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Andrei Mikhailau

I manage all software testing and QA services ScienceSoft provides.
Software Testing Director,

With 23 years of overall experience in IT and software testing, Andrei joined ScienceSoft in 2006 as Test Team Lead to become Software Testing Director in 2007. The same year, Andrei has consolidated the company’s isolated test teams into the unified software testing department and has been in charge since its establishment.

In the newly created department, Andrei set up testing processes from the ground up and contributed to the department’s growth, which now comprises 75+ test engineers. Leveraging the expertise in software testing and quality assurance, Andrei has improved the company’s QA practice and enriched its service portfolio with test automation and UX testing services.

Andrei has guided ScienceSoft’s testing department through 730+ projects. Some of the recent projects include full-cycle testing of image processing applications for a global digital imaging leader and testing of a video streaming application for an international TV Everywhere service provider.

Encouraging continuous learning and sharing his expertise, Andrei is currently engaged in improving a knowledge management process at both the department and company levels. Also, Andrei writes articles covering non-trivial QA-related topics, which are of particular interest to QA professionals. For instance, recently he has explained how enterprises can improve software quality management and shed light on upcoming software testing trends.

Proactivity, creativity, and thirst for knowledge – these are the qualities I strive to breed in test engineers.

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Projects Andrei Contributed to

Software Testing and QA

Testing of a Video Streaming Application for an International TV Everywhere Service Provider

Software Testing and QA

Full-Cycle Testing of Two Image Processing Applications for a Global Digital Imaging Leader

Software Testing and QA

Comprehensive Managed Testing Services for US Multi-Industry Corporation