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With a 30-year experience in C++ development, ScienceSoft taps into the rich capabilities of the C++ language to create image, audio and video processing software, networking tools and browsers, VoIP solutions, high-performance software, engineering applications and many more. We use Qt – the C++ finest technology – to develop cost-effective cross-platform applications with advanced UI design.

Established Experience in С++ Development


30-year experience in C++ development: founded in 1989, ScienceSoft matured as an exclusive software development partner of Invention Machine Corporation (now part of IHS), creating C++ solutions and products that powered 40% of Fortune 500 companies

Viber Desktop

Viber Desktop developed with the help of ScienceSoft C++ team powers the VoIP company on its way to the first billion active users (it is 600 mln now)


25+ C++ developers

10 years in C++

Over 70% of developers with over 10-year experience in C++

Stop procrastinating app

Stop procrastinating app created by ScienceSoft has been acknowledged as the most effective Internet blocker and productivity tool on the market by a number of internationally recognized media, such as Le Monde, The Daily Telegraph, The Independent, the BBC and others

Viber Best Imaging Application

One of the image processing products we created has been awarded Best Imaging Application by a prestigious press photographers association

Successfull projects

100+ successfully delivered projects


100% of them being proficient with Qt

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Our Clients

Our C++ development services have been pushing established software product companies as well as aspiring startups to market success in the US and Europe. Some of them did not want to outsource prior to communicating with us but eventually became happy and loyal customers for years. Our clients go so far as to let us take over the development process and create entire product lines with only Product Owners on their side.

Software We Create

Image processing

Image processing

For 6 years, we have been helping a global leader in image processing to create award-winning photo enhancement tools, image quality evaluation applications and embedded software for manufacturers. Our team strives to enhance user experience in all aspects of digital imaging including processing, compression, storage, printing and display of digital images.

Image analysis

Image analysis

We use the power of C++ to deliver image analysis software for various business needs. Taking the best of rule-based and machine learning methods, we develop complex custom solutions for image recognition in Healthcare, Manufacturing and Retail. Our portfolio includes an app for automated brain tumor localization, software for automated optical inspection of printed circuit assemblies and a solution for facial recognition in retail. Based on open source OpenCV library and Caffe framework, our custom image analysis solutions combine high quality with reasonable price.

Audio and video processing

Our project portfolio includes various solutions to improve multimedia experience as well as make the most of audio and video for business and education:

  • Media players
  • Object and pattern detection
  • Audio and video processing
  • Video surveillance
  • Ad replacement system for global sporting events

Networking, browsers and browser plug-ins

Networking, browsers and browser plug-ins

Based on the established networking technologies like VPN, HTTPS, BitTorrent and others, we create solutions to enhance user experience and security during online presence of any kind. Among our featured projects there have been:

  • Multiplatform VPN solutions
  • Video and torrent download managers
  • Digital distribution platform for downloading games
  • Stop Procrastinating app
  • Photo manager

VoIP communicators

VoIP communicators

Our C++ team boasts of creating a desktop version of Viber, one of the world’s most popular instant messaging and VoIP apps with 600 mln users. In addition to that, multiple VoIP solutions developed by ScienceSoft now help business people communicate smoothly and securely within their distributed organizations.

Development and optimization of high-performance applications

Development and optimization of high-performance applications

ScienceSoft C++ team has gained substantial experience in creating and optimizing server- and client-side systems that feature high performance, efficiency and stability, such as:

  • Sophisticated 3D modeling software for structural and system testing of rotating wheels (40-200 times faster than the legacy system)
  • Semantic analysis of natural language texts (hundreds of thousands of webpages and patents)
  • Game modes for a global leader in massively multiplayer online gaming with over 80 million players all over the world

Engineering visualization tools and computational geometry

Engineering visualization tools and computational geometry

We develop applications that require visualization and computational geometry in the field of computer gaming, architecture, engineering, computer graphics, computer-aided design and so on.



Windows Phone

Frameworks/ libraries



Microsoft SQL Server

Development tools

IDE: Visual Studio, Qt Creator, Xcode, Eclipse
Static code analysis: cppcheck, Visual Studio, PVS-Studio
Refactoring tools: Visual Assist, ReSharper
Debuggers: MSVC Dbg, WinDbg, GDB, Valgrind
Build tools: CMake, QMake, Make, NMAKE, GYP, Ninja
Code-formatting tools: AStyle, Uncrustify
Versioning systems: Git, SVN, Perforce, Microsoft Visual SourceSafe
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