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Ecommerce Consulting Services

Ecommerce consulting services - ScienceSoft

Having 17 years of experience in ecommerce, we voice out loud our competence in boosting the profitability of your business. Our ecommerce consulting services embrace:

  • A successful market entry,
  • Guidance in technology choice,
  • Business workflow optimization,
  • Business performance improvement.
Clean and elegant design
Win hearts with clean and elegant design
Sell more via custom product collections
Sell more via custom product collections
Help your customers find the right products
Help your customers find the right products
Stay in touch with your customers
Stay in touch with your customers
Guide your customers to an informed product choice
Guide your customers to an informed product choice
Let your customers navigate easily
Let your customers navigate easily
Unlock new sales opportunities
Unlock new sales opportunities

Facts and Numbers

  • 20+ ecommerce experts.
  • 17 years in ecommerce.
  • A team of business analysts adept in ecommerce.
  • Certified developers.
  • Projects with different product profiles and business models (B2B and B2C).
  • Ecommerce services from consulting to implementation and support.
We have a proprietary solution for a quick ecommerce launch
A business online presence has never been more in demand. We want to help offline businesses and offer to take them online within 5 weeks.

4 consulting directions we take

Market entry consulting

For startups and companies launching a new online sales channel, we provide a consulting service package for a risk-free launch.

  • Measuring the target market attractiveness: market size, growth potential, competitiveness
  • Identifying barriers to entry: industry regulations, entry cost
  • Producing a feasibility study: investment calculation, expected ROI
  • Polishing a market entry strategy

Technology consulting

The ecommerce software market is vast. We help you navigate the technology landscape and choose an optimal solution by:

  • Pinpointing your high-level business needs
  • Aligning business needs with technology requirements
  • Assessing your scaling and growth perspectives
  • Shortlisting optimal software vendors from cost-benefit perspective
  • Scoping an ecommerce solution
  • Calculating the implementation cost and time

Operational consulting

With operational consulting, we focus to improve and maximize the efficiency of a target business workflow. The area of our competencies embraces:

  • Supply chain management
  • Procurement and production planning
  • Order management and distribution
  • Marketing automation
  • Customer experience personalization
  • Data management and analytics

Business optimization consulting

We focus on business KPIs and review your strategy and technology aspects to drive traffic, conversions and revenue up. Our attention centers on:

  • Customer experience strategy
  • Digital user experience
  • Website design
  • Sales and marketing strategy
  • Data management maturity
  • Mobile presence
Success Story

Here is how we increased conversions by 6 times for a telecom services provider.

How We Bring Value with Ecommerce Consulting

Our ecommerce consulting services go beyond a narrower concept of digital user experience on your website and help you manage effectively the entire experience customers have with your company – from awareness to loyalty.

Here’re possible benefits you can get in four business-critical areas of online retail with ScienceSoft’s consulting.

Customer Acquisition

Customer acquisition

  • You adopt contextual commerce to sell to your customers whenever and wherever they find convenient.
  • Organic traffic comes both from commercial and informational search queries and altogether grows.
  • Your audience converts at each touchpoint.
  • You win Millennials and Generation Z with social commerce.
  • You encourage impulse buys.
  • You achieve a high ROI on sales and marketing channels.

Usability testing as a separate service

Digital customer journey

  • With appealing UI design, you build instant customer trust and strong brand identity.
  • Frictions during digital journeys are eliminated due to the reduced impulse abandonment rate.
  • Checkout conversions are increased.
  • Your customers have all the opportunities to purchase on the go.
  • A good share of your revenue comes from effective upsells and cross-sells.
  • Engagement marketing brings your customer relationships beyond a purchase transaction.
  • Your multi-channel customer support service allows for quick case resolution 24/7.

Customer Order Fulfillment

Customer order fulfillment

  • Automation of supply, distribution, inventory and order management workflows saves you operating costs in the long run.
  • Your customers experience no delays in order delivery.
  • With real-time inventory visibility, you timely detect stale stock and prevent understock.
  • From your analytics tools, you get precise demand forecasts.
  • Full visibility into the cross-channel purchasing history of your customers gives rise to personalized marketing campaigns.

Customer Retention

Customer retention

  • You track customer behavior, elicit behavioral patterns and tailor your communication strategy to different customer segments.
  • Your after-sale customer engagement is effective.
  • Personalized product recommendations in emails increase CTR and website conversions.
  • You put historical data to good use to assess potential outcomes of marketing campaigns.
  • Your ROI on email campaigns is high with digital marketing automation.
  • You capture and respond to customer feedback coming from a variety of channels (product reviews on a website, emails, social media, phone) in real time.

Our Consulting Approach

This last section is to ultimately win you over and convince that consulting thinking shortcuts your way to the best-suited ecommerce solution.

We are agile

We are agile

We give our unbiased take on all the goals and problems you come with. This allows us to design the best-suited solution for you and quickly wrap it up for implementation. Beyond that, we are pro-active and can initiate an investigation of your current solution and the workflows you have established to define the improvement potential. As a result, you invest wisely, whether in technologies or strategy shifts.

We are result-oriented

We are result-oriented

We are not the technology evangelists who force on the adoption of technologies just because they are feature-rich. When we offer you a solution, we clearly understand and communicate its value for your business.

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