Management Team

Nikolay Kurayev
CEO, ScienceSoft
Mr. Kurayev has been leading our company for 16 years. He holds a Master’s in Physics from BSUIR and has published 12 papers on computer modeling in electronics. Under his leadership, ScienceSoft achieved 10 times growth.
Boris Shiklo
Chief Technology Officer
Mr. Shiklo entered ScienceSoft in 1997 and became CTO in 2003. He holds a Master’s in Computer Science from BSU. Under his management, we launched Mobile, SharePoint and CRM development services and grew to 355 IT experts.
Valentina Borokha
Chief Financial Officer
With a Bachelor of Science in Economics from MSU, Mrs. Borokha joined our team in 1992, contributing 20 years of financial and management experience.
Ulad Radkevitch
PhD, VP Sales and BD
Mr. Radkevitch has been ScienceSoft’s VP for 8 years. He holds a PhD in Management from RSM Erasmus University. He is an author of a number of academic and business papers on IT outsourcing, online services procurement and online IT marketplaces.
Wade Brantley
CEO, ScienceSoft USA
Joined our team in 2015, Mr. Brantley holds a BSc in Business Management from the University of South Carolina. He brought in nearly 20 years of management experience in technology and finance.
Jarmo Kuusivuori
CEO, ScienceSoft Finland
Mr. Kuusivuori entered ScienceSoft in 2014. With a BSc and MBA in Management and International Business, Mr. Kuusivuori introduced the ICT management expertise he gained as Country Manager at Sun and Wincor Nixdorf.
Igor Rutsky
Igor Rutsky
CEO of ScienceVision LLC, ScienceSoft subsidiary
Mr. Rutsky joined us in 1996 as a Project Manager and now he brings in his hands-on experience as a COO of ScienceSoft. He holds an MSc in Command&Control Systems from Military Academy.