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Web development services imply designing, building, integrating, scaling and maintaining software that work via intranet or internet. A full-stack web development company with 21 years of experience in the field, ScienceSoft delivers highly available, functional and visually engaging web products and both platform-based and custom web solutions for enterprises.

  • Full-service software development company.
  • 31 years in IT.
  • Over 700 employees.
  • 700-employee business partner network.
  • 2,695 success stories
  • 7 years in DevOps practices.
  • 9 years in IoT consulting.
  • 7 years in big data.


Back end

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Front end

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Databases / data storages

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Microsoft SQL Server


Apache NiFi

Real-time data processing

Apache Spark Streaming
Apache Storm
Apache Kafka Streams
Amazon Kinesis
Azure Event Hubs
Azure Stream Analytics


GitLab CI/CD
Apache Mesos
HashiCorp Terraform
Red Hat OpenShift
HashiCorp Packer
AWS Developer Tools
Azure DevOps
Google Developer Tools


Web services/microservices/serverless software architecture design.

Seamless integration with custom and third-party software.

Cloud-native development in accordance with practices and tools defined by Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF).

Mobile-first, responsive and intuitive UI design.

Deep background in containerized environments and a mature DevOps culture.

Agile methodologies (Scrum, Kanban, etc.): major releases every 2-6 weeks, minor updates up to several times a day.

Regular status reports and regular project progress review.

What Our Customers Say

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Our Hallmark Web Development Projects

Inventory Management Software for Herbal Medicine Manufacturer

Built in just 3 weeks, the custom inventory solution monitors the herbs stock at the stages of harvesting, internal packaging and storing, automatically extracts the info from the electronic scale and generates inventory reports.

Java Back End for an Innovative Hotel Self-Service App

ScienceSoft created the Java back end for web and mobile versions of a hotel self-service application of a promising startup and provided needed third-party integrations. The chosen tech stack and architecture ensure that the app stays fast and responsive even in the context of multi-userness and high-volume data processing.

The World’s Largest PLM Software

A unique cloud-based product life cycle management platform, powering 20,000 retailers, manufacturers and suppliers in 110 countries. The platform helps the industry players conjoin their efforts, knowledge and clients, and provides users with advanced analysis and reporting capabilities.

Care Team Coordination Web Application for 120+ Caregivers

The solution allows assigning care team members to each patient and notifying the selected members about the specific patient events in line with the RACI matrix.

Employee Performance Management Software for a US Telecom Provider

The web system contains questionnaires for employee assessment, forms to set performance goals, and performance improvement plans for managers.

Well Log Data Tracking Software

The web solution allows specifying various parameters of the well development workflow, assigning tasks to team members, tracking the tasks and notifying relevant parties about specific events.

Trade Marketing Planning Software for 82,000 Staff FMCG Company

The web system consists of two applications – a field planning tool and a market integrated platform – and allows creating trade marketing plans within a certain geographical area.

Online Banking Software for an Asian Bank with 3+ Mln Customers

The solution supports money transfers with a unique generated code, split payments, setting up card spending limits, creating virtual cards, and more.

Data Analytics Platform for a US Telecom Company Operating in 18+ States

The web solution helps measure the user engagement, identifies the preferences of a particular user, spots trends in and predicts user behavior, invoices advertisers, and more.

Online Bond Portfolio Management Software for a Financial News Agency

The web solution allows financial and investment professionals to track their activities with bonds and generate reports.

Want to Understand Your Web Dev Project Costs?

ScienceSoft’s professionals experienced in web development projects of varying complexity in 23+industries are ready to conduct a comprehensive estimation of your new web dev initiative.

Web dev consulting

We help you:

  • Form a product idea and decide on “killer features”/ envisage a web app meeting your business needs.
  • Assess the project’s technical feasibility.

We deliver:

  • App concept design for smooth operation and evolution.
  • UX and UI mock-ups.
  • Cost & time estimates.

Full-cycle web app dev and support

We provide an end-to-end web dev service that includes:

  • App ideation.
  • App architecture design.
  • UX/UI design.
  • App development.
  • Integration with back-end solutions.
  • Continuous app support and management.

Managed web dev

Using your requirements specification, our team creates a scalable, portable, reliable and secure software ready to enter the market or address your specific business needs.

On demand:

  • Add advanced techs (AI, VR, data science, IoT).
  • Integrate the app with third-party systems.

Need to Fill In Resource Gaps in Your In-House Web Dev?

ScienceSoft has a pool of more than 700 BAs, designers, software architects, developers, security and QA experts who can bring to the table expertise in from-scratch and platform-based (Magento, Salesforce, Dynamics 365, ServiceNow, etc.) web development.

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ScienceSoft offers well-established agile development processes and DevOps culture, latest software design patterns, cloud-native architectures, regular code reviews, and a high degree of automation.

Build an App That Lasts. Fast and Smoothly

ScienceSoft is here to help you craft a seamless and intuitive digital experience with quick and effective web software development.