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Cloud migration services are aimed at moving companies’ applications and databases to the cloud environment to achieve greater flexibility and cost-effectiveness. ScienceSoft’s cloud migration services span from migration planning and design up to the support of the migrated solution until full migration success.

Rely on 9-Year Cloud Migration Expertise

ScienceSoft’s team is ready to cover end-to-end migration of your application(s) or DWH to the cloud for reduced cloud infrastructure costs and higher software performance.

What You Get with Migration Services

Planning and design

  • Migration strategy and plan tailored to your business needs.
  • Application(s) and data warehouse architectures adapted to the cloud.
  • CI/CD pipeline design for quick development.

Migration & optimization

  • Modernized application(s) or DWH.
  • Cloud infrastructure configuration.
  • Integration of cloud and on-premises environments to form a hybrid cloud infrastructure, if required.
  • CI/CD implementation.
  • Test strategy, test plan, test cases. Automated tests.
  • Data migration scripts, data migrated.

Knowledge transfer

  • Detailed process descriptions and policies regulating IT service provisioning after cloud migration.
  • Cloud-specific knowledge transfer to in-house architects, developers, testers, DevOps engineers, IT support specialists, DBAs, and security administrators.

Support & optimization

  • Setup of monitoring tools to measure cloud app/DWH performance, load, etc.
  • Cloud operating cost optimization strategy.


We respect deadlines and assign experienced PMs to each migration project to ensure consistent progress and timeline adherence to the migration process. Below you can find ballpark time estimations for cloud application migration:

Small app

Medium or large app

*Subsequent apps are moved faster due to the experience gained, e.g., with established migration processes dozens of applications can be moved to the cloud in a 6-month period or hundreds in a year.

Why Choose ScienceSoft

  • 32 years in IT.
  • Microsoft Gold Partner with 8 Gold Competencies, including Datacenter, Cloud Platform, Collaboration and Content, Data Analytics, Data Platform.
  • AWS Select-Tier Consulting Partner.
  • 9-year experience in cloud consulting and migration services.
  • 8-year experience in DevOps practices.
  • 10+ years in infrastructure services, including 8-year experience with AWS infrastructures and 9-year experience with Azure infrastructures.
  • Mature quality management system confirmed by the ISO 9001 certification allowing to implement projects fully meeting customers' quality, time, and budget expectations.
  • Guaranteed security of the customers’ data we access proved by ISO 27001 certificate.

Benefits of Cloud Migration with ScienceSoft

Reduced migration time and costs

  • Selecting a cost-optimal cloud platform for migration.
  • CI/CD implementation for faster development in the cloud.
  • The use of cloud services to reduce development efforts.

Optimized monthly cloud cost

Auto-scalable architectures and fitting cloud services to reduce cloud consumption.

High cloud performance

Auto-scaling routines, performance testing.


  • Maximum isolation of app microservices infrastructure components to retain the overall operability if a failure occurs.
  • Application performance management to detect and terminate problems early.

Enhanced security

Access management and component-level security and encryption of stored and transferred data.

Common Questions about Migration Services Answered

How can I be sure that my migration investments will pay off?

As a rule, we start with cloud migration consulting and assess the feasibility of your migration project based on the anticipated TCO, ROI, development time and cost.

How can a migration service vendor understand our app well enough to re-implement it in the cloud?

We can restructure your app without affecting its business logic:

  • Splitting an app into microservices corresponding to the app modules.
  • Stateless implementation of an app, if possible.
  • Use of cloud PaaS services for data storage instead of DBMS software.

Can cloud migration result in application misbehavior?

We provide automated testing to check app business logic, thus, we can continuously monitor how introduced changes influence it at no additional cost.

How can I control the migration project’s progress?

We ensure cooperation transparency to give you full visibility into the project progress. Thus, we work in adherence with SLA that outlines expected timelines, responsibilities, deliverables and KPIs to measure the quality of these deliverables, the team’s speed and responsiveness, and provide regular reports on the completed work.

Choose Your Cloud Migration Option

Application migration

(single or multiple apps)

We plan, design and implement your app(s) in the cloud, leveraging cloud services and efficient CI/CD pipelines to deliver high-performing and cost-effective apps. We carry out both single- and multi-app migrations of any complexity.

Data warehouse migration

We plan, design and migrate your DWH using cloud services and serverless ETL models to reduce cloud consumption costs and increase DWH performance.

Migration Pains ScienceSoft Cures


High cloud consumption costs


Autoscaled resource consumption without performance trade-offs. Optimal use of cloud services.


Inefficient development in the cloud


Mature CI/CD pipelines for fast app delivery. Integration of cloud services over writing own code.


Poor performance of cloud apps


Automated resource orchestration to withstand load surges.


Frequent failures of cloud apps


App performance management and automated testing to handle problems at the early stages.


Non-secure cloud environment


Well-tuned access management and component-level security. Automated backups and encryption for data safety.


Expensive migration beyond the due terms


Pragmatic migration to a cost-optimal cloud platform adherent to your needs while leveraging cloud services (e.g., managed PaaS environments) to reduce development efforts and cloud costs.

Opt for Cloud Migration Services NOW

  • +19%

    app performance

  • -37%

    IT infrastructure costs

  • +75%

    IT infrastructure team’s productivity

  • Migrate to the Cloud Smoothly

    ScienceSoft’s team carries out cloud migration with minimum disruption and reduced risks and ensures you get sustainable business outcomes by leveraging cloud environments.