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Software Consulting Services

• Strategic technology consulting for 30+ industries.

• Expert advice driving a 2–12x+ reduction in project costs.

• Software consultants with 7–20 years of experience.

• Compliance consulting: PCI DSS, HIPAA, GDPR, and more.

Software Consulting Services - ScienceSoft
Software Consulting Services - ScienceSoft

Our Consulting Offering for Startups and Enterprises

Learn how we can help you ideate, co-create, and launch a successful software product. 

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Our Service Scope: Technology Advisory and Beyond

Software consulting services help see and realize full business value that software can potentially deliver, and make reasonable future-proof software decisions. As a software consulting company, ScienceSoft offers expertise built on 4,000 success stories across varied IT needs.

Software stack assessment

Auditing the way your current software performs and meets your business needs, planning improvements to detected flaws and inefficiencies. Suggested action points may include software modernization, refactoring, migration.

Identifying flaws in a software architecture affecting performance and security, limiting software scalability. Redesigning the architecture with a focus on resilience, quick changes and optimized maintenance costs.

Planning gradual transition of your software to modern programming techs without disrupting critical business operations. Increasing the value of your software investment through legacy transformation.

Software selection

Evaluating software vendors and software pricing plans to match your specific requirements. Providing a software comparison summary pointing to the best-suited candidates.

Working out software solutions to cover your business needs. Assembling a full project team to release the solution described in a functional specification.

Assessing your software and validating its compliance with industry laws and regulations. Listing the requirements to license a software product.

Providing staff resources to complete the required skillset of any project role in your development team.

Building an effective DevOps pipeline to speed up your software delivery process.

Auditing your business processes and planning improvements with software-only changes: workflow automation, facilitated collaboration within internal and external teams, increased visibility into process performance, quick reporting, and more.

Reviewing your software development processes and tools. Offering best practices to accelerate the development process and raise the quality of software you create. Setting up project controls to keep project deliverables, schedules and costs on track. Guiding your transition to Agile practices.

Analyzing the target market and conceptualizing your software product with a unique selling proposition. Conducting UX research and planning branded UI design for the product. Building multi-tenant architecture.

Implementing time-saving testing automation practices. Providing skilled testing engineers within a staff augmentation service model.

ScienceSoft’s Software Consulting Projects

About ScienceSoft

Achieving project goals in spite of time and budget constraints, as well as changing requirements, is ScienceSoft's top priority. You set goals, we drive the project to fulfill them.

IT experts
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IT experts

Our software consultants specialize in various IT processes (software modernization, infrastructure optimization, etc.), programming languages and frameworks (.NET, PHP, Java, Python, and 50+ more), cloud computing (Azure, AWS, Google Cloud), and advanced techs (data science, AI/ML, IoT, blockchain, etc.).

years in IT
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years in IT

Over the years, we've helped companies from 30+ industries revamp business and IT processes towards better efficiency, resilience and agility. We gained the vastest expertise in healthcare and BFSI fields.

Around 4,000
success stories
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Around 4,000
success stories

Check out the experience of 130+ clients who honestly and transparently share their experience of working with ScienceSoft.

Our clients are from 70+ countries

Awards and recognitions

We Help Select, Build and Manage Different Software Solutions

Expertise across a variety of software domains allows us to provide precisely focused consulting services.

Software development consulting

Solution consulting

ScienceSoft USA Corporation Is a 3-Year Champion in the Financial Times Rating

Three years in a row (2022–2024), the Financial Times has included ScienceSoft USA Corporation in the list of 500 fastest-growing American companies. This is the result of our dedication to driving project success despite any constraints and disruptions.

We Help Manage Industry-Specific Software

Overall, we have provided software consulting and development services for 30+ industries. We have the fullest expertise in:

Software Development and Project Management Best Practices We Implement

We accurately scope the project at the start and help assess the feasibility of scope alterations later on to help our clients avoid scope creep.

We analyze the future project from different perspectives to factor in all possible risks and estimate its cost precisely.

Focus on user experience

We research user expectations to design winning UX and UI and ensure high user adoption.

We foster collaboration between all project stakeholders based on the principles of transparency, efficiency, and mutual respect.

We introduce quality control mechanisms at every stage of SDLC to help our clients detect and solve quality issues early on.

We implement a robust security management system to safeguard our client’s project environment, software, and data.

Centralized project knowledge

We establish mature documentation and knowledge management practices to create a single source of truth for all team members and avoid knowledge loss.

Objective success measurement

We help our clients define a unique set of success criteria and KPIs for reporting and project success estimation to stay in control of the project’s progress.

What Customers Say about ScienceSoft

Leo Burnett Worldwide: “We have a fantastic team of people doing our projects”

For 4 years, we have been trusted with software development projects from a world-famous advertising agency Leo Burnett Worldwide. Sam Gooby, Head of Platform Production at Leo Burnett, reveals his first-hand experience on cooperation with our team.

The ScienceSoft’s team has become an integrated part of Enonic, and we appreciate their efforts and passion for the product. The team is flexible and willing to try various technologies and frameworks to find the best possible solution to the problem at hand. As a result, Enonic XP has evolved into an easy-to-use and scalable platform, which is crucial for our success.

ScienceSoft’s developers used the microservices approach to ensure the system’s scalability, which is critical for us as our user base is growing. They selected and implemented techs that ensured the system’s availability and fault-tolerance in the future. We were particularly pleased with neat alignment of the developed module with our requirements.

ScienceSoft’s team members proved to be extremely flexible and responsive. They stayed in daily contact with us, which allowed us to adjust the scope of works promptly and implement new requirements on the fly. Additionally, the team delivered demos every other week so that we could be sure that the invoicing system aligned with our business needs.

Our Technology Portfolio

Our expert solution architects and software developers provide software development consulting services across a wide range of technologies.

Software Guides Created by ScienceSoft’s Experts

Enterprise software development guide

Our senior software developers share their insights on the specifics of large-scale multi-user software.

Read the guide

Telemedicine app development guide

We discuss how to succeed in the implementation of telehealth and virtual care.

Read the guide

Cloud migration guide

We share the experience of migrating on-premises infrastructure and data to the cloud.

Read the guide

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