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C++ Development - ScienceSoft

C++ is a reliable programming language proven in the development of resource-intensive software due to the high performance, extendibility and portability it provides.

ScienceSoft’s developers use C++ to create libraries and a wide range of native and cross-platform software, including image analysis, virtual reality, IoT and 3D modeling solutions.

More Facts about ScienceSoft

ScienceSoft started as an exclusive software development partner of Invention Machine Corporation (now part of IHS), creating C++ solutions that powered 40% of Fortune 500 companies.

  • Mature development practices and project/team management processes.
  • On-site availability of PMs and BAs.
  • Fast team allocation: 2-5 workdays.
  • HQ – McKinney, Texas. Offshore development centers in Eastern Europe, representative offices in the UAE, EU, and Eastern Europe.

Our C++ development skills

Frameworks/ libraries

Databases / data storages

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Cloud databases (DBaaS)

Google Cloud Platform

Data analytics and machine learning


Development tools

IDE: Visual Studio, Qt Creator, Xcode, Eclipse
Static code analysis: cppcheck, Visual Studio, PVS-Studio
Refactoring tools: Visual Assist, ReSharper
Debuggers: MSVC Dbg, WinDbg, GDB, Valgrind
Build tools: CMake, QMake, Make, NMAKE, GYP, Ninja
Code-formatting tools: AStyle, Uncrustify
Versioning systems: Git, SVN, Perforce, Microsoft Visual SourceSafe

Development methodologies

Agile methodologies: Scrum, Kanban, Extreme Programming (XP)

Architecture designs and patterns

Traditional 3-layer architecture
Microservices-based architecture
Cloud-native architecture
Reactive architecture
Service-oriented architecture (SOA)
Various approaches to enterprise application integration

Soft skills

Ability to solve non-standard tasks
Proactive contribution of tech ideas
Easy adaptation to a customer’s processes, tools, and changing requirements
Check Experience of Our C++ Developers
Feel free to ask for CVs of C++ developers you’re looking for – we’ll send relevant examples with years of experience, skills, complex tech tasks resolved, and a number of successful projects completed.

We Create Software Designed For

Image analysis

Image and video processing

Audio signal processing

3D modeling and rendering

Virtual reality (VR)

Information security

User activity monitoring

Application performance monitoring (APM)

Ad exchange and real-time bidding (RTB)

Software Product Development for a Global Leader in Image Processing
  • 12 products for digital marketing developed by ScienceSoft.
  • 5 years of cooperation.
  • 7 teams with 30 C++ and Qt developers.
  • Time-to-market shortened to 3-4 months per product.
Viber Desktop Application Development
  • Cross-platform desktop version of the popular instant messaging and VoIP app.
  • 900 mln app downloads.
  • Technologies & tools: C++, Qt, WebRTC, Visual Studio.
Development of Invention Machine Software with Semantic Search
  • Product modules for semantic analysis of scientific effects, patents and various web services.
  • Server, GUI and QA teams in the project.
  • Tech stack: C++, JavaScript, Java, Microsoft Visual C++.
Development of Image Analysis Software for Automated Optical Inspection
  • Desktop app driven by machine vision to save time and increase quality standards of the manufacturing workflow.
  • 3 senior C++ developers in the project.
  • Tech stack: C++, Qt, OpenCV.
Development of an Application for LED Display Quality Diagnostics
  • Cross-platform app for Linux and Windows for real-time video monitoring, error detection and notification based on the image processing algorithms.
  • Technologies: C++, Qt, OpenCV.
Anti-Procrastinating App Development
  • Internet blocker running as a cross-platform desktop app.
  • 2 C++ developers and a team of testers in the project.
  • Acknowledgments by The Daily Telegraph, The Independent, BBC, Le Monde.
Development of a Mac’s Version of the Web Browser
  • The browser was customized with C++ libraries for sleek UX and cryptographic tools for enhanced security.
  • 2-year cooperation.
  • 10+ mln active users monthly.
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ScienceSoft has delivered cutting-edge solutions to complex problems bringing in innovative ideas and developments. ScienceSoft follows specifications very rigidly, requiring clear communication about intended functionality. My final comment about ScienceSoft reflects their dedication to handle any problem that occurs as a result of hardware or software issues; simply put, they will go the extra mile to support their customers regardless of the time of day these issues arise.

 Mark Atkins, CEO, Invention Machine Corporation

Team augmentation with C++ developers

Suitable for: covering the resource gaps of your in-house team with 1-3 C++ developers managed by you directly.

Pricing model: T&M by an hourly rate.

A dedicated C++ team

Suitable for: team augmentation with more than 4 developers who are managed by a PM on our side.

Pricing model: T&M by an hourly rate.

Turn-key project (or its part) outsourcing

We cover all the development stages end-to-end: BA, UX/UI, architecture design, software development, QA, support and evolution.

Pricing models:

  • Fixed price.
  • T&M in case of undefined scope of work, agile development, long-term projects.