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ScienceSoft offers development services by JavaScript engineers skilled in architecting and building large-scale web and mobile apps. In either a dedicated or augmented team, our developers leverage MEAN stack and other JavaScript frameworks to deliver dynamic frontends and sustainable back-ends.

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React Native

Mobile JavaScript developers skilled in React Native


Full-stack and back-end JavaScript developers skilled in Node.js

  • Since 2002 in JavaScript development.
  • 100+ JavaScript developers, 60+% Senior developers, 40% full-stack developers.
  • JavaScript developers have 6 years of experience on average.
  • Full-scale Project Management Office to manage dedicated teams.
  • Certified Scrum masters in-house.
  • Robust quality and data security management practices backed by ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certificates.
  • Ready to start a project in 2–5 days.
  • HQ – McKinney, Texas. Offshore development centers in Europe. Representative offices in the UAE, EU, and Georgia (US state).

In early 2020, we hired ScienceSoft to help our team with front-end portal development focusing on SCSS and Angular 9. ScienceSoft’s team is highly skilled and extremely committed to providing excellent results. The cooperation ran very smoothly. We enjoyed our collaboration with ScienceSoft and won’t hesitate to recommend their front-end development expertise!

Vilnis Vitolins, owner, LTA Nams

Need JavaScript Talents for Your Project?

ScienceSoft’s experienced JavaScript developers are ready to help you deliver both the front-end and back-end of your web or mobile application. By partnering up with us, you can also leverage the skills of QA engineers, support experts, or other talents that your JavaScript project may need.

ScienceSoft’s Six-step Hiring Process

Thanks to its comprehensive 6-step hiring procedure, ScienceSoft welcomes only the most skilled and extremely productive engineers on board.

  1. Careful CV scanning.
  2. HR specialist's interview.
  3. Test task 1 (soft skills).
  4. PM's/Team Lead's interview.
  5. Test task 2 (hard skills).
  6. CTO's interview.

The competition for ScienceSoft JavaScript developer roles is always very high (50+ applicants per position) and we always take our time to hire only the most skilled candidates. This way, we guarantee that our engineers will deliver the level of services that represents ScienceSoft as a brand.

Skills that Drive Our JavaScript Development

JavaScript frameworks, platforms, and libraries


Angular JS


13 years



ScienceSoft leverages code reusability Angular is notable for to create large-scale apps. We chose Angular for a banking app with 3M+ users.

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React JS



ScienceSoft achieves 20–50% faster React development and 50–90% fewer front-end performance issues due to smart implementation of reusable components and strict adherence to coding best practices.

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By using a lightweight Vue framework, ScienceSoft creates high-performant apps with real-time rendering.


With Next.js, ScienceSoft creates SEO-friendly apps and achieves the fastest performance for apps with decoupled architecture.


When working with Ember.js, ScienceSoft creates reusable components to speed up development and avoid code redundancy.



ScienceSoft uses Meteor for rapid full-stack development of web, mobile and desktop apps.

JavaScript-specific development tools

Mobile development frameworks

React Native


8 years



ScienceSoft reduces up to 50% of project costs and time by creating cross-platform apps that run smoothly on web, Android and iOS.

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With Ionic, ScienceSoft creates a single app codebase for web and mobile platforms and thus expands the audience of created apps to billions of users at the best cost.

Apache Cordova

ScienceSoft uses Cordova to create cross-platform apps and avoid high project costs that may come with native mobile development.


Microsoft Dynamics 365


14 years





A certified Microsoft partner, ScienceSoft creates CRM and ERP solutions powered by Dynamics 365 and optimizes most effectively a range of business operations.

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ScienceSoft achieves at least 20% increase in sales and 30% improvement in case resolution with well-thought-out and business-tailored Salesforce solutions.

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15 years





Solid expertise in SharePoint services has earned ScienceSoft a place in Clutch’s list of Top SharePoint Developers in 2023.

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12 years

A certified ServiceNow partner, ScienceSoft offers a proprietary 4-level implementation model that helps deliver the best value from ServiceNow adoption.

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SAP products are powerful and intricate. ScienceSoft will help you understand and realize the full value they can offer to your business.

Application monitoring

Source control

You can also learn more about our approach to the development process – agile development steps, DevOps practices, modular architecture design, and more.

Sample Profile of Our Senior JavaScript Developer 

Phil, Senior JavaScript Developer

Experience in JavaScript development: 7 years


Skilled in front-end architecture design and development of large and complex web solutions.

Major projects

  • Front-end development of an online collaboration platform for cybersecurity experts. Lead in a team of 15 developers.

Technologies: JavaScript (React.js, Redux), TypeScript, CSS3/HTML5, SASS/SCSS, Cytoscape, REST API, Jest.

  • Front-end architecture design and development of a web application for a furniture manufacturer and retailer. Senior in a team of 19 developers.

Technologies: JavaScript (React.js, Redux), MySQL, HTML, CSS, GIT, Jira.

  • Full-stack development and integration of an online marketplace for a CNC manufacturer. Senior in a team of 10 developers.

Technologies: JavaScript (React.js, Redux), TypeScript, HTML5, CSS3, Node.js, MongoDB, Stripe API, Jira.

Hard skills

  • Front-end and full-stack agile development of large web applications using React, Angular, Typescript, Vue.js, Ember.js, and Node.js.
  • Design and development of front-end architectures (MVC, SPA, PWA, micro-frontends, etc.)
  • Coding of UI components; knowledge of modern JavaScript design patterns.
  • Proficiency in SAAS and CSS; use of scalable and maintainable CSS architectures.
  • Ensuring cross-browser and cross-platform compatibility.
  • Knowledge of XML and XML-based standards.
  • Experience with relational (MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server) and NoSQL (MongoDB) databases.
  • Ability to quickly understand existing large codebases.
  • Unit testing and rigorous code review.

Soft skills

  • Flexible; adapts to new processes and requirements in under 3 days.
  • Clearly communicates ideas to teammates, PMs and product owners.
  • Cooperates with product owners during requirement verification.
  • Willing to lead and mentor juniors and/or new team members.
  • Eagerly contributes to discussions on front-end architecture design.
  • Bridges the gap between business needs and technical limitations.
  • Proactively polishes code, optimizes front-end performance to improve user experience.

Development methodologies and practices

  • Agile methodologies: Scrum, Kanban, XP.
  • DevOps.


Bachelor of Science in Computer Science.

Coding best practices

  • Adherence to JavaScript coding guidelines and code quality tools (e.g. JSLint).
  • Adherence to data security practices.
  • Descriptive names for all variables and in-code comments.
  • Code and dependencies are documented.
  • Code is divided into short and focused units.
  • Use of frameworks’ APIs, third-party libraries, version control tools.
  • Ensured code portability.
  • Reasonable code standardization and automation.

Unit testing

  • Unit tests are a part of a functional requirements specification.
  • Focus on verifying code behavior in response to the input of standard, boundary, and incorrect values.
  • After each significant code change unit tests are rerun to ensure proper performance.

Code review practices

  • Ad hoc review.
  • Peer review.
  • Code walkthrough.
  • Code inspection.

Code quality metrics

  • Maintainability index (MI).
  • Cyclomatic Complexity (CC).
  • Depth of Inheritance.
  • Class Coupling.

All types of software

Of various complexity

  • Large and complex applications, requiring 50+ FTE teams.
  • Applications with multiple integrations.
  • MVPs.
  • Libraries.

For all groups of end users

  • Custom enterprise platforms and corporate apps.
  • Commercial software products (B2B, B2C, B2E).

The Financial Times Includes ScienceSoft USA Corporation in the List of the Americas’ Fastest-Growing Companies 2023

For the second year in a row, ScienceSoft USA Corporation ranks among 500 American companies with the highest revenue growth. This achievement is the result of our unfailing commitment to provide high-quality IT services and create best-value solutions that meet and even exceed our clients’ expectations.

Our Hallmark JavaScript Projects

Mobile Video Streaming Apps for a TV Industry Leader

Mobile Video Streaming Apps for a TV Industry Leader

  • 5.5+ years of cooperation, ongoing evolution by 9 developers.
  • Multi-screen apps for online streaming used by 6 major US broadcasting companies.
  • A proprietary Backbone.js-based framework to enable fast and easy app updates via cloud..

Technologies: JavaScript, Backbone.js, jQuery, RequireJS, Underscore.js.

Team Augmentation for Marketplace Development: Go, Angular, Swift, Kotlin

Team Augmentation for Marketplace Development: Go, Angular, Swift, Kotlin

  • Development and support of a multi-vendor marketplace with 14 major product categories.
  • 1+ year of cooperation.
  • Iterative Angular 10 front-end development and evolution to ensure high user experience.

Technologies: JavaScript, Angular, TypeScript, Golang, Go kit, Kubernetes.

Redesign, Migration, and Modernization of a Corporate Training Web Portal

Redesign, Migration, and Modernization of a Corporate Training Web Portal

  • Team of 3 developers and 1 QA engineer working under the Scrum methodology.
  • Front-end modernization using the AJAX technology.
  • API integration testing and load testing to ensure stable performance.

Technologies: Angular 4, HTML, CSS, TypeScript, RxJS, AJAX, Selenium.

Development and Continuous Evolution of a CMS Product – Enonic

Development and Continuous Evolution of a CMS Product – Enonic

  • Team of 5 developers and 1 QA specialist.
  • 5+ years of cooperation.
  • Code refactoring from ExtJS to TypeScript to ensure dynamic nature of the CMS.

Technologies: JavaScript, TypeScript, HTML, CSS, ExtJS, Less.js.

Development of an Azure-based Software Product for Business Process Automation

Development of an Azure-based Software Product for Business Process Automation

  • Highly dynamic SaaS software product with a custom monitoring module.
  • Agile (Scrum) development with the DevOps (Docker, CI/CD) approach and the proprietary IMAAT (Integrated Manual and Automated Testing) technique.

Technologies: Angular 10, TypeScript 3.9, MySQL, MobX, Jasmine, RxJS.

AR Content Management System for a Digital Signage Solution

AR Content Management System for a Digital Signage Solution

  • Team of a PM, 2 senior Node.js devs, a senior React dev, a middle React dev, and a QA engineer working according to Scrum for 6 months.
  • Custom web app for managing AR content & devices.
  • Integration with a Unity3D plugin.

Technologies: Node.js, FeathersJS, Amazon S3, MariaDB; React, Redux.

How to Hire JavaScript Developers from ScienceSoft

Initial Request


You send us a request, specifying the number of JavaScript experts you need, their desired level of experience, as well as the model of cooperation you're interested in.

CV Scanning


ScienceSoft performs preliminary scanning of our experts' CVs in the database and sends you the most relevant ones.

Interview Scheduling


You choose the CVs you're most interested in and let us know the time you're available for interviewing candidates.



We help arrange the interviews with our JavaScript developers within 1-2 days.

SLA Preparation


After you confirm the experts' competence, ScienceSoft works with you to compose a service level agreement (SLA).



Once you sign, the experts (lead by ScienceSoft’s or your PM – you decide) immediately start working on your project.

How We Ensure Successful Cooperation

On-demand team adjustment

Whenever you request services of a dedicated JavaScript team or augment your existing team with our JavaScript experts for hire, ScienceSoft takes on responsibility to scale the teams up or down in just 1–2 days if required.

Transparency of progress and results

In case of a dedicated team cooperation model, we use such KPIs as cycle time, team velocity, and deployment frequency to make sure our JS developers always show the highest performance. We also give you access to our reporting tools, where you can track project progress and task completion.

Highly motivated employees

ScienceSoft takes care to motivate and provide professional growth possibilities for JavaScript developers to ensure their skills don’t get rusty. We regularly organize internal training sessions and encourage our developers to participate in tech conferences.

Hire JavaScript Developers: In-house vs. Outsourcing

Check the details
  • Building a solid team of 3-5 JavaScript developers can take up to 8-10 months, on average. By turning to a vendor, you get a team of this or larger size in a single week and launch your project faster.
  • Financial compensation for in-house employment includes payroll taxes. When you work with a vendor, you only make payments according to the T&M model by hourly rate, while the vendor handles taxes themselves.
  • When you hire JavaScript developers in-house, you have long-term legal obligations that you can’t easily abandon. In vendor outsourcing, you can put the cooperation on hold or cancel it with a 1-month notice.

Choose Your Cooperation Model

JavaScript team augmentation

Leverage the experience of ScienceSoft’s JavaScript developer(s) to handle skill deficiency or bridge staff gaps in your project.

Go for team augmentation

Dedicated JavaScript team

Entrust your JavaScript project or its part to a team of skilled JavaScript talents managed by ScienceSoft’s Team Lead/PM.

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