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Interactive Kiosk Software Development


With 34 years in software development, ScienceSoft provides professional consulting on implementation of kiosk solutions.

Interactive Kiosk
Interactive Kiosk

The Essence of Kiosk Software

Kiosk software is designed to provide specific customer service-related functionality via publicly accessed kiosk units or a kiosk system. Kiosk software offers automated interaction, which results in payment, order placement, photo printing, cash withdrawal or other service actions. This way, kiosks help to achieve high user satisfaction at reduced customer service costs.

Architecture of Kiosk Software

Digital kiosk software architecture varies depending on the kiosk purpose and functionality. The key elements of ScienceSoft's typical kiosk solutions are a client application and controller software, which contains the business logic of the kiosk solution.

Kiosk software - ScienceSoft

Both software parts can run from one device with high processing power (a kiosk unit, a Mac computer, etc.) or reside in two closely located devices: a client app installed on any (usually portable) device and a controller on a standalone mini PC (Raspberry Pi, Intel NUC, etc.).

Kiosk software can either independently handle customer requests or securely communicate with the cloud server to process a request (e.g. banking kiosks). Communication with cloud is also necessary for kiosk software to upload activity reports or error logs to the cloud database and for kiosk administrators to perform maintenance via a cloud-based kiosk management software.

Key Features of Kiosk Software

At ScienceSoft, we divide kiosk software features into three groups: operational, service, and security and maintenance.

Key operational features

Information display and media playback

Advertising, informational or navigational audio-video content (core feature of digital signage kiosk software).

Touch screen input

On-screen keyboard input, interaction with on-screen UI elements, e-signatures.

Physical keyboard input

Processing of input data, use of basic control buttons (Ok, Cancel, Back).

Automatic onsite printing

Printing tickets and receipts to confirm service operations.

Kiosk-specific service features


Performing money transactions by reading a credit/debit card and processing payment (e.g., banking kiosk software for banks).

Cash disbursement

Money issuing, whether as bank account withdrawal or as change for a paid purchase (e.g., for kiosk software for banks).

Order placement

Ordering a product from a given menu (e.g., for restaurant kiosk software).


E-queues, hotel booking, travel tickets.

Printing on-demand

Printing images provided by a user (e.g., for self-service kiosk software for photo printing).

Security and maintenance

Kiosk lockdown software

Limiting user interaction with a kiosk to predefined actions.

Restricted web browsing

Limiting available internet resources in internet kiosks.

User session reset

Automatic system status reset and erasing session history after each user session.

Data logging

Sending user session records data and error logs to a cloud database, where it can be accessed by kiosk administrators.

Remote maintenance

Kiosk software health monitoring and updates deploying from a web administration panel.

Kiosk UI Samples

Below are some of ScienceSoft's sample UIs of kiosk solutions for various industries.

Self-Ordering Kiosk for Restaurants

Seat Booking Kiosk for Railways

Photo Printing Kiosk

Informational Kiosk for Museums

Billing Kiosk

Self-Checkout Kiosk

Interested in Kiosk Software Development?

Put your trust in ScienceSoft’s 33-year experience in developing software solutions – and get kiosk software tailored to your unique business needs.

ScienceSoft as a Reliable Software Development Vendor:

We have been working with ScienceSoft for 6 years and they have become our long-term technology partner. Our relationships covered multiple areas such as software development of server-based systems with desktop and mobile clients, software testing, consulting and system integration. ScienceSoft professional and knowledgeable staff has the willingness to endeavor best efforts to ensure project success. Every aspect of development is always handled with consideration and care. What we are especially impressed with is the high quality of the deliverables.

Markku Ursin, CEO BroadSoft


Important Kiosk Software Integrations

ScienceSoft's experience has proven that proper integrations are crucial for a kiosk solution's stable, secure, and effective performance. Below are the most popular integrations ScienceSoft encounters in its kiosk projects:

Kiosk software integrations - ScienceSoft

  • Controller software - to power a client app or apps used by customers with functional logics; communication is local, established via cable connection or Bluetooth/Wi-Fi.
  • Cloud - to allow a kiosk system access to the main cloud server (to process operations in case of banking and payment software), enable communication with the cloud database (for log collection/analytics) and remote control of kiosk software by an administrator; established via Web APIs.
  • Peripheral hardware (portable card readers, RFID band printers, etc.) - to enable the use of portable devices in kiosk systems that function on consumer tablets/PCs. Integration established via specific drivers.
  • Point of Sale (POS) software - to enable communication with main POS software, letting a customer place an order and send a payment; realized with the help of POS-specific APIs.

Success Factors of Kiosk Software

To make sure that a kiosk solution will help you achieve your business goals and get reasonable ROI, ScienceSoft recommends to pay special attention to the following aspects:

Sustainable performance

Lack of need for regular attendance is the key point of kiosks, that's why kiosk software should be sustainable and fail-proof, requiring minimum administrators’ involvement. At ScienceSoft, we design controller software to conduct basic self-checks and run automated troubleshooting that eliminates uncovered errors. We also develop a backup system that immediately notifies a maintenance team and provides error logs in case of serious kiosk failures.

Functional growth and scalability

In its kiosk solutions, ScienceSoft enables agile and continuous functionality expansion for kiosk software to help businesses iteratively adapt to customers’ changing needs and provide relevant service. We also consider it important to allow for ease and convenience of upgrades during kiosk software architecture design, since it will speed up roll-out of new features in the future.

Regulatory compliance

Depending on the kiosk’s functional specifics and the region it is located in, ScienceSoft makes sure that the kiosk software fully complies with respective necessary regulations, for example, ADA, HIPAA, GDPR, and PCI.

Kiosk Software Solutions: Success Story by ScienceSoft

Kiosk solution for in-store headphone check

  • Kiosk client app for Android tablets for choosing a track in a playlist. Controller software on Raspberry Pi.
  • Web administration app on PHP with smart graph analytics for effective sales planning.

Off-the-Shelf Operating Systems ScienceSoft Recommends for Kiosk Software

To run a client kiosk app, you need the input/output device to be powered by an operating system. If you want to avoid developing a custom (usually Linux-based) kiosk OS, ScienceSoft recommends targeting existing operating systems. Client kiosk software for Windows, Android, or iOS can be installed on any consumer device with a respective OS.



  • Available on Microsoft Surface tablets and all-in-one touchscreen-based PCs.
  • Offers out-of-the-box Kiosk Mode in Windows 10.
  • Kiosk Mode is limited to the apps published in Microsoft Store and Edge-based web browsing.
  • Widest choice of compatible peripheral devices.
  • Susceptible to malware.

best for

Kiosk solutions that involve integrations with multiple peripheral devices.


Home version – $139, Pro version – $199.99.



  • Open source OS.
  • Wide choice of supported mobile devices.
  • Rich view customization options.
  • Most affordable device prices.

best for

Large-scale kiosk solutions that imply a network of 50+ devices.





  • Restricted to the use of iPads/iPhones only.
  • iPads provide the best battery life of all other portable devices on the market.
  • Extremely secure, little to no risk of malware.
  • Offers out-of-the-box device control restrictions that simplify kiosk app lockdown.

best for

Kiosk solutions that require enhanced security.


Included in the cost of an iPad/iPhone, isn’t distributed separately.

Why Kiosk Software is Usually Custom by Definition

Touch screen kiosk software UI design - ScienceSoft

Off-the-shelf kiosk software offers can’t cater to various kiosk systems that use different hardware, have different functionality packs, and require different integrations. Moreover, out-of-the-box product are extremely difficult to evolve and upgrade, while growth is one of the key kiosk software success factors.

ScienceSoft's practice has shown that a tailored solution, compatible with any hardware you want to use, allows easier evolution and functional updates. Meeting your individual business requirements, custom solution also successfully satisfies customers’ needs and brings higher ROI.

Cost of Kiosk Software

Pricing Information

The cost of kiosk software development ranges between $130,000 and $150,000. The price of each project is calculated individually, knowing exact requirements of a client.

Need to plan your project budget?

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Custom Kiosk Software Implementation

ScienceSoft offers both consulting on and implementation of custom kiosk software.

Kiosk software consulting

  • Full business case creation.
  • Definition of custom kiosk software features.
  • Costs and development schedule estimates.
  • Kiosk system architecture design.
  • Detailed plan of integrations (with cloud, hardware, POS, etc.).
  • Assistance with hardware choice.
  • Interactive UX prototype as a PoC.
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Custom kiosk software development

  • Kiosk software consulting and development project planning.
  • UX and UI design of client and web admin apps in full compliance with ADA and WCAG.
  • Development and QA of a custom kiosk software solution (client app + controller software + kiosk management web app).
  • Deployment and integration with cloud, peripheral devices, POS, etc.
  • Continuous kiosk software support and evolution.
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About ScienceSoft

ScienceSoft is a global IT consultancy and software development vendor with 33-year experience headquartered in McKinney, Texas, US. We develop tailored kiosk software solutions to help businesses enhance customer acquisition and satisfaction while optimizing customer service efforts and costs. Being ISO 9001 and ISO 27001-certified, we employ comprehensive quality and data security management systems.