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Web Portal Development Services

In web portal development since 2005, ScienceSoft will diligently study the goals of your future portal and pack the needed functionality into a usable custom web app.

Web Portal Development Services - ScienceSoft
Web Portal Development Services - ScienceSoft

Web portal development is an end-to-end service to plan and implement a secure and user-friendly digital space to serve your customers, partners, and employees. Web portals enable self-service functions for target users and give access to services, products, information, and communication tools.

Web Portals We Can Create for Your Business

A web portal is a secure web-based platform that gives access to varied functionality and content via an easy-to-navigate interface. A web portal development company with expertise in full-stack web techs, ScienceSoft can help you create a web portal of any type to cover your specific needs in engaging with the audience, be it your customers, partners, or employees.

Vendor portals

We improve procurement processes for manufacturers and non-manufactures (banks, education establishments, government institutions).

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B2B portals

We digitally support any processes between businesses: trading, procurement, manufacturing, distribution.

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Self-service portals

We aggregate information on your company’s products or services and allow registered users to request the information, activate / de-activate and schedule services, contact the company’s representatives, resolve issues.

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Customer portals

We create a digital space where your customers can access your products and place online orders, subscribe for services, submit maintenance requests, share their experience with you and other users.

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Employee portals

We implement a secure platform for your employees to submit and manage requests for HR, IT, and facility-related services, access structured corporate data, collaborate, and stay up-to-date with corporate events.

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Patient portals

We provide your patients with secure access to their personal health information (PHI), enable self-scheduling of appointments and telehealth visits.

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Ecommerce portals

We create intuitive buying experience for business buyers and individual consumers, and can integrate an ecommerce portal into an omnichannel retail ecosystem.

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Sales portals

We set up a space where your sales agents and business partners can access sales materials (case studies, white papers, product specifications, etc.).

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eLearning portals

We create portals for commercial training providers and corporate training programs.

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Community portals

We connect people with similar interests and encourage them to acquire new knowledge and share their experience via forums, blogs, chats, and other communication means.

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Insurance portals

We introduce seamless digital experiences and process automation for insurers’ clients, employees, agent teams, and suppliers.

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Investor portals

We help you streamline investor onboarding and communication, promptly and securely share investment data and documents.

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The Diversity of Web Portals in Our Portfolio

Our Happy Customers

Harding and Carbone has been very pleased with selecting ScienceSoft as a web app development company for developing a web portal for our customers. Their professionalism, expertise, guidance, organization, and timing has been wonderful. They were also very patient with explaining their process and the next steps if we ran into any issues that we did not understand.


We contracted ScienceSoft for end-to-end development of our client portal. The portal they delivered fully meets our expectations in terms of functionality and design. Now we have a secure web platform to ensure seamless customer access to our crypto products and promote our latest DeFi offerings. Plus, ScienceSoft managed to launch the portal quickly, which was essential to support the release of our new products.

LTA Nams
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Our company worked on a scalable and secure portal to buy, sell and store cryptocurrency. To deliver advanced user experience, the portal needed a highly adaptive and compelling UI with different kinds of financial graphs and diagrams. ScienceSoft’s frontend developers handled the prompt implementation of design changes for the existing and new portal pages and for the mobile version of the portal. The cooperation ran very smoothly.

Bringing Innovations to Web Portal Design

Delight your customers, employees or business partners by offering them advanced opportunities to collaborate, work, and chat.

AI chatbots

for faster, yet helpful, customer service.

AI-powered personalization

to create dynamic digital experience.


to enable remote healthcare services.

AR-powered user manuals

to explain visually each installation or repair step.

AR-powered learning programs

to visualize the concepts being taught and create interactive content.

Crypto payments

to enable intermediary-free transactions.

Live video consultations

to replace one-to-one customer service.

Remote servicing

to monitor the functioning and provide remote after-sales support of sold complex machinery or devices.

Voice-controlled navigation

for content search and input.

Laying the Foundation for Great User Experience

Each web portal is a unique solution that is created strictly for the needs of a particular company and often combines the features of 2-3 portal types. And while the functionality and design of a portal are discussed individually, there are certain characteristics that we always specify in functional and non-functional requirements as they are essential for user experience.

Convenient user onboarding

  • Step-wise registration process.
  • User identity verification.
  • Two-factor authentication to protect confidential data.
  • E-signature management.
  • A possibility to upload digital documents.

Diverse user engagement

  • Mobile-friendly, adaptive web design.
  • Interactive tools like feedback forms, calculators, contact forms.
  • Content personalization based on the user roles and interaction history.
  • Media-rich pages displaying embedded media, uploaded directly or hosted via YouTube, Vimeo and other websites.
  • Straightforward website navigation.

Easy content management

  • All types of content pages: searchable product / service catalogs, real-time pricing and inventory viewing, multimedia galleries, blogs, etc.
  • Drag-and-drop page builder.
  • Unified content publishing styles to bring order to information and ensure integrity during the portal updates.
  • User-generated content.
  • Content versioning and scheduled publishing.

Reliability and security

  • Scalability to handle the growing number of users and data.
  • High performance to ensure users can access the content and tools quickly.
  • Compliance with local laws and legislations (e.g., HIPAA compliance for storing and processing PHI).
  • Encrypted transfer and storage of login credentials and sensitive data.

How We Set Up Web Portal Pricing

The choice between platform-based or custom web portal development is one of the most price-determining decisions we make at the project start. See the benefits and limitations of each approach and reach out to our web development team to get your individual proposal and project estimation.

Platform-based development

Custom development





Estimate the Cost of Your Future Web Portal

Share with us the functions you envisage for your future portal, and we will present a solution concept with calculations of time and budget needed for its implementation.

Our Services 

Since 2005, ScienceSoft provides all-around services for online portal development: from consulting, planning and designing to portal deployment and after-launch support. We see our mission in achieving project goals in spite of time and budget constraints, as well as changing requirements. We have ISO 9001 certified quality management and ISO 27001 certified information security management and provide compliance with HIPAA, GAMP, FDA, PCI DSS, SOC 3, GDPR, and more.


Our consultants:

  • Retrieve business and user needs.
  • Define portal functionality and tech stack.
  • Develop a business case.
  • Estimate portal ROI.
  • Design a portal architecture for high performance, security and scalability.
  • Deliver UX/UI mock-ups.
  • Provide a project management and implementation scenario, project cost & time estimates.
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Full-cycle development

Our team offers:

  • Portal consulting and planning.
  • Custom and platform-based portal development.
  • Mobile app development (if required).
  • Integration with third-party systems.
  • User training.
  • After-launch support.
  • Continuous portal management and evolution (on demand).
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Key Differences between Web Portal Solutions and Websites

Web portal


Web Portal Development Steps






Iterative development


Portal integration with other software


QA and testing


Deployment and setup


After-release support


Ongoing monitoring (optional)

Technology Stack We Use

Build a User-Friendly and Full-Function Web Portal for Business

ScienceSoft’s team is ready to deliver the most challenging portal projects to help you leverage streamlined, transparent and consistent web communication with your clients, partners, employees, or community.