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Selected Success Stories from Our 3,600-Project Portfolio

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The selected case studies display how ScienceSoft’s solutions support and optimize transportation of cargo and passengers, enhance transport security with diagnostic and emergency systems, contribute to convenience of public transport services with route planners and smart card solutions, and more. With every transportation and logistics software development project, we focus on time-saving and cost-effective transportation solutions that streamline the business of respective service providers.

You are welcome to browse through our success stories to find out more about our experience in custom software development for logistics and transportation.

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Customer Portal Implementation to Protect Business Data Confidentiality

ScienceSoft implemented a Dynamics 365 customer portal integrated with a sales module for Saudia Cargo, Asia’s leading cargo airline.


Underwriting Automation Software for a Global Aviation Insurer with $30B in Assets

ScienceSoft developed a large-scale automated underwriting system for the global commercial insurance carrier. With the new powerful software, the Customer got improved underwriter productivity, minimized risk of fraud and non-compliance, and reduction in IT costs.


Development of an Image Recognition Mobile App for a Luxury Vehicles Manufacturer

ScienceSoft delivered an image recognition solution that allowed a luxury vehicles manufacturer to speed up user registration in the customer service system by 10 times.


Development of a Custom Fleet Management System

ScienceSoft has built and continues to evolve a custom IoT fleet management solution that supports 2,000+ customers with 26,500+ IoT devices.


Driver-Safe Route Management App for a 5,000-Employee Logistics Company

ScienceSoft created a full truck load (FTL) route management app for a US-based logistics company. The app enables real-time monitoring of long-haul multi-stop routes. It’s specifically designed to prevent distracted driving.


Dynamics 365 Implementation: Sales, Customer Service and Customer Voice

Building on Microsoft Dynamics 365 apps, ScienceSoft created an integrated environment for sales and customer service management for a logistics company.


Ecommerce Fulfillment Software Development for 3PL Companies

For 1+ year, ScienceSoft’s developers have been working with a 3PL software provider to develop their self-service portal and warehouse management system.


Outsourcing of Web-based Software Development for Aviation Insurance

During a 4-year outsourcing engagement, ScienceSoft’s team collaborated on the modernization of a 20-year-old legacy aviation insurance web application, replacing outdated non-maintainable technologies with moderns ones and optimizing its functionality.


SharePoint Intranet Customization for a Logistics Company

ScienceSoft improved the usability of a logistics company’s SharePoint intranet and aligned its UI with the customer’s brand book.


24/7 L1 Support for the World’s Leading Aviation eLearning Solutions

ScienceSoft has been delivering 24/7 L1 support for the users of the world’s leading SaaS aviation eLearning system. Thanks to ScienceSoft’s professional approach, the Customer enhanced user digital learning experience and consistently scores 92%+ in customer satisfaction with support quality.