Embedded Systems Development

Our experienced and highly skilled team delivers cost-effective embedded solutions helping customers to reduce time-to-market and minimize development risks. Reliable and stable systems developed at our company work on hundreds of embedded and mobile devices.

We provide the full cycle of outsourcing services for embedded real-time microprocessor-based products, including:

  • Requirements development.
  • Product design.
  • Embedded solution implementation.
  • Proper testing.
  • Support tasks.
Embedded environments
  • Freescale ColdFire board (VxWorks)
  • ICOP eBox-4300 ×86 architecture (Windows CE embedded)
  • AMD Geode LX800 ETX Module (On Time RTOS-32)
Development environment
  • Wind River Workbench (VxWorks)
  • Microsoft Visual Studio and Platform Builder Plug-in (Windows CE embedded)
  • Microsoft Visual Studio (with RTTarget-32 tools integrated)
  • Simulators and prototypes of mobile phones
Hardware platforms ARM, Blackfin, Xscale, x86, MIPS, PowerPC
Wireless IrDA, Bluetooth, IEEE 802.11, Zigbee, GSM/GPRS
Interfaces USB, Host/Client/OTG, Ethernet, LCD TFT/STN, Flash Cards CF/MMC/SD, PCMCIA, VME, PCI, ISA, SSP/SPI/uWire UARTs, CAN
Embedded programming languages
  • C (mainly for low level drivers) /C++ (for UI and business logic)
  • C/C++ (RTOS-32)
  • Java (J2ME) and C/C++ for mobile phones software development
Embedded operating systems
  • Real time OS: Wind River VxWorks and Microsoft Windows CE Embedded
  • On Time RTOS-32
  • Mobile phones OS, incl: Symbian, BlackBerry, Windows, Android