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Leadership Team

Nick Kurayev

Nick Kurayev

Chief Executive Officer

Nick leads ScienceSoft with respect and genuine care for each of our employees, customers, and business partners. He firmly believes that only honesty and ethical conduct can drive consistent and lasting business success.

Nick joined ScienceSoft in 1997 when the company was only eight years old. His combination of talent, visionary thinking, and diligence quickly led to his promotion to the position of CEO. Under his leadership, ScienceSoft has changed its service direction from software product development to full-service IT outsourcing and has grown 30-fold.

Nick is a true family man. The time he doesn’t devote to his ScienceSoft family, he spends with the most important people in his life: his wife, two children, and grandson.

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Boris Shiklo

Boris Shiklo

Chief Technology Officer

As a CTO, Boris strives to constantly evolve ScienceSoft’s pool of technical competencies to keep it relevant and marketable. Boris understands that ScienceSoft must grow in step with changing customer needs to confidently meet any emerging challenges. Under his careful leadership, ScienceSoft launched several new service directions and adopted multiple advanced techs (IoT, big data) that are now in high demand among our customers.

Boris has been leading the programming and R&D practice at ScienceSoft for over 20 years. During this time, he has acquired an extensive background in project management, software development, quality assurance, enterprise IT consulting, and strategic planning. Using this experience, Boris authored and co-authored over 50 publications for reputable media outlets such as Forbes, InformationWeek, and RFID Journal.

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Valentina Borokha

Valentina Borokha

Chief Financial Officer

As a head of finance at ScienceSoft, Valentina ensures financial transparency and clear financial reporting, building trust with our customers and business partners. She leads ScienceSoft’s financial department and oversees all financial operations, from tracking the flow of funds to budgeting and taxation. Valentina’s proficiency in financial planning and risk management has helped ScienceSoft survive and grow even during periods of recession.

Valentina is a loyal team player: she has been with ScienceSoft since 1992, wisely managing ScienceSoft’s finances for over three decades.

Ulad Radkevitch

Ulad Radkevitch

Vice President of Sales

Ulad is the head of ScienceSoft’s sales and customer success practice. After joining ScienceSoft in 2008, he set up a flexible and well-run sales pipeline. Ulad established the practice of open and transparent communication with our customers, partners, and team members, ensuring credibility throughout every interaction.

Ulad believes that one must be quick-thinking, truly committed to bringing value, and always ready to go the extra mile for customers to be successful in sales. Over the years at ScienceSoft, Ulad has assembled a team of 15+ passionate sales managers who share the same values.

A versatile business thinker and a charismatic leader, Ulad is also an angel investor and a frequent speaker at sales and marketing events.

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Wade Brantley

Wade Brantley

Chief Executive Officer, ScienceSoft USA

Wade oversees ScienceSoft’s operations and fosters long-term relationships with our customers in the Americas. With over 20 years of business management experience in technology and finance, Wade is committed to driving success for our clients while helping ScienceSoft grow as a company that is a positive force in the IT industry and the communities we serve.

Born and raised in the Carolinas, Wade now lives and offices in Dallas, Texas, to stay close to ScienceSoft’s headquarters. In an era when business communications have shifted mainly to virtual meetings, Wade values human connection and is always happy to meet our clients face-to-face.

Wade is a rational leader by day and a passionate musician by night, paying tribute to the music of John Cougar Mellencamp and Tom Petty through his bands Texan Fool and Heartbreak Petty.

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Dimitry Viazmin

Dimitry Viazmin

Vice President of Gulf Operations

Dimitry heads ScienceSoft’s presence in the Gulf Cooperation Council, overseeing our offices in the United Arab Emirates and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Having dedicated nearly 20 years to ScienceSoft’s success, Dimitry works to align our IT expertise with the unique needs of our clients in the Gulf. He fosters a culture of heartfelt partnership, technological excellence, and customer-centricity in our KSA and UAE offices.

Dimitry is committed to helping businesses and communities in the Gulf Cooperation Council prosper by utilizing the latest technological innovations. With his active involvement, ScienceSoft has been productively collaborating with such valued clients as Saudia Cargo, Eastern Coast Group, Al Tamimi & Company, Deyarat Trading Company, Arabian Oud, and Boubyan Bank.

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Max Eliseev

Max Eliseev

Chief Executive Officer at ScienceSoft Europe

Max is the key driver of ScienceSoft’s expansion in Europe. He initiated the opening of ScienceSoft’s offices in Poland, Latvia, and Lithuania – a strategically important move for ScienceSoft to access new talent pools and provide a local presence for our European customers.

Max entered the IT industry as a QA engineer but quickly grew to the position of our Presales Director and contributed enormously to setting up effective collaboration between sales and production departments for fast RFP processing. In 2020, Max took over as CEO at ScienceSoft Europe — now, he ensures seamless integration and collaboration among the European offices.

Max is a musical soul. If you frequent summer festivals and concerts across Europe, chances are, you'll meet him there as a guest or even a DJ.

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Natallia Sakovich

Natallia Sakovich

Chief Executive Officer at ScienceSoft Finland

Natallia heads ScienceSoft’s Service Integration and Management office in Finland. As ScienceSoft’s development centers are distributed across three geographical regions (North America, Europe, and Gulf Cooperation Council), Natallia’s goal is to ensure proper governance of projects where employees from different locations are engaged. A strategic, forward-thinking leader, she synchronizes people, processes, and standards across distributed project teams to deliver a consistent service.

Natalia has a background in programming: she first joined ScienceSoft as a C# developer in 2005, then developed her career outside the company and returned to us in 2018 as the CEO of ScienceSoft’s Finland office.

Tanya Lebedzeva

Tanya Lebedzeva

Director of Strategy

As a Director of Strategy, Tanya uses her interdisciplinary knowledge and deep understanding of the IT industry’s dynamics to develop strategies that enable us to continuously improve our service quality, nurture lasting relationships with our clients, expand into new markets, and create a comfortable working environment for globally distributed teams. Working alongside our sales and technology teams, Tanya spots opportunities for new services and strategic partnerships and leads ScienceSoft’s service portfolio refinement. Tanya’s role also involves managing the integration of strategic initiatives and ensuring the company’s talent acquisition and training programs align with our strategic priorities.

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Pavel Ilyusenko

Pavel Ilyusenko

Head of Project Management Office

Pavel’s role at ScienceSoft is establishing company-wide standards for effective project management and providing a collaborative work environment for our project teams. Thanks to the mature PM processes developed by Pavel, ScienceSoft ensures full compliance of the delivered service or solution with the agreed-upon specification or SLA. Pavel fosters a culture of continuous learning within the PMO, embracing customer feedback and integrating every lesson learned into our future projects.

Pavel came to project management from the programming field: in 2001, he started his career as a .NET developer and later headed the .NET department at ScienceSoft.

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Alex Murashko

Alex Murashko

Software Development Director

Alex leads the way in maintaining a high-quality software development process at ScienceSoft, ensuring a consistent delivery of software that garners high praise from our clients. Despite having a technical mind, Alex is all for our focus on delivering practical business value in all our services. He encourages ScienceSoft’s developers to actively employ approaches that enable cost-effective software ownership – like using efficient coding practices and choosing architecture designs that are easy to update.

Alex has been with ScienceSoft since 1997 and currently oversees a team of software developers working across various programming stacks (Java, .NET, PHP, Python, Xamarin, Cordova, React Native, Swift, and more), data analytics technologies, and business management platforms (like SharePoint, Microsoft Dynamics 365, Adobe). Alex takes the lead in creating new staff roles and training programs, ensuring that our team possesses all the necessary skills.

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Andrei Mikhailau

Andrei Mikhailau

Software Testing Director

Andrei ensures that any piece of software ScienceSoft develops undergoes a rigorous testing process and meets industry-leading quality standards. Constantly monitoring the emerging quality assurance methodologies and industry best practices, Andrei employs them at ScienceSoft to ensure that we remain at the forefront of QA excellence. His goal is to champion a quality-first mindset, fostering a culture of accountability and pride in delivering superior software solutions among ScienceSofters.

Heading our QA department ever since its creation in 2007, Andrei has contributed a lot to the maturity and efficiency of processes that became the backbone of quality management at ScienceSoft. Under his leadership, our QA teams have adopted test automation and learned to smoothly integrate quality control processes into every stage of SDLC, ensuring that any potential defects are found and resolved early on.

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Mary Zayats

Head of Business Analysis

Mary leads ScienceSoft’s team of 40+ business analysts and consultants. With nearly a decade of experience in IT business analysis, Mary sees the key to success in close engagement with the client’s stakeholders. She guides her team to avoid the ‘tell-me-what-you-need’ attitude and be proactive in eliciting clients' requirements, pains, and business goals. Mary’s approach allows ScienceSoft’s analysts to dig deep into the hidden challenges of each project and deliver tailored solutions with maximum payback.

A person of tireless energy, Mary fosters a culture of curiosity and continuous upskilling within her team.

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Andy Lipnitski

Andy Lipnitski

IT Director

Andy oversees the design, implementation, and maintenance of IT infrastructures for our clients and ScienceSoft’s internal needs. In his team of 60+ system and network administrators, DevOps engineers, and other IT experts, Andy promotes the values of stability, scalability, security, and cost-efficiency, making sure that each infrastructure we build meets the exact needs of its users. Under Andy’s guidance, ScienceSoft started providing comprehensive managed infrastructure services, helping our clients optimize their IT processes and expenses.

Andy has been working in IT since 2005 and has gained vast experience as a system administrator, solution architect, and team lead before taking on the position of IT Director.

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Dmitry Kurskov

Dmitry Kurskov

Head of Information Security Department

Dmitry manages the security of ScienceSoft’s infrastructure and oversees the provision of managed security services to our clients. He implemented a robust security management program within ScienceSoft and achieved its full compliance with the ISO 27001 standard.

A pragmatic pessimist when it comes to security, Dmitry is convinced that constant learning and improvement is the only way to maintain reliable cyber defenses. Under Dmitry's leadership, ScienceSoft’s multi-skilled team of SIEM/SOAR/XDR specialists, Certified Ethical Hackers, cloud security experts, DevSecOps engineers, and compliance consultants works together to guarantee world-class protection of our clients’ data and infrastructures.

Dmitry has worked at ScienceSoft for over 25 years. Having started as a system administrator, he later refocused on security, becoming a Head of Information Security Department in 2017.

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Ulad Stepuro

Ulad Stepuro

HR Director

Ulad takes care of ScienceSoft’s most valuable asset: our people. Working to keep our HR policies in line with the company’s commitment to fairness, equity, and transparency, he ensures that ScienceSoft is a safe and comfortable workplace for every team member. He fosters an environment where employees build trusting relationships with their team, are eager to develop professionally, and feel comfortable speaking up about their concerns.

Since Ulad joined ScienceSoft in 2007, the company’s workforce has grown fivefold. During that time, he has established effective recruitment processes, ensuring that ScienceSoft has the right talents to meet our clients' needs. Ulad also supports the development of the company’s PR strategy and contributes greatly to the growth of ScienceSoft’s brand awareness.

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