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Web Development Consulting Services

Consultants with Hands-On Experience in Web Development

Having completed 1,900+ web projects, ScienceSoft has the widest expertise in different types of web software, architectures, and business processes. Our web consultants will help you make confident, cost-effective, and future-proof decisions on any web initiative.

Web application consulting - ScienceSoft
Web application consulting - ScienceSoft

Diverse Consulting (and Not Only) Services for Any Web Initiative

Web development consulting allows you to get professional advice on the architecture, design, and development of your web software. Engage ScienceSoft's web consultants throughout the life cycle of your web software and enjoy its perfect functioning, fast performance, and full alignment with your business needs.

Product design

At its fullest scope, the service covers the elaboration of a development-ready solution concept, focusing on functional specification, branding, UX and UI design, competitive strengths, and technology selection. Do you need to address only a part of these tasks? No problem, we are up to the job!

Architecture consulting

We analyze your functional and non-functional requirements to choose the best-suited architectural approach and technologies for your web software. We work with traditional architectural models (3-tier, microservices, cloud-native architectures) and specific cases (e.g., big data and IoT architectures).


We solve such problems of legacy web apps as inability to implement fast changes, unreasonable maintenance costs, large and growing technical debt, security risks and non-compliance. You may have a different reason for a headache, but don't worry — we'll find the best pill.

Cloud migration

If you consider grabbing the benefits of the cloud, we will provide you with a smooth transition strategy that considers your app's characteristics and migration readiness. You will know an optimal migration approach and cloud services to fit your needs.

Compliance management

We shortlist all the regulations around data security and user privacy your web software must meet and elaborate a compliance program. The latter covers security-first design of your software and underlying infrastructure, processes, documents, and employees' compliance awareness.


We are not just consultants but savvy programmers too. By deciding to outsource web application development to us upon the consulting, you avoid the need to change the team you are working with and onboard a new vendor.

Process audit

We will help you improve the delivery speed, manage project risks effectively, and avoid overheads by keeping a web development process compliant with best practices and standards. We can also put in order your project documentation to facilitate further software evolution.

Code audit

We check your code for errors, vulnerabilities, and coding standards violations to prevent problems with software speed, security, and maintainability.

UX audit

If your web app has low adoption or conversion rates, we can assess its user experience. We'll find gaps where you don't address your target audience in the most efficient way or have cumbersome user journeys, and plan improvement actions.

Performance optimization

We will launch a comprehensive investigation of a performance problem, look into your code and app configuration to find its roots and fix it.


We've helped 1,900+ companies get well-functioning web software and can help you resolve any app malfunctioning you are struggling with.

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Types and Examples of Web Software We Work With

Web solutions have different everything: architecture, level of interactivity, user experience, design, etc. Thanks to our vast experience, we can quickly understand your specific solution and know what is important in your case.

Customer-facing apps

  • Ecommerce apps
  • E-marketplaces
  • Customer portals
  • Online auctions
  • Service apps (e.g., flight booking apps)
  • Online banking apps


  • Corporate websites
  • Portfolio websites
  • Digital media websites

Web portals

  • Vendor portals
  • Partner portals
  • Patient portals
  • Employee portals
  • eLearning portals
  • Government portals
  • Insurance portals
  • Investor portals
  • Community portals

Enterprise apps

  • ERP
  • Collaboration software and intranets
  • CRM
  • Financial management software
  • Document management software
  • Knowledge and learning management software
  • Any custom web application for specific enterprise needs

ScienceSoft as a Mature Web Consulting Company

  • In web development since 1999, we have been creating, revamping, fixing, and maintaining web software for 20+ years.
  • We have a portfolio of 1,900+ web projects.
  • 130+ satisfied clients generously shared their experience of working with ScienceSoft.

  • We work globally and know the business and regulatory specifics of the US, Europe, and the Gulf region.
  • We have worked with 31 industries, including healthcare, BFSI, manufacturing, retail, logistics, oil & gas, and telecoms.
  • Our professional achievements are celebrated not only by our team but also by reputable market researchers.

How We Make the Cooperation Comfortable and Productive

Mature but not old-fashioned

We use modern web development frameworks, build Web3 and progressive web apps, and enable advanced functions with AI or extended reality tools to keep our clients ahead of the competition.

Quality and security at the top level

We’ve brought our quality and security management approaches in compliance with ISO 9001 and 27001 standards. This means we can guarantee consistent service quality and full security of our clients’ data.

Realistic estimates

We thoroughly research our clients’ business requirements at the initial stage of our cooperation. This allows us to scope the work and estimate the budget accurately to avoid scope creep and overspending later on.

Collaboration, not competition

When we are not the only experts on your project (for example, we work with your in-house or third-party web development team), we set up transparent and efficient communication with the other team to always stay on the same page.

Understanding business value

We are technology consultants first, but we always assess how our input will affect your business metrics. We will keep looking for the optimal solution and suggest workarounds until we find one that will ultimately bring the highest business value to you.

Services beyond advisory

If needed, we can augment your team with any required tech skills, from web developers and QA specialists to data scientists and cybersecurity experts.

Our Stack of Web Technologies, Platforms and Services

Interested in a particular tech? Click the icon and see if we have more details to share.

We Work with Technologies But Don't Overlook Human Relationships

We strive to make the whole cooperation with our team as comfortable as possible.

Available for extra work

We don't limit our services to advisory work only. We can do the development, testing and support too.

A good ear for dialogue

We recommend the most optimal solutions. But if you reject them for any reasons important to you, we will think of workarounds.

Ease of communication

We value your time and offer to set up a convenient schedule of our communication for work planning and reporting on results.


We surely take into account the requirements and expectations that you share with us. What's more, we invoke our own experience to see hidden factors that will impact a solution.

Understanding business value

We are technical consultants. However, we always assess how the actions we recommend will improve your business KPIs.

Collaboration, not competition

When we are not the only web experts on your project (for example, we work with your in-house or third-party web development team), we build the work on mutual respect and effective collaboration.

Don't Struggle with Challenges Alone — Delegate Them to Experts

ScienceSoft's web development consultants will be happy to help you on the way to a user-friendly, high-performing, and efficient web solution.

Do You Have These Doubts in Mind?

Are consultants worth the money? Can we just hire web developers and save the budget?

Though our web consultants have the technical background and can do the programming, they have something extra that creates new value for you — business thinking. While web developers focus on proper bug-free implementation, consultants assess how good and farsighted every technical decision is.

Doesn't it complicate and prolong the process if we hire consultants first and then proceed with the implementation or troubleshooting part?

You surely know the proverb: measure twice, cut once. Applying it to our situation, consultants do the measuring part: they elicit non-obvious requirements, predict risks, try out different solution options. They do all this to ensure that all decisions you make about your web software are the best in cost-benefit ratio and future-proof. Yes, it takes time but saves you from regrets and redevelopment.

We have talked to other web consultants who tried to upsell more long-term (and more expensive) cooperation to us. Can we avoid this with ScienceSoft?

You can surely engage us for advisory work only. We've talked about our web development expertise within this service to let you know the opportunity exists. But only you decide whether you need it or not.

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