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Hire Java Developers

40+ Pre-Vetted Java Experts

Java is a powerful programming language for development of complex enterprise software, SaaS solutions, and IoT apps. ScienceSoft offers flexible Java resource outsourcing and team augmentation to help you get your Java tasks completed reliably and on time at reduced costs.

Hire Java Developers - ScienceSoft
Hire Java Developers - ScienceSoft

ScienceSoft’s Java Highlights

  • 25 years in Java application development.
  • 40+ Java developers for hire.
  • Developers with 10-year practical Java experience on average (up to 20 years).
  • Oracle certified Java developers.
  • Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) certified engineers.

ScienceSoft’s development highlights

Deep background in containerized environments and mature DevOps culture.

Proficiency in serverless and cloud-native development in accordance with practices and tools defined by Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF).

Established development, project management, and code quality assurance processes.

Experience in advanced techs, including big data, IoT, machine learning, blockchain, image analysis.

ScienceSoft vs. In-House Developers and Freelancers

Guaranteed software quality. You gain easy access to the expertise and best practices of verified top-level IT professionals that follow an established quality management system.

Reduced costs. Outsourcing from a reliable vendor is significantly cheaper than hiring, onboarding, and training your in-house developers. Also, you only pay for the resources you truly need at the moment.

1.5–2x faster software development due to high-quality coding, mature Agile and DevOps processes.

A cooperation model of your choice: a prebuilt complete delivery team or team augmentation.

Easy adjustment of the team size and composition, if needed.

What We Build in Java

Enterprise Java-based applications

  • Complex enterprise systems (ERP, CRM, SCM, enterprise asset management (EAM), PIM, enterprise content management (ECM), etc.).
  • Industry-specific applications, e.g., EHR, online banking, POS.
  • Web portals (vendor, customer, self-service, ecommerce, community portals).
  • Ecommerce websites.

Java-based products

Including XaaS applications with millions of users and response of <1 sec.

  • Self-service applications (including mobile banking).
  • Multiplayer game back end.
  • Video streaming and processing software.
  • VoIP and messaging applications.

Innovative software in Java

  • IoT applications for managing smart connected devices.
  • Big data processing and analysis software (e.g., for IoT sensor data, customer activity, SCM events).
  • Image analysis software.
  • Cybersecurity applications.

Other software in Java

  • Private/public APIs.

Our Java Projects

Meet Some of Our Java Developers

Senior Java Developer
18 years of experience
Senior Java Developer
15 years of experience
Senior Java Developer
6 years of experience
Amazon S3
AWS Lambda
Amazon Kinesis
Senior Java Developer
16 years of experience
Senior Java Developer
18 years of experience
Apache Kafka
Senior Java Developer
6 years of experience
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Frequently Asked Questions

What SDLC models do you work with?

For 98% of our development projects, we use Agile, and 80% of them are executed in Scrum or ScrumBut. With Agile (Scrum), we work in efficient 2-3-week sprints to develop the software iteratively. Overall, we have been practicing Agile since 2007.

We opt for the Waterfall model for those development projects where we can fully understand and agree on the exact functional and technical requirements before any coding starts.

In software support and evolution projects, we mostly follow Kanban.

Do you provide a 'build it, run it' model?

Yes, we offer dedicated Java teams that are ready to take full technical ownership of the project and be responsible for everything from planning and development to infrastructure setup and management.

Who owns the code?

The code is in your sole ownership.

Who manages the project?

We have a strong full-scale PMO with experience in complex large-scale projects and advanced tech skills. The majority of our projects are managed by our in-house project managers.

However, we can also provide you with a dedicated Java development team to be managed on your side or by both our and your PMs. We minimize management efforts on your side by providing high transparency of the development process and proactive risk management.

How can we keep track of the project progress?

We give you access to a secure project extranet so that everyone involved in the project has access to the latest documentation and the prototype, a product backlog (a discrete list of features with screenshots and testing criteria, bug fixes and infrastructure changes to be delivered), a sprint schedule (a plan of what features, fixes and changes will be delivered in what sprint), and more.

On a weekly basis, we hold status meetings. Also, a dedicated project manager is ready to promptly answer any questions.

What systems do you use to track the progress of your delivery?

Azure DevOps, Atlassian Jira, Microsoft Project, Excel, Confluence.

How much do you charge per developer?

Our developers' rates vary depending on factors such as their seniority, experience, certifications, and the technology stack. We offer competitive rates that reflect the expertise and quality of our talents; the average rate is $50-$90 per hour. For more specific prices, we encourage you to reach out to us directly or use our free cost calculator.

Hard and Soft Skills ScienceSoft Excels At

You can also learn more about our approach to the development process – agile development steps, DevOps practices, modular architecture design, and more.

How We Usually Deliver Software at ScienceSoft




Architecture, UX and UI design.


A PoC and a dynamic prototype (optional)


DevOps implementation


MVP development, testing, and deployment (optional)


Full-scale software development, testing, and deployment


24/7 monitoring, support, and evolution (on demand)

How We Measure and Improve Code Quality

Code rules and guidelines

  • Following the Java style guide.
  • Creating descriptive names for code variables.
  • Leaving comments on what particular code functions do.
  • Documenting what code (as a whole) does and what are its dependencies in a final README doc.
  • Splitting code into short and focused units.
  • Including unit tests.
  • Keeping code portable.
  • Using version control.

Code review practices

  • Ad hoc review.
  • Pass-around.
  • Walkthrough.
  • Pull request.
  • Inspection.

Code quality metrics

  • Maintainability index (MI).
  • Cyclomatic Complexity (CC).
  • Depth of Inheritance.
  • Class Coupling.
  • Lines of Code.
  • Halstead Volume.

ScienceSoft USA Corporation Is a 3-Year Champion in the Financial Times Rating

Three years in a row (2022–2024), the Financial Times has included ScienceSoft USA Corporation in the list of 500 fastest-growing American companies. This is the result of our dedication to driving project success despite any constraints and disruptions.

Our Java Services

Team augmentation with Java programmers

Fill in specific Java resource and skill gaps in your in-house development team.

Pricing model: T&M (hourly rate).

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A dedicated Java team

Get a complete self-managed team of Java developers with our Team Lead or PM to work on a Java-based project or its part.

Pricing model: T&M (hourly rate).

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How to Hire Java Developers from ScienceSoft

Initial request

You send us a request, specifying the number of Java experts you need, their desired level of experience, as well as the model of cooperation you're interested in.

CV scanning

ScienceSoft performs preliminary scanning of our experts' CVs in the database and sends you the most relevant ones.

Interview scheduling

You choose the CVs you're most interested in and let us know the time you're available for interviewing candidates.


We help arrange the interviews with our Java developers within 1-2 days.

SLA preparation

After you confirm the experts' competence, ScienceSoft works with you to compose a service level agreement (SLA).


Once you sign, the experts (lead by ScienceSoft’s or your PM – you decide) immediately start working on your project.

Assemble Your Team for an Accurate Project Cost Estimation

Just select the required talents below, and we’ll be quick to provide their rates.


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Our team is on it!

ScienceSoft's experts will study your case and get back to you with the details within 24 hours.

Our team is on it!

How We Ensure Successful Cooperation

Flexible team adjustment

If you request services of a dedicated Java team or augment your existing team with our Java developers for hire, ScienceSoft agrees to scale the teams up or down in just 1-2 days whenever required.

Transparency of project progress

Under a dedicated team cooperation model, we use KPIs (cycle time, team velocity, and deployment frequency) to make sure our Java engineers always demonstrate the highest performance. Moreover, we provide you with access to our reporting tools (Jira, Trello, Confluence), where you can track project progress.

Very motivated employees

ScienceSoft motivates and provides professional growth possibilities for all Java developers to ensure their skills are always relevant. We regularly organize webinars, internal training sessions, and endorse our developers' participation in tech conferences.

Reasons to Outsource Java Development to ScienceSoft

  • 1.5-2x

    faster Java software development thanks to high productivity and a high qualification level of our Java developers.

  • 20-50%

    Java development cost reduction due the adherence to high quality standards eliminating the need for redevelopment.

  • 2-3x

    faster ramp-up than through recruitment (we can provide 5-7 FTE within 1-2 weeks).

Need High-Performing Java Developers with a Passion for Clean Code?

Reach out to us now and learn the details about our Java capabilities or discuss your project right away.