveal:

  • Encryption errors: weak encryption algorithms or strong encryption algorithms with weak implementation (e.g., insecure key storage).
  • Code injection vulnerabilities.
  • XSS (cross-site scripting) vulnerabilities.
  • Buffer overflows: more data is put into the buffer than it can handle.
  • Race conditions: performing two or more operations at the same time.

Manual security-focused code review

We check:

  • Auditing and logging mechanisms.
  • Input/data validation mechanisms.
  • Impersonation/delegation mechanisms.
  • Session management.
  • Communication security.
  • The security of connection strings.
  • Input/output operations security.
  • The presence of serialization filtering.
  • Reflection mechanisms.
  • The presence of obfuscation.
  • If the code is thread-safe.

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Additionally, we can:

  • Simulate parameter manipulation, SQL and script injections.
  • Evaluate the security of access to the development infrastructure and codebase.


All-around code review

In addition to SAST and manual review of code security, we check:

  • If descriptive names for code variables are in place.
  • If comments about what particular code functions and methods do are present.
  • If documentation on what the whole code does and what its dependencies are is in place.
  • If the developers can take advantage of ready frameworks and reusable components to get work done faster.
  • If the practice of splitting code into shorter units is observed.
  • If the code is portable.
  • If effective version control is implemented.
  • If linter tools (SonarQube, ESLint) are used.
  • If exception-handling mechanisms are effective.
  • If the required security mechanisms are in place, and more.

Success Stories by ScienceSoft

What Our Customers Value

ScienceSoft has been a life savior for us and our players when we were about to release our video game The Cycle Frontier and were facing immediate issues in terms of backend scalability. Their combination of expert knowledge at Microsoft Azure .NET and great agile collaboration skills allowed us to start working fast and effectively together in solving problems which allowed us to release. We are forever grateful for the help ScienceSoft provided us and would recommend anyone who is in a similar situation.


ScienceSoft didn't fall short of expectations. Their PHP and Node.js skills are excellent. ScienceSoft delivers great technical quality, really dedicated developers, eager to solve problems, and positive about their work and area of expertise. I appreciate their reactivity and collaborative approach. Our investment surely pays off. I know I can rely on them and I like it.

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ScienceSoft’s cybersecurity team proved to be result-oriented and attentive to detail. The team responded quickly and produced useful reports which were easy to understand and implement if required. When the testing activities were completed, ScienceSoft provided us with the recommendations for improving our application's security level. Thanks to ScienceSoft, we were able to ensure a higher level of protection of our cloud application and the sensitive customer data stored in it.

A Fragment of Our Code Review

Examples of our .NET code review

Examples of our .NET code review

Why ScienceSoft

Decades-long experience:

  • Since 1989 in software development and IT consulting, around 4,000 success stories across over 30 industries.
  • Since 2003 in information security, a solid portfolio of completed projects.
  • Since 2013 in DevOps and CI/CD.

Competent code reviewers:

  • Senior developers proficient in a broad variety of programming languages and frameworks.
  • Seasoned security engineers and compliance consultants.
  • Proficiency in static code analyzers (e.g. SonarQube, Roslyn), database profilers (e.g. Microsoft SQL Server Profiler), memory and performance profilers (e.g. dotTrace, dotMemory).
  • Adherence to OWASP Application Security Verification Standard.

Guaranteed service quality:

  • A mature quality management system confirmed by ISO 9001 certification.
  • Complete security of the sensitive data we access proven by ISO 27001 certification.
  • A leading outsourcing provider recognized by IAOP.

Trusted by global brands:

Do We Share the Same Values?

Result-oriented approach

To ensure that you receive tangible results, we base our reviews on code quality KPIs: e.g., Cyclomatic Complexity, Maintainability Index for manual reviews. We also help you improve project-level KPIs, such as cycle time, deployment frequency, and more.

Cost efficiency

We analyze your unique needs, time and budget constraints to suggest the approach (e.g., manual or automated) that offers the best benefit-cost ratio for you. In needed, we are ready to enhance the project team with software architects, compliance consultants, PMs, or any other IT talents to provide the best results for you.

Knowledge transfer

Dedicated to fostering our customers’ digital success, we are eager to share our software development expertise and help your team members adopt best coding practices.

Building solid business relationships

With 62% of our income coming from the customers that have been with us for 2+ years, we know the value of long-term cooperation. We are ready to stay with you as a tech partner for as long as you need and offer flexible SLAs.

Code Review as a Service: Get Exactly What You Need

Automated code review

To offer quick and cost-efficient code review that still yields highly accurate results, we combine automated code scanning with manual validation of the findings.

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Security-focused manual code review

Examining the source code line by line, we provide deeper insight into the root cause of your code issues and take into account the security of your architecture and data flow.

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All-around code review

To deliver holistic improvements to your code quality and coding practices, we are ready to conduct continuous code review throughout the SDLC (ad hoc and peer review, walkthrough, inspection) or provide one-time/periodic code audit.

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Don’t Let Code Issues Snowball out of Control!

Make code review a consistent part of your SDLC. ScienceSoft’s experts are ready to help you detect and remediate code flaws before they cause you real trouble in production.