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IoT services comprise strategic consulting, development, data analytics, and application management aimed at helping organizations solve their business challenges and tap in new revenue streams via IoT technology.

An IoT vendor with 9 years of experience, ScienceSoft offers full-range IoT services and helps organizations work out reliable and cost-effective ways of addressing their business challenges and tech obstacles with IoT technologies.

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Whether you plan to launch a new IoT initiative or upscale an existing IoT application, ScienceSoft will support you with a relevant service.

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Strategic IoT consulting

Our business analysts and software architects will help you create or tailor a solution that addresses your business objectives with full-range IoT consulting comprising:

  • Strategic planning and business case development.
  • Technology stack selection.
  • IoT architecture design.
  • Cybersecurity strategy design.

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Full-cycle IoT development

We support businesses in their IoT development initiatives with:

  • Firmware engineering.
  • Data warehouse design and engineering.
  • Data analytics implementation.
  • Custom web and mobile application development (dashboarding, visualization).
  • Network engineering and implementation.
  • Device and network security testing.
  • API design and provisioning.
  • Application launch.

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IoT analytics

We help businesses draw actionable insights from IoT data with comprehensive IoT analytics services:

  • Implementing IoT analytics solutions. We offer full-cycle IoT analytics solution development – starting from needs analysis to solution launch and management – for you to draw insights from IoT data with your own enterprise-wide analytics tool.
  • Offering IoT analytics as a service. If you want to bypass implementing an in-house analytics solution, consider obtaining IoT insights based on a subscription model – you gain access to a web interface, while we handle the solution’s technical realization.

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IoT application management

We make sure you gain continuous value from your IoT application by providing:

  • Technical support and troubleshooting: service desk, data integrity and issue management for quick identification of data quality, application availability and usage issues.
  • Cloud management: cloud resources consumption monitoring and optimization, tuning scaling policies and the choice of used instances and storage classes for an optimal application behavior at manageable costs.
  • Security management and regulatory compliance: network, server, database, and application vulnerability assessment; penetration testing; infrastructure compliance review and reporting; DDoS and APT prevention and mitigation.
  • IoT solution evolution: application updates and expansions for supporting your changing business needs.

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We developed IoT solutions and provided IoT consulting services for businesses operating in a range of industries, including:

Our Project Portfolio

Development of IoT application for construction health monitoring

We developed a smart construction monitoring system that collects and processes the data from sensors installed throughout the strategic points of a construction site and informs operators about building defects and deformation via an intuitive dashboard.

Development of IoT application for smart home control

We empowered a smart home appliances supplier with a mobile app for remote management of smart home systems. The app allows controlling indoor air and water temperatures and provides all-day-round surveillance via cameras and motion detectors.

Development of software for a pet tracker and an iOS and Android mobile app for remote tracker management

ScienceSoft developed software to power a GPS pet tracker and a mobile app for iOS and Android to manage the tracker remotely, as well as a Python backend for bidirectional communication between the tracker and the app.

IoT consulting services for a leading Internet of Vehicles company
IoT consulting services for a leading Internet of Vehicles company

ScienceSoft helped a leading Internet of Vehicles company enhance data analytics capabilities of their IoT data collection and storage solution. We designed an architectural concept of the solution and provided recommendations on improving its performance.

Why choose ScienceSoft to support your IoT initiative?

  • 31 years in IT and 9 years in IoT.
  • Eight Microsoft Gold competencies including Application Development, Application Integration, Data Platform, Datacenter, Cloud Platform, and Data Analytics.
  • AWS Select Consulting Partner, Oracle Partner Network Member.
  • Extensive expertise in developing multiuse IoT solutions.
  • Expertise in working with all components of an IoT ecosystem, including device/sensor connectivity; streaming, storage, and analysis of sensor data, incl. image analysis, and user applications.

IoT ecosystem components we cover

IoT architecture


Device and sensor connectivity


Real-time data processing

Big data

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Microsoft SQL Server

Back end

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Front end


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