CRM Services to Maximize Customer Relationship Management Output

CRM Services - ScienceSoft

CRM services are aimed to automate marketing, sales and customer service, and range from CRM consulting and implementation to testing and support of a CRM solution.

Having 13 years of experience in CRM services, ScienceSoft helps businesses reduce their marketing, sales and customer service costs with all-round CRM implementation and regain lost business opportunities through evolution of the existing CRM.

CRM Efforts Don’t Pay Off Enough?

Decrease the costs and improve the output of customer acquisition and retention with ScienceSoft’s CRM services.

Why Turn to ScienceSoft

  • 32 years in IT.
  • 13 years in CRM consulting and implementation.
  • 700+ professionals on board.
  • Mature quality management system certified by ISO 9001 standard
  • Partnerships with leading CRM providers: Microsoft and Salesforce.
  • Industry expertise in retail and wholesale, professional services, manufacturing, healthcare, banking, telecoms, etc.

What CRM Aligned with Your Business Brings

  • -70%

    manual effort across sales, marketing, and customer service

  • +38%

    sales productivity

  • -25%

    customer service ticket volume

  • +100%

    email conversions

  • Up to 123%

    CRM solution ROI due to reduced manual effort

  • Sources: Salesforce, Microsoft

    Can My CRM Bring These Gains?

    According to Forrester, you may get the full payback of your customer relationship management solution in 10 months after it goes live. Such impressive results are achieved through:


    The alignment of CRM functionality with your business processes.


    Substantial automation reducing your staff’s manual efforts.


    Unified and easily accessible data.


    Comprehensive customer analytics.

    Wonder How Much ROI a CRM Initiative Can Bring to You?

    ScienceSoft can assess the feasibility of different CRM options or CRM evolution investments and calculate your potential ROI.

    Technologies We Use


    Custom development: back end

    Custom development: front end

    Featured CRM Success Stories

    Dynamics CRM Implementation and Customization for a Multibusiness Company

    Dynamics CRM Implementation and Customization for a Multibusiness Company

    We helped a multibusiness company realize the full potential of their CRM solution with automated case management and tailor-made loyalty program.

    CRM Development for a Retail Bank with 7 mln Clients

    CRM Development for a Retail Bank with 7 mln Clients

    ScienceSoft designed CRM customer base management and sales planning features to help the bank enhance everyday activities.

    Salesforce Sales Cloud Customization for an IT Product Company

    Salesforce Sales Cloud Customization for an IT Product Company

    ScienceSoft brought new automation functionality to maximize the Salesforce solution ROI.

    Choose Your CRM Service

    CRM Consulting

    CRM Consulting

    • CRM process consulting: from the design of marketing, sales and customer service digital processes to consulting support until project success.
    • CRM project consulting: a strategy for your CRM implementation, revamp, migration or consolidation.

    CRM implementation

    CRM Implementation

    End-to-end CRM implementation, leveraging the capabilities of market-leading CRM – Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Salesforce. We cover the entire project scope, including consulting, configuration, customization, migration and integration.

    CRM Development

    Custom CRM Development

    • CRM development from scratch. Business analysis, end-to-end evolutionary development of CRM software, testing and quality assurance, risk and change management, data migration from legacy CRM or spreadsheets, user training.
    • Development of custom apps and add-ons for platform-based CRM.

    CRM Testing

    CRM Testing

    Functionality, integrations, performance, usability, and security testing. Our testing services are aimed at providing you with insights on your CRM functioning and identifying the ways to better your existing solution.

    CRM Support

    CRM Support and Evolution

    • Administration support, including daily administration, data administration, 24/7 CRM system monitoring, monthly system health checks and user help desk.
    • Development support including troubleshooting and CRM system evolution.

    As a result, you get a stably functioning CRM meeting your changing business needs.

    Why You Should Get CRM Services Now

    The competition on the market never ends, and those who armed and ready are to be the winners. With the help of CRM-based sales, marketing and customer service automation, you may lead this competition confidently, achieving the following results:

  • +38%

    lead volume

  • +60%

    lead conversion rate

  • +25%

    customer win rate

  • +28%

    customer retention

  • Go for CRM-based Automation Now!

    Gain considerable revenue increase with CRM-enhanced sales, marketing and customer service.